NXT Takeover Toronto 

Roode vs Dillinger

Great opening match. Roodes entrance was phenomenal. Great wrestling match with two talented wrestlers both massively over with the crowd. Perfect start.

Authors of Pain vs TM61

Good solid match. TM61 showed at times why they were so well thought of on the indie scene. Ellering in a cage raised above the ring had shades of the last battle of atlanta about it.

Revival vs DIY

Great first fall. All about wrestling. Second fall included hot tags and a Hart attack, and built the story well. The final fall had everything you could have wanted. Great storytelling,  great wrestling, great spots, great heel work, great injury story and tag teams hitting each others finishers. Awesome, awesome match.

Asuka vs Mickie

Awesome to see Mickie back on WWE. These two are both phenomenal wrestlers. The match told.the story of “past” vs “future”, Mickie the seasoned champion returning and at times seem g to school Asuka who fought back to over come. Great match, although I’d have liked it to be a little longer. Rumours abound that Mickie has been offered a full time contract, here’s hoping she accepts, maybe has a rematch, but promptly heads to the main roster.

Nakamura vs Joe

Joe has been impressing me for over a decade and a half and he continues to do so.  the guy is phenomenal in all aspects of wrestling, mat wrestling, submissions, power moves, the guy has it all. Nakamura is the king of strong style and these two put on an awesome match which, in my opinion,  was better than their last one. 

I’m interested to see where they go next. Will either of them move up to the main roster? 

Great event in a massive weekend of wrestling both sides of the pennines.

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