Hell in a cell

So here we are again, the latest raw only PPV has happened and it broke new ground. There were 3 matches inside the cell, one of which was a women’s match – for the first time ever! Not only that but they closed out the PPV too – another first. 

I was a little worried before the vent that 3 HIAC matches were too much, but those involved managed to take things in significantly enough different directions for it not to be a big issue.

Roman Reigns vs Rusev 

I personally felt that clash of champions would have been the perfect end to this feud, so felt it had gone perhaps a month too long. That said I did enjoy the match, I felt these big guys brutalised each other in a way befitting the cell and despite not enjoying the match as much as I did their last one I did think it was a great start to the PPV.

Bayley vs Dana

This match was quite enjoyable. I have liked Bayley for a while and I am certainly warmingto Dana who is really growing into her heel persona. The match told a great story and the injured shoulder angle was ped really well. the one think lacking I think is the finish – I’ve never really seen the belly to belly (or bayley to belly) as a killer finisher, especially when Rhyno is currently using a much more impressive version of the move as a traditional move.

Enzo and Cass vs Gallows and Anderson

This match was great. I’m really into both these tag teams at the moment. I think they are both putting on awesome matches and building awesome characters. this match was good but I felt it was a lot shorter than it should have been. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next for these two teams.
Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins – Universal Championship 

The seconday HIAC match of the evening. these two are rightly in the title picture, being two of the best wrestlers and two of the best talkers Raw has. This match buit on the feud well and told a great story. I thought it was an extremely clever way to get Y2J involved in the match and I thought there were some brilliantly innovative spots.

Kendrick vs Perkins – Cruiserweight Championship 

This was another enjoyable match. Both these cruiserweights are excellent in ring performers and the match build the story between them well and built on Kendrick’s heel persona well too. I do think I’ve seen these two have a better match before though.

New Day vs Sheamus and Cesaro

I’ve been enjoying this storyline and I enjoyed this match. It seems to have left the door open for the feud to continue, which I’m happy about.

It seems strange  that they built this match up by having it on raw, but in the end that didn’t really affect the final outcome. I look forward to seeing whee this goes.

Sasha vs Charlotte – Women’s Championship 

This was the history making match, and for me it was the match of the night. Right from the start they took us in a direction not often seen in HIAC matches and they came up with innovative uses for the cell and for other artifacts to be used as weapons. a great match, although probably not the best Sasha vs Charlotte match I’ve seen this year. I felt it worked the injury angle well and told a great story. I did think the end was perhaps a little weak, maybe a kick out and another big move would have been better.

All in all a decent events some great matches but many that weren’t as good as previous matches between the am competitors so perhaps not as good ‘s it could have been. 

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