WWE UK Championship Tournament Day 2

Expert use of social media had created a buzz around Sam Gradwell and Pete Dunne, which was the first match, so it was exciting from the get go. This all made for an awesome video package. 

Pete Dunne vs Sam Gradwell

Pete is a favourite of mine from the UK scene and the person I want to win. I’ve seen him tear the house down in singles and tag team matches in various promotions and I have been looking forward to swing him in a WWE ring. Sam is someone I’d not seen before the tournament but he was quite good on the first day.

The match started quickly and hooked the crowd. Both guys getting a good chance to show what they can do and get over. I enjoyed the match but would have like it to be longer. But I guess the winner has possibly 2 more matches tonight so they don’t want to go too long. Crowd were.massively behind Pete,  despite some good heel work. 1-0 for predictions.

MAndrews vs Joseph Conners

Two great wrestlers with styles that I thought would gel very well togetherl and boy was I right. The match of the tournament so far this was a pleasure to watch. Both wrestlers showing their talent and getting over and telling a great story. 1-1 for my predictions and the guy I thought would win goes out.

Trent Seven vs Wolfgang 

I believe these two have had some amazing bouts in ICW recently that I have yet to see, so this match had me excited and it didn’t disappoint. If they can have a match this good in this short a time I need to see the ICW matches. 1-2 on predictions now. Day 2 obviously much more unpredictable!

Tyler Bate vs Jordan Devlin

I’m a big Tyler fan, I’ve not seen Jordan before and although I wasn’t overly impressed on day 1 I thought he looked solid and played a heel well.

This match was enjoyable, Devlin looked a bit better than yesterday and Tyler looked awesome – as he is. 2-2 on predictions and I then had to rethink my predictions.

MAndrews vs Pete Dunne

These two met in a tag match (FSU vs The Dunne Brothers) last year that was one of the best tag matches I’ve ever seen. So I was keen to see this match.

I.thought it was a great match for the time given and would love to see them go at it longer.3-2

Tyler Bate vs Wolfgang

Well these two are both impressive and they put on a great match given the time constraints. Very much enjoyed the back and forth they had. And popped when Tyler got the pin to set up an all British Strong Style final. Thought Pete showing up after set up a good face heel final.4-2

Neville vs Tommy End

Jesus Christmas I marked out when Tommy End came out. Massively exciting to see him. Especially against someone as good as Neville. 

This was a great match, I was massively impressed by both wrestlers, I always am.it was a great showcase from “the king of the cruiserweights” and the man who I feel is going to be massive in WWE.

Pete Dunne vs Tyler Bate

Two amazing talents, well deserving of being in the final of this tournament put in a match that deserved to be the final. Match of the night, boy guys got over massively. Pete generated some heel heat and Tyler is the white hot face. Enthralling match from start to finish. Well paced and told a great story. Tyler Bate a worthy winner. 4-3 for my predictions on the night.

A great tournament. Night 1 wasn’t bad, night 2 was brilliant. Some incredible matches from some incredible talent. Looking at the ages of those guys involved we can look forward to seeing them for many years to come.

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