CwC Live Finals

Are you excited? I’m excited. This week we will see the finals of the CwC on WWE Network. 

I was surprised Noam Dar lost, but it does mean that ZSJ – one of the top 3 or 4 British wrestlers in the world today (in my opinion) has made the semis.

The other 3 semi finalists are Gran Metalik, Kota Ibushi and TJ Perkins. All 4 semi finalists have impressed me immensely.

I’m at a point where I genuinely don’t know who will win, and I’m not even sure who I want to win!

A ZSJ win would be great, especially given the recent winning spree the British have been on in international tournaments. And his technical ability is second to none. I certainly hope he takes the win over Gran Metalik and makes the final.

The other semi final has two of the guys who have stood out most for me. Ibushi is phenomenal, but Perkins has, for me, been on abother level. I feel that he and Jack Gallagher have been the two most impressive in the tournament and I hope he meets ZSJ in the final.

A ZSJ TJ Perkins final would be incredible. And my loyalties would be seriously torn! I think I’d have to support ZSJ but would certainly not be disappointed to see TJ take home the trophy. Whatever happens – it will be amazing!

The CwC has been a great success and I can’t wait for next year’s installment.  I also can’t wait to see cruiserweights on Raw.

Have you enjoyed the CwC? Who’s your favourite been? Who are you most looking forward ro seeing on Raw? For me, it’s Jack Gallagher.

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