Clash of Champions

​So, it’s the first Raw only pay per view of the new era. When I first heard WWE had trademarked the name ahead of the brand split I had hoped it would be a combined event, with the raw champions taking on their smackdown counterparts  (it’s not too late to make this happen next year Vincent! ) but alas, it wasn’t to be. Here are my thoughts on the event:

Pre Show Nia vs Alicia – decent match to warm up the crowd. Enough from Alicia to make it worth while while allowing Niz to still be a dominant force.
Tag titles: great match, but I wish it could have gone longer. New day are superb as a team these days and Gallows and Anderson are starting to show us why they were so dominant and highly regarded in NJPW. Finish was well worked to allow the feud to continue.

Cruiserweight title – phenomenal match. Really showcased what cruiserweight wrestling is about these days – so much more than high flying choreography which many write it off as. Perkins is one of the world’s best. Nice post match segment to establish a feud and a cruiserweight heel.

Sheamus vs Cesaro – awesome match to end an awesome series. The stock of both these guys must have gone up massively over the course of this series. I’d go as far as to say that it has been Sheamus’s best work in WWE. Each match has been brilliant and this one took it up a notch. Seeing guts this size hit 619s and coming of the top rope to the outside is mad. They really sold the tired end to a series angle, so we’ll that I’m wondering if the couple of “botched” moves may have been done on purpose to add to the angle. A no contest draw seems a fitting end to the series, but I’m intrigued as to what that means for the storyline.

Y2J vs Sami Zayn – another incredible match. It was always going to be! Sami is one of the best around at the minute and Jericho is one of the best ever. Great match. As this wasn’t really a big feud or storyline the winner probably doesn’t have a massive bearing on anything, although I’ll look forward to seeing if there is any further fallout on raw. I would have preferred Sami to go over, but the match was great.

Halfway through the event and it’s already the best main roster show for ages!

Women’s title – superb triple threat from 3 amazing wrestlers. Told a great story and really showcased to the world how good women’s wrestling is at the moment. I did think the finish could have been better though. I’d like to see where they go next.

US Title – what does it say about Americans that a guy can interrupt a wedding celebration, smash the bride through the cake and repeatedly attack the groom yet still be considered the face because the other guy is foreign? The match itself wasn’t bad. It was the weakest on the card but it was still a solid performance from both wrestlers and was a good way to recover from the women’s title and get ready for the universal championship. More of the crowd seem to be warming to reigns and the crowd battles are intresting to listen to. These two have certainly given the title some meaning.

Main Event, great match between two awesome superstars. Built on the rivalry and added to the ongoing story. I would have liked a clean finish, but get that this finish may be better long term. I can’t wait to see where it goes from here (hell in a cell I presume?!).

All in all, a superb event, I’d go as far as to say it’s my favourite WWE main roster event of the year. So good that it’s hard to pick a match of the night, I think I’ll go for Cesaro vs Sheamus but it could have easily been one of 4 others. Here’s hoping it’s a standard they can continue.
What did you think of the event? What was your match of the night?

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