UK Championship Tournament Day 1

Great intro, venue etc looks great. Nice to see Nigel M on WWE TV. Also nice to see the commentary team pick 3 of my final 4 predictions as their favourite’s! 

Trent Seven vs HC Dyer

Good start to the tournament. Seven was his usual awesome self and Dyer looked good too. And I’m 1- 0 up in predictions.

Jordan Devlin vs Danny Burch

Good match from two great wrestlers. Devlin put in some good heel work to get genuine hest.  The ending was a tad bizarre. But allows for Burch not to ein but not lose stock.2-0 for my predictions.

Saxon Huxley vs Sam Gradwell

Good match from two great wrestlers again.  I’ve seen a lot of Saxon as he is RISE champion and RISE are a promotion local to me, so I wanted him to progress. But alas,  it wasn’t to be. 2-1 now on the prediction front.

Pete Dunne vs Roy Johnson

Solid match from 2 guys I’m already quite familiar with. I love Pete Dunne and think Roy gave him a great match to kick of the tournament. 3 – 1 on predictions and the guy I want to win the tourney is still in it! I also couldn’t belive how big a pop Pete got when he came out!

Wolfgang vs T Bone

I’m a big fan of both of these and they put on a solid first round match here. Wolfgang is one of those guys who I look at and think “how can a guy that big be that agile?!” And T Bone puts in good matches with anyone. I enjoyed this one. 4-1 on the predictions. I couldn’t work out why Cole seems to think being 35 is positive for Trent but negative for T Bone.

Joe Conners vs James Drake

I’ve seen a lot of both these guys before and I have enjoyed all of it. Drake is amazing at fast paced matches and Conners can do it all and oozes charisma – which is why he was my pick to win the tournament. I expected this to be the match if the first round. I don’t think it was, but that was because it wasn’t really given long enough. In 8 minutes they managed to tell a great story and show off some of their skills. I have no doubt that they could have put on a MTOY candidate given enough time. 5 – 1 on the prediction front.

MAndrews vs Dan Moloney

This was a great match. Possibly the match of the night for me. MAndrews is quite possibly the most likeable person in the entire world. From the moment he appears you just want him to win. Then his ability and move set make you want it even more. He’s a born baby face and I love watching him wrestle. Moloney played his part well in the match, but it was all abouthe MAndrews for me. I also recognised his entrance song and wondered if it was actally his band? If you know I’d love to hear.

6 – 1 on the predictions.

Tyler Bate vs Tucker

Tyler is someone I like a lot. He reminds me of a young Doug Williams, who was/is one of my all time favourites. Every match of his I see is great. This was no different. Tucker looked good too, I’d not seen him before. And enjoyable match to round off the night. 

All in all a good first night for the UK Championship Tournament. Solid matches showcasing some great talent. Matches were too short generally but that was necessary for the time available etc.

Pete’s antics after and Regal’do reaction were priceless. And did you hear the chants on Facebook like. “Bruiserweight, Bruiserweight”… looks like I’m not the only one hoping for a Pete Dunne victory.

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