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​Progress Chapter 36 – We’re gonna need a bigger room…. Again!

A few weeks ago Progress Wrestling, my favourite promotion, held their biggest ever show. It was held at Brixton Academy and was massive in every way.  Last week I finally got around to watching it.

Match 1: Rampage Brown vs Joe Coffey, Atlas tournament final.

I’ve very much enjoyed the Atlas tournament, a tournament to crown a new champion which is only open to wrestlers over 205 lb. The whole thing has been fantastic and these two have stood out even amongst such a strong field. The match had everything you would expect from these two phenomenal big fellas and  it is great to a fellow Leeds lad hold another title.

Match 2: Six women tag match – Jinny, Alex Windsor and Dahlia Black vs Pollyanna, Laura di Matteo and Nixon Newell.

Some amazing talent on show in this match, all 6 of these ladies are phenomenal wrestlers and this has really whet my appetite for the forthcoming natural progression series which will crown th inaugural women’s champion. It is my hope that Jinny wins that tournament and takes a length reign as champion, she is one of the best heels in the country.

Match 3: London Riots vs British Strong Style

Two of my favourite tag teams facing off for the tag titles, this match was always going to be awesome an dit surpassed even my expectations. The riots are a phenomenal team who have the art of tag team wrestling nailed and British Strong Style are a very young team but of two wrestlers who are no strangers to tag team wrestling and who are both very talented. On most another cards this would have been the match of the night without a doubt, but with some of the events that were to come it was probably only 3rd – which says more about the quality of the card than anything else. A surprise result at the end, possible due to Rob Lynch carrying an injury, but either way, I’m looking forward to seeing how British Strong Style’s story progresses, and I’m definitely looking forward to the rematch, which I hope will come in Sheffield.

Match 4: Paul Robinson vs Chuck Mambo

Bonus match! Which is always good. I’ve not seen a great deal from either of these wrestlers before so it’s good to get to know them better. I enjoyed the match and I look forward to seeing more of both these wrestlers. 

Match 5: Zack Sabre Junior vs Tomaso Ciampa – 2 out of 3 falls.

This was, as you might expect, a phenomenal match. Both of these wrestlers are incredible and have shown how incredible recently at big events such as the Cruiserweight Classic and the Battle of Los Angeles. The match was the rubber in the series and the whole thing was awesome from start to finish. They showed off their skills, told a great story and really showed a new level of intensity. Plus the booking was clever, to have the first fall a draw an put us at 1-1 was a unique idea. It was good to see a local hero go over, but in the end, the real winners were the audience. I can’t believe that I’m about to type this about a match this good, but it was only the second best match of the night (in my opinion).

Match 6: FSU, Damon Moser and Jack Gallagher  vs The Origin

This match was another incredible match. Zack Gibson is the hottest heel in wrestling at the moment and the whole of the of the Origin are phenomenal at building heat. FSU are a great fun tag team, Moser is intense and Gallagher is, well, extraordinary. The match was full of awesome sections, great spots and great wrestling, It continued the story that had been building, continued to get over the origin as a great heel stable and  had some incredibly funny moments (the car stereo made a reappearance!). This was another match that would have been match of the night on many other cards, and the fact it doesn’t even make my top 3 shows just how phenomenal Progress is at the moment. I can’t wait to see Zak Gibson fight for the title next time out.

The Main Event: Marty Scurll vs Tommy End vs Mark Haskins

This match was, for me, the match of the night. Three incredibly talented young men showing us what pro wrestling is all about. Some massive bumps, some great three way spots, some awesome story-telling and brilliant feud building. For vast periods it looked as though Haskins was just there to make up numbers, but he just kept coming back and nothing could keep him down. Then, just as you thought it couldn’t get any better Jimmy ********g Havoc arrives! All three wrestlers involved in the match deserve all the praise they get, and Haskins deserves the plethora of titles he seems to be carrying recently. I look forward to seeing him defend his title, I look forward to seeing Tommy End in WWE and I really look forward to seeing Jimmy Havoc vs Marty Scurll, if and when it happens….

What an event. What a promotion. This.Is.Wrestling. This.Is.Awesome. This.Is.Progress.

Bound For Glory

I don’t watch masses of TBA,  as it infuriates me that it’s not as good as it’s roster. But the hardys broken brilliance has got me back into it a bit. So here are my thoughts on their biggest event.

X division title. Good match, nice way to open a pay per view. I can’t help but feel for the wrestlers though. The 6 sided.rimg seems so much harder and more painful.than a 4 sided one.

Bound for gold – like a ten man rumble match. Not massively well booked. No notable wrestling involved. A couple of decent comedic elements but pants on the whole.

Moose vs Mike Bennett – this match wasn’t amazing, it wasn’t terrible either. It wasn’t a patch on Moose vs Joe Coffey from WCPW Stacked.

Rex vs Edwards – grand championship. I’m not a fan of rounds in wrestling. It hampers the flow of the match in my opinion and this was an example of exactly that. I’d like to see these two in a regular match.

The great war. Oh. My. Word. What an awesome match. Since Matt went broken the hardys have certainly been the best thing about TNA. The final deletion and delete or decay were pretty good segments, but the great war surpassed them. It had all the qualities they had, plus   some excellent wrestling and brawling. Genuinely the most I’ve enjoyed a TNA match in years. Also, it gave us a reminder of how nuts abyss actually is taking barbed wire table bumps with added thumb tacks. This match was awesome and told a superb story. I can’t wait to see what is next for the broken hardys.

Knockouts title.  Not a bad match. Maria has improved a lot over that last few years and Gail has always been a phenomenal performer who deserves the honour of being the first female into the TNA hall of fame.

Main event: not bad. Both are good wrestlers and they gave us a solid main event. I feel both are capable of more though.

Overall it was a typical TNA event. Some great wrestlers producing matches that were not bad, but not what they are capable of. This event, however, was made more than worth watching by the broken brilliance of the hardys and their great war.

No Mercy 

​Pre show

Decent enough tag match. I’m not a fan of these “let’s put all the wrestlers that aren’t in other matches onto one big match type matches but it was decent enough. I’d rather have seen AA vs Vaudvillians or Ascension tbh.

World Championship Triple Threat. Bizarre that this was first match. I hear it was due to the presidential debate. It seemed very odd. The match was pretty good, but I was left a tad confused by the booking. When the bell rang I didn’t know if it had become a singles match or what. Some great wrestling on show from all 3 superstars. There seems to be a lot of focus on Cena’s strength these days, the commentary team spent a lot of time talking about it and Big Show picked Cena out as the strongest wwe superstar on a recent table for 3 episode. This makes me wonder if they might be building for Cena to do something incredible with a feat of strength. Not sure what yet. Maybe beat Brock? This is certainly something I could see them do, but not something I would do! I’d rather an up and coming superstar was the one to do it.

Nikki vs Carmella
Great match. Short and sharp. I felt it managed to get Carmella over as a serious player in the woman’s division despite the finish. Some great wrestling from both women. It’s amazing how good Nikki Bella is now considering how she was when she first showed up. The women’s division is looking healthy on both shows.

Tag titles.

I loved this match. I think heath slater is performing better in the ring than he ever has before and he finally has a gimmick that is working for him. His style complements Rhyno perfectly and I think they have bridged the gap between comedy tag team and in ring performers really well. I hope they keep hold of the belts a while longer. I had become bored by the Usos, but I feel the heel turn has reinvigorated them in and out of the ring.

Corbin vs Swagger – neither of these are particular favourites of mine. I do however see Corbin as someone who could fulfill the mid card heel role Kane has held for a long time. As it is, I wasn’t particularly excited by this match, but I have to admit that when it came to it I did enjoy the match a bit more than I thought it would. Built the story from where it was an made me like both guys a little more.

Miz vs Ziggler. What an awesome match. And boy did the WWE play a blinder in the build up. All sorts of rumours were leaked about Dolph not wanting to re sign, WWE eyeing a backstage role for him, Dolph prefering his other jobs, not liking the schedule etc etc and I kinda believed he was gone. These two are phenomenal wrestlers and they put on something special. I had heard false rumours that this would main event, and it would have been a worth main event match. I’m sad Miz won’t hold the title longer, but glad Dolph isn’t leaving. I’d like to see Miz pushed into the world title picture now. I really like that he’s added Daniel Bryans moves to his move set, nd loved all the references – even the hat tip to Bryan’s indie days when Dolph git to the ropes and he shouted “I have til 5” at the ref. This was the match of the night for me, and I’d certainly agree with Dolph on talking smack when he said it should have main evented! 

Alexa vs Naomi. Both these ladies are talented wrestlers. Naomi has shown so for a while and I feel Alexa has really come into her own since joining the main roster. I thought this was a great match, and the fact we had 2 good quality women’s matches on a smack down only pay per view really shows how much of a revolution there has been within the WWE. I was a little disappointed with the result though. It seems strange to have the number 1 contender lose in such a soft finish.

Bray vs Orton – this match has had an awesome build up. Bray has revitalised himself recently which was needed as the wyatt family were growing stale. I thought the match was ok. It could have been much better and i was disappointed with the ending. I had hoped Harper would go to raw, not because smack down didn’t need him – it does – but because I would like to see him have a chance at a singles run.

Each dawn I die

On Sunday night Tidal Championship Wrestling returned to Leeds. I was torn between this great show in my hometown and the double header of “Queen of the ring” and “Kirbymania” that southside had on down the road in Sheffield. I’m sure they were both awesome,  but I thoroughly enjoyed Tidal and was not disappointed to have made that choice.

The first match pitted the 80 minute man David Graves vs Boris Koslov

It was a great opening match. Comedy elements and some great moves were on show  from both wretlers. The crowd had fun and there was an almighty pop when Boris hit a side Russian leg sweep! Boris came out swigging vodka and fave us some great heel work. 

Women’s tag match, Xia Brookside and Lizzie Styles vs Little Miss Roxy and Lanarkshire Austin

Superb match, great wrestling on show fromantic all 4 competitors. Xia really lives up to the Brookside name and it’s incredible how God she is at such a young age, I see a bright future for her. 

I did, however, think Lana and Roxy stole the show, especially Lanarkshire,  who was one of the best heels I’ve seen in a long time, playing the crowd and the ref perfectly. 
Armbar superstar Dan James vs HT Drake

Good match but perhaps a tad short. Both player the crowd well and  Drake is massively agile and showed some great moves off. Sean Only came out and interfered on behalf of stablemate Dan James and build on a feud for future matches.

Sakamoto vs Liam Slater

Great match. LI am Slater is the Open champion and the title is normally contested under WoS rules in a 3 mine round format, i had been expecting that but this match was in a normal format. I think that is better as thw round format can stifle the match sometimes. There were some really big hitting moves in this match. Liam slater is massively impressive. He’s a high flyer with awesome wrestling ability.  Sakamoto is great Japanese strong style wrestle who has some moves that look incredibly painful. Both wrestlers worked the crowd well and the match was very enjoyable.

Xander cooper vs Matt Myers 

Good match with some great crowd banter. Myers came out as Sam Zayn and mocked some of his moves which was pretty cool. There was a well worked Low blow finish that build on the great story the wrestling had told. 

Jackie Polo vs Ace Mathews

Great heel promo to start from Jackie and he continued to wind up the crowd expertly throughout the match.

It was a good solid match. Great move sets on show from both wrestlers and  both worked crowd well. The match was made even beer by David Graves management of Ace.

Tag match – New Nation vs Massimo and Chase.
This was the match I was most looking forward to. New Nation are superb wrestlers who didn’t this match. I’d not seen massimo and chase before, but they worked well against new nation and the styles contrasted really well. Jason Prime was the standout for me in this match, but all 4 wrestlers were great and the match was awesome.

The main event – Rampage Brown vs Wolfgang. Rampage is the current champion and continues to put in fantastic matches. I’d say he was in the top 2 or 3 big UK wrestlers at the moment. Wolfgang is not someone I’d seen before, but he showed that he too is a great wrestler and whoever put these 2 together really gave us all a treat. A great end to a great show. 

I can’t wait till today come back on November 20th!