WWE Roadblock – End of the line

Pre show

I genuinely net cannot believe that Rusev and Cass were bumped to the preshow.  I have issues with the way all the wrestlers involved in this story are being booked and the story as a whole is abhorrent. That said, I hoped these two talented wrestlers would put on a great match. But they weren’t given enough time to do that and the finish was weak.
Tag titles

Not a bad opener but it was far too predictable and has been for seemingly months and it highlights wider issues with the way the wwe are using, or failing to use, the plethora of supervision tag teams they have at their disposal. They have 2 main roster tag divisions and stacked tag team rosters, yet both sets of titles are on tag teams made up of singles wrestlers.

Sami vs Braun

Good enough for what it was. Not a story line I’d got overly invested to be honest. I’m not sure either of these wrestlers will benefit that much from this feud.

Seth Y2J

Good match from 2 great wrestlers. I thought it was a tad short and it felt a little restrained but certainly a match I enjoyed and a pairing I’d happily see wrestle again and again.


Not a bad match, but again it felt shorter and more restrained than it soul have been. The booking of the CW division hasn’t really set the world alight and now they are filming 205 live in front of main roster crowds instead of its own crowds I worry it might fall flat. I liked the angle after the match and can’t wait to see whee it goes.

Women’s title.

Another good match between two super competitors. They built it well and told a really good story. Probably the match of the night. I do have issues around the 4th fall and the likelihood of that happening.

I also have issues around the match length. Is seems too short. Why a 30 minute iron man match when they’ve been going 30 minutes in other 1 fall matches on other PPVs and on Raw? An hour would have been a more sensible time.

That said, an enjoyable match nontheless , as they all have been throughout the feud, and a fitting end to said feud. I’ll look forward to seeing what’s next for both of these and also to the day this feud reignites somewhere down the line.

Main event

Not a bad match from two decent competitors. Although I have seen both of these have better matches this year. The booing of Reigns is beginning to annoy me. He’s a really good worker and is loved by the kids, thus he sells a shed load of merchandise and is well worth his spot in the upper card. His matches have improved vastly of the last few years and there really is no need to boo him.

I worry about KO and how his reign seems marred by the lack of clean wins. I felt that Y2Js reign as the first undisputed champion was similarly marred and it feels like WWE are repeating past mistakes.

All in all I’d say it was a decent PPV, but probably one of the weaker ones this year. I had high hopes of Raw after Clash of Champions but the PPV quality has been falling each time. The women and Jeriko are keeping Raw afloat for me. They need to sort it out.as they have a massively talented roster. 

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