So I just realised that I never actually published this write up of TLC! Here is my write up:

Pre show

Great match for what it was. Couldn’t have gone any better. Great spots and great wrestling showcasing some of the talent that should be involved in storyline higher up the card.

Tag titles.

Decent match. Could have been longer.  Story line issues – like why are two non-tag teams fighting for the belts when the likes of American Alpha and the Vaudevillians are trapped in preshow hell?!?!?!?

Nikki Bella vs Carmella

Great match. Again could have been longer. Told a good story and seemed a fitting end to a good feud. Presumably Nikki will move on to Nattie – given the least shocking revelation ever at the end (edit: having now seen Roadblock I can say the outcome of that tag titles match was less shocking than this….).

IC title

Awesome match. Gave us something different. Miz holding himself up was a real impressive show of strength. These two have really raised the bar since the brand split. And it’s amazing that they have managed it given the amount of time they have spent feuding in the past. I hope they both get main event pushes in 2017.

Chairs match.

A great match. The mismatch was worked really well. Both wrestlers surely built themselves up in the eyes of of everyone watching. Enjoyed it a lot more than I was expecting to.

Women’s title

Another great match. I’m more and more impressed with Alexa every match she has, and I’ve long been a Becky Lynch fan. They built a good story, had some good spots and showed of some.great wrestling talent. A good finish to ensure both characters stayed strong.

Main event

Great match. Match of the night. It was always going to be given the quality of the talent involved. This match was well worked from the get go and had an incredible twist that I wasn’t expecting. Ambrose and Styles are probably the two wrestlers I’ve enjoyed most in WWE in 2016 and I look forward to seeing them in 2017.

I didn’t have very high expectations of this show but they were massively exceeded and I very much enjoyed it as a whole. Having since seen roadblock it strikes me that Smackdown are getting more things right at the moment than Raw. I did think it must be different creative teams but I’m told that it’s the same team, so it makes me wonder why? The only think I can think if is that Ambrose, Styles, Miz and Ziggler are perhaps just loads better than any of the men on Raw (I’m enjoying both women’s division’s at the moment.).

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