WCPW Kirbymania 

First half hour was talking and a two minute match between HT Drake and Joe Hendry which was interrupted by Joe Conners to set up a match later. Nice swerve by WCPW who announced the WWE UK stars had left. Rumour has the contracts say they can no longer compete in WCPW – but I did read they started on 14th Jan. So either the whole thing is a massive swerve by WCPW for publicity or they announced they’d left early for this pay off.

Marty Scurll vs Gabriel Kidd.

This match had Marty Scurll in it, so it was never going to be bad, but it felt far too short. I felt the match finished just as I was becoming invested with it. Some good work from Scurll and Gabe Kidd looks better every time I see him.

Lana Austin vs Ivelisse

Decent match from two great wrestlers. Too short again and the commentary team spent too much time talking about Bea Priestley and Nixon Newell rather than calling the action.

Apparently Bea is holding the belt currently but Nixon is the champion.  Who knows where this will go as I belive Nixon is at the performance centre.

At this point we were hit with technical issues.

Travis Banks vs Joe Coffey

Decent match, again it was too short and the ending felt a tad week. Also. Doug Williams coming out watching from ringside then leaving seemed bizarre.

Prospect vs Kirkby and El Ligero

Decent match but not as good as it should have been given the calibre of the 4 wrestlers involved. More time given to Kirby doing GM stuff mid match than actually wrestling.

ZSJ vs Cody Rhodes

Great match from.w great talents. Crowd seemed flat but that may have been down to the sound quality as there were some this is awesome chants. I feel the match would have felt better had the crowd been pulled through in the sound. Still an enjoyable match especially considering Cody had just got off a plane from Tokyo!

Bully Ray + Swords of Essex vs Drew Galloway, Johnny Moss and Liam Slater

Decent match from 6 great wrestlers. Some decent spots and tag moves and some great tag psychology on show.

Joe Hendry vs Joseph Conners

Good match from two great wrestlers. Both have a bright future, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Conners were to win the UK title.

General thoughts:

I did enjoy this show, but it certainly didn’t blow me away and u won’t be rushing out to buy What Culture Extra to see Lights Out. A lot of the matches felt like the wrestlers were holding back, which may be they were, given this was a free show.

WCPW is starting to feel like TNA. Great wrestlers who are not allowed to show their full potential, stuck in a rut of bad booking and often short matches. Which is ironic given the way What Culture made its name.

They haven’t got the look or the show right yet, and it feels a bit shoddy, the arena set up, the poor quality cameras and sound. The back stage segments were far quieter than the commentary and I felt I had to turn it up and down constantly.

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