PROGRESS 40 – Intercepted Angel

I attended this show a while ago and I’ve yet to publish a review. It seems like.too long now, but as I primarily write the reviews fory own benefit and enjoy the discussions they create I thought I’d jot some things down.

New Nation vs London Riots 

Bizarrely a few weeks before this event the PROCESS twitter  (not sure who runs it, I presume John, but every tweet it sends I read in Jim voice) asked about tag teams from the wxw tag league and I got excited and tweet ed that my dram tag match would be New Nation vs Riots. And then it was book for a show I was going to!!!! And it didn’t disappoint. Two phenomenonal teams that combine power with great ring psychology and amazingly agile moves.  A joy to watch and a great start to the show.

Bea Priestley  vs Toni Storm 

Tw phenomenal wrestlers putting it all on the line. Bea produced some.grateful heel work despite coming out in Ospreay inspired attire and using his cheeky nandos kick. This was a great match and I hope to see many more matches involbing both of them.

Rampage Brown vs Dave Mastiff 

This was awesome. The best entrance ever from Dave Banter Claus Mastiff, and it was great to hear a Yorkshire chant last so long for Rampage. These two put it all on the line and produce what I feel is the best heavyweight match I’ve seen this year, possibly ever. Big power moves, more agility on show than should be possible from guys that size, awesome comedy from Nathan Cruz and El Ligero at ring side and a sickeningly awesome finish. I hope to see thsee two go at it again soon.

Marty Scurll vs Jimmy Havoc 

These guys are two of my favourite wrestlers and this match didn’t disappoint, even though my expectations were sky high. The moment Havoc unveils and axe, then jumped over the crowd. The brawling through the crowd and in the ring. This match was brutal,  but at the same time had enough technical expertise to stay a match not a brawl. Loved every second.

This was the interval, and I think from the first time ever I felt that I could leave there at half time and still be satisfied that I had gotten more than my money’s worth. I didn’t  leave, obviously.

FSU vs Origin 

This match was incredible. FSU are great fun and they have fun in the ring. Greathe tag moves and technical moved buy tons of high flying stuff too. Nathan Cruz is incredible and El Ligero gets better everyone I see him. The comedy elements were great and the interplay between Cruz and Ligero and Mastiff was superb.

Adam Cole vs Will Ospreay 

This for me was the stand out match on a card stacked with awesome matches.  Cole showed why he’s so highly regarded internationally and Ospreay why his stock rises day by day. Incredible move sets on show and Cole showed us how to really play an audincentive and get heat from a crowd that genuinely loved him. Great match. 

ZSJ vs Pete Dunne

Another incredible match. More than 30 minutes of awesome technical wizardry and strong style wrestling.  Both men showing off their prowess in both styles. I could have easily watched another r30 minutes of it and not been bored.

This was quite possibly the best show I’ve ever been to live, and I was at WM20. Every match was amazing and I didon’t want any to end. I can’t wait for the next PROGRESS event.

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