Wrestle Kingdom 11


Well worked, well booked. Great comedy moments, good to see some returns – Kobayashi was an unexpected delight. Very good warm up. 

Tiger Mask W vs Tiger the Dark 

Not a bad match. Some great spots and a fast paced match to continue to warm up the crowd. This certainly whet my appetite for what was to come.

The Young Bucks vs Roppongi Vice

Great match, well worked by two great teams. The young bucks are awesome and the stock continues to rise. The simple, but massively effective, start where they left, hit super kicks and tries to win via count out was awesome.

The only thing that I’d have slightly negative to say about the match was the ending, it seemed a little weird and a tad rushed. 

6 man tag titles match 

Well worked, some great spots and some great wrestling. This was a real showcase for all involved who each got a small amount of time to show what they are capable of,and they did.  

Juice Robinson vs Cody Rhodes

Great match. I’ve been a fan of both these guys for a while and they put a great match on for us. Cody showing some great heel skills and the attack on the knee took us on and journey. Some good high spots and some real great mat skills on show. I particular like Cody’s modified Indian death lock.

Kyle O’Reilly vs Adam Cole

Great match between two amazing wrestlers. Adam Cole is, for me, one of the top 5 wrestlers in the world at the moment and in O’Riley he has found an awesome foil. Great moves, great spots, great psychology. I felt this match (and a few of the earlier matches, we’re perhaps a tad too short. However I can understand why, as they wanted to ensure as many wrestlers as possible got their chance on the big stage. This match in particular though, I could watch forever.

3 way tag championship match

This was a great match between 3 teams I was unfamiliar with but would love to see more of. Three way matches are difficult under any circumstances, but tag team 3 ways must be even more so. 

This match kept me riveted throughout and left me wanting more. I thought the story they weaved was excellent and the story superb. 

Kushida vs Takahashi 

Oh. My. Word. This was a phenomenal match. Two amazing wrestlers went.to war. Awesome high flying moves, awesome mat wrestling, brutal striking. This match had a bit of everything.

I’ve been a big fan of Kushida for a long time, but now I’m a massive fan of both.  I can’t wait to see the next installment of this feud.

Shibata vs Goto

Another jaw dropping match. Fast paced from the start these two put on a clinic.  Shibata showing an amazing mix of technical brilliance and brutal strong style and Goto playing his part to perfection as Shibata dominated him for large periods. These two are amazing wrestlers and I can’t wait to see more of them.

Tanahashi vs Tetsuya Naito

Another phenomenal match. In vast contrast to its predecessor this match didn’t start at 100mph. It started more restrained and gradually built. That certainly doesn’t make it any less ofor a match, and I would argue a great card should include matches that do both.

Both wrestlers showed an impressive move set and built up an incredible story in the ring. I’ve not seen much of either of them before, and not understanding the language the promo video at the start went straight over my head, but they still had me hooked and invested in the match. Great wrestling. 

Okada vs Omega

Wow. If the last e matches weren’t enough, this match was certainly enough to top it off. 

Okada has been one of the top guys in NJPW for a while now, and is probably the non wwe Japanese wrestler I have seen the most – and I’ve yet to see him have a bad match.  It’s easy to see why he is in this position. He looks like a star,  oozes charisma and has the in ring skills to back it all up. His mobe set is great and draws from an array of styles. 

Omega is also awesome. He seems to get a little more impressive everyone I see him. Together we were treated to a phenomenal match. It started nicely with some locks and holds, then we moved through both arsenal’s with stops at strong style, technical work, high flying antics and more. Brilliant match.

Overall I felt the event was incredible and a great way to start 2017. Every match was superb. There were a couple that I would have liked to be longer, but the event already lasted over 5 hours so I can see why. 

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