Progress 41 – Unboxing Live

I watched this a week or so ago and started to write this up,  but then Wrestle Kingdom happened ed and I forgot to finish it. So here are my thoughts.

The idea behind the show was interesting. No matches were announced before hand and I had managed to avoid spoilers, which was good.

SPPT vs FSU and Nixon Newel

This was a great match. I live all.six of these wrestlers and they put on a cracker to open the show. Nixon showed again that women can certainly wrestle.with men, which is something we talked about recently on the podcast. I can’t wait to see Nixon in WWE having feuds with Asuka and the 4 horse women! And I can’t wait to see MAndrews in the WWEUKCT!

Toni Storm vs Kay Lee Ray

Two phenomenal wrestlers put on one hell of a match. Both have been in progress a couple of times recently and I hope to see them both agaim soon.

Waste man challenge

It was nice to see Mad Man Manson, and this wasn’t terrible, personally I’d have preferred another match, but I know the audience isn’t just me and the crowd were well.into it so fair play.

Moustache Mountain vs London Riots vs Leaders of the New School

This was awesome. All of it. From Trent and Tyler throwing the titles at Glenn to Jim announcing a third team to Marty literally unboxing ZSJ as his tag partner… all this had me sold on the match before it even got underway!

Then the match was fantastic. Three amazing teams putting it all on the line. We saw a different Villain on this show. He was merging the lines between face and heel and having a lot of fun with his old mate ZSJ. It remains to be seen if this is a permanent fixture or just festive fun. 

Pete Dunne vs Fabian Aichner

I love bit these guys. I’ve seen Dunne loads in many UK promotions and am loving the fact he is in the middle of a well deserved PROGRESS title run. Aichner impressed me in the CWC and has impressed me much more in his two PROGRESS appearances since. Great match.

Pastor and Sebastian vs Sex on the beach

This was a solid match from four solid wrestlers. I have a lot of time for the Pastor and see him as a future massive star. Sebastian is a great heel and Chuck and Jack have a lot of fun. Quite enjoyable this match, and builthe a story well.

Jimmy Havoc vs Will Ospreay

What. A. Match. This was amazing start to finish. These two feuded for a long time, with Jimmy the out and out heel and Will the blue eyed baby face. When the match was announced I thought this might be how they turned Jimmy back heel, boy was I wrong.

When Will came out he had an odd look on his face, and as the match started he was wrestling in a very different style, really taking it to Jimmy. Will told a fantastic story throughout this match, showing everyone that the baby face had gone and the new Will Ospreay means business. I can’t recall another match where this has been done so well (Although ZSJ did a good job against Jeff Cobb last year). The after match antics just cemented it.

I loved this match for the story it told, but I also loved it for the wrestling on show. Both guys adding more moves to their repertoire. I can’t wait to see where this feud goes.

All in all, another amazing show from progress. Can’t wait for Chapter 42.

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