TCW: Against all odds 3

Tonight I went to see TCW vs CZW. This was the second TCW event I’ve been to and it was an improvement on the last – which I also enjoyed.

The new nation vs Go team sports

I’d been looking forward to this match.  I love the new nation, I think they’re an awesome tag team and put some great powerful sections together. From the moment they walk out they captivated you. Henry leads the interaction and Primate leads the destruction. I’m always amazed by Primate, he’s actually quite short, but somehow manages to appear a giant and seems to dwarf his opponents event when they are bigger than he is. I’m also quite fond of Go team sports, particularly David Graves who sells moves like no other.

I thought this match was a cracking opener. It included  some great ref work, the hottest of hot tags and some great power work from new nation who also had some brilliant banter with crowd.

Referee John Myers had a big part to play in this match, as he did throughout the night, and is now on par with Steve Linsky as my favourite referee.

After the match the proven came out and we had a segment building for tag championship hardcore match at deck the halls in December where the new nation will challenge the proven for the belts.
Little Miss Roxy vs Ruby Summers

I’ve seen Roxy wrestle before, but I’d never seen Ruby wrestle despite seeing her on millions of posters and hearing rave reviews, so when she arrived as the replacement for Violet O’Hara I was made up.

To call this a match doesn’t really describe what happened. Ruby took roxy out on her way to the ring and proceeded to physically dominate throughout. It was a trail of destruction inside and out of the ring. It was an enjoyable hardcore match and Ruby worked a heel angle well despite having fans there.

Sean Only vs The Pop Punk Kid

This was another match where we only knew one of the competitors before. Sean is a great heel and the pop punk kid was a good gimmick to go up against him. Great heel work plus interference from the armbar superstar and some great wrestling from both competitors made this against enjoyable match. Liam Slater came out to save the pop punk kid against the end.

Chris Dickinson vs Dave Crist

Great hardcore match. Cristiano was joined on at ringside by stablemates Wentz and Xavier which made this a 3 on 1 hardcore match really for the majority of it. Some great spots from all 3 competitors. Great action inside and out of the ring some really stiff work on all counts. Favourite bit was Crist going through a chair betwen the top 2 turnbuckles into the ring post. This match really raised the intensity and the level of the event and it continued to rise.
HT Drake vs Joey Janella

Amazing start to second half. First half the match showed great technical ability from both wrestlers and the second half got brutal and hardcore. Superb match and both are winners in my eyes, showcasing a range of skills, telling a great story and really getting the fans onside.
The Proven vs Zachary Wentz and Dezmond Xavier

Awesome match. Great wrestling, great high flying manuvers from wentz and xavier, great power moves from the proven. Great comedy from everyone and some great heel work particularly from Wentz and stablemate Crist on the outside. Tgere were great tag team moves on show from both sides. this was, for me, the match of the night and Xavier and Wentz are fast becoming my favourite tag team.

Liam Slater vs David Starr

Great match. Brilliant  comedy start with some great fan interaction which then progressed into an awesome wrestling match that was all about wrestling. Liam Slater showed why he is so highly regarded in the north of England and Starr showed why he is where ever he goes. it wouldn’t surprise me to see these two wrestle each other on the big stage one day.
The main event: Rampage Brown vs ARE Fox

Another awesome match that kicked off at 100mph. Fox started with a suicide dive before Rampage had even gt tk the ring and we same some brutal power from bother men as the fighting spliced around the venue. Fox came off the bar and nd both were shoved into walls. they made it back to the ring and did Brown’s power met fox’s high flying skills in and did fitting end to and did great night. 

Unfortunately I can’t make the next show, but it will be awesome and I’ll be ordering the DvD asap.

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