Survivor Series

Survivor series, usuallymy least favourite of the big four, mainly because of the traditional survivor series matches. Not because I hatell the concept, rather it’s down to the fact that I’ve seen far too many terrible with three on the card, I wasn’t expecting too much 

Women’s match

Good opening match. Some great wrestling on show. I feel Alexa and Sasha were the two who stood out. Nia was further built as a monster and it laid great groundwork for Charlotte vs Bayley feud.

IC Title match

Miz and Sami are currently two of my favourite WWE wrestlers so I thought this match was a cross brand treat. They put on a great match that told a great story and built more heat for Miz and Maryse.

Tag teams match

This was the match I was looking forward to least, but I was pleasantly surprised. It included some great wrestling from all competitors, some great building of heath slaters story and cesaro and sheamus. There was some great tag moves and some brilliant multi man spots. I very much enjoyed the match and thought the ending was superbly worked.

CW Title

This was a great match. Both wrestlers lofted their game and it showed that Kalisto would be a great addition to the CW division. I think this was probably the best match we’ve seen from the cruiserweights since they arrived on the main roster. I wasn’t a fan of the finish though.

Mens match

Oh. My. Word. What a match. Perfectly paced. Perfectly build. Amazing wrestling sections, amazing spots,  a shield reunion, loads of different stories told well and intertwined.

As I said earlier, this type of match is often done really badly, but these guys put on a solid hours worth of gold. Match of the night and quite probably the best traditional survivor series match I’ve ever seen.

The main event

Everybody is talking about it. The beast was squashed. A lot of what I have read is negative about this, but I disagree. It’s the perfect way to book this. Brockley was complacent. He didn’t expect to be pushed over, he didn’t expect to be hit with a spear as he was getting up. He sold the spear well and the second spear then looked too much. Jackhammer and bang, 1 2 3. This won’t hurt Brock, a loss in a long battle would have. And a loss for Goldberg would have ruined his return – would have only been OK if it was a one off which it isn’t now.

Plus, I have always loved the build up to Goldberg matches but never the matches themselves (except one with DDP many moons ago).

All in all, a much much better event than I was expecting, and one that has left me excited to see how certain storylines continue.

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