Progress 38 – When men throw men at men

Last week a friend and I finally got around to watching the latest Progress chapter. Progress is my favourite promotion at the moment and I was excited for another great show.

New Nation vs Hunter Brothers

Regular readers will know that the New Nation are one of my favourite tag teams. They have a great move set, a great dynamic, a great gimmick and captivate the crowd from the get go. their look immediately drew them heel heat in this match, and their ability and performance ensured that they left to a standing ovation. It was great to see them in Progress and I hope they are booked again. I’d lock to see them take on London Riots, British Strong Style, SPPT or the origin (New nation vs London Riots for chapter 41 please!)

The hunter brother’s are and tag team I’ve not seen much of before,  but they worked and great match, their high flying style complementing the power based style of the new nation. a great start to the event.

Jinny vs Pollanna

I have seen these two fight before, so I knew it would be awesome, but it exceeded my already high expectations by a long way. It was quick, had some really innovative moves and spots,  told a great story and thoroughly entertained me. Jinny is currently challenging Liverpool’s No.1 for the greatest heel in the business and Pollyanna is a great face.  I’d say this was the match of the night – although there wereally two other awesome matches that ran it close and I’m not totally convinced which I liked best.

Pastor Bill Eaver vs Paul Robinson

Two class wrestlers put on a solid match here. It told a story well and showcasedo their talent. I couldn’t help but feel.I’d have enjoyed it more, though, if it wasn’t coming on the back of a main event show stealer!

Tables match – Bodyguy and Sexsmith vs SPPT

I’ve enjoyed this feud, it’s build and seen both sides expand. there have been some great segments and great matches. I feel that this was the best match of all, Travis at one point took a brutal chair shot to the head from Sexsmith while he was mid suicide dive in what was one of the biggest “holy shit” moments I’ve seen. The heel work is brilliant and the dynamic with all the wrestlers is great. I do, however, feel that this was a perfect way to end the feud and I hope to see both sides head in new directions. SPPT are in a No.1 contenders match for the tag titles, so I expect them to enter that picture, and I’d like to see Sexsmith and Bodyguy back in the singles picture as I feel this was a tag team that worked for the purpose of this feud, rather than lomg term. The could part as friends, or Bodyguy could turn heel on Sexsmith and set up a feud.

Rampage Brown’s open challenge 

This month the challenge was answered by Bad Bones, a German wrestler that I have not seen before. they put on a good solid match that had the crowd chanting please come back. I enjoyed the match, but it certainly wasn’t the best Rampage Brown match I’ve seen this month – that title belongs to his TCW match with AR Fox.

MAndrews vs Matt Cross

Two wrestlers up next who I’ve seen before and have always impressed. They put on a cracker that was certainly a match of the night contender. it had lots of aerial spots, as well as some excellent technical sections and some super strong style parts. Given what we found out later about Haskins, I’m not sure what happened about the smash title shot that was on the line.

The main event – Haskins vs Havoc vs Scurll

This was the third match of the night contender, as you might imagine with these three amazing wrestlers involved. it started quick,with Havoc and Scurll going at it before Haskins music even started. Haskins sprinted down and nd hit a suicide dive and the match went from strength to strength. 

Triple threat matches are hard to get right, but these three nailed it. I’m going to miss Haskins (and the greatest sharpshooter ever), and I wish him all the best for a full and speedy recovery. I also hope that Marty will be able to still compete in progress now he’s signed a new ROH contract.

All in all, an awesome event, can’t wait for the Graps of wrath.

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