PROGRESS Chapter 39 – The Graps of Wrath

Out seems a tad silly posting this now as it was a few weeks ago and I’ve been to a couple of shows since, including abother chapter. But the main reason I started writing this blog was so I’d have a place to thoughts on the events I’ve seen and how I felt about them at the time, so I want to put some things down now.

Firstly, I feel.I shod comment on the name, it is my favourite name of any wrestling event ever! Well done Jim, John and Glenn. I love the names they come up with always, but this is my favourite by a mile.

Now the matches:


How can anyone not love FSU? They are such good fun at all times and the perfect way to start any show. As well as being fun, they are both awesome wrestlers and they were against two other awesome wrestlers in Travis Banks and TK Cooper. A great match to start a superb card. 

Joe Coffey vs The Pastor

I’m a big, big Joe Coffey fan. In whichever promotion I see him in he always delivers the goods. And he was up against Bill Eaver who is a solid performer who gets better each time I see him. This was another solid match although I feel it was slightly eclipsed by its predecessor. I look forward to seeing more of these hm guys going forward, and to seeing where the Pastor/Sebastian story will lead.

Tag Team Titles

Two of my favourite tag teams in BSS and the London Riots and they put on a clinic in tag team wrestling, as one would expect. I could watch these two teams wrestle each other every night of the week. And how does a man the size of Rob Lynch deliver such amazing “Flippy Shit” from the top rope?!?!?

Riddle vs Ospreay

What a year these two have both had. They have seen success and great matches in promotions all across the world. This was probably the best sub 10 minute match I’ve ever seen – so good I find myself watching it whenever I have 10 minutes to spare! I look forward to seeing both these guys more next year.

Havoc vs Scurll

This is a bit of a dream match for me, and it was perfect. The start of the match was an excellent take on the recent Goldberg vs Lesnar match that had me laughing and the end was a homage to the late, great, Eddie Gurrero – my all time favourite wrestler.  The match wasn’t very long, but I didn’t mind too much because it set up a no DQ rematch at chapter 40 and I already had a ticket!

Nixon Newel vs Katey Harvey

Over the course of 2016 Progress have build an incredible Women’s division, which includes some phenomenal wrestlers and the natural progues sion series has me genuinely excited. This was another superb match. I’ve seen a lot of Niton before and she’s always impressive (whether it be wrestling guts or girls!), this was the first time I’d seen Katey Harvey and I hope to see more of her in the future. 

Main Event

After Mark Haskins bad news and (I hope temporary) retirement from wrestling the PROGRESS title was vacant. This meant that an new cHampton needed to be crowned and the way this was done was to put the winners of all the males matches into a 7 man match for the championship. This was a great match, it had some brilliant spots and some great wrestling and story telling.  And I don’t care what Dave Meltzer says, the finish was great and not Russo – esque in the slightest.

Another great event from my current favourite promotion.

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