High Stakes

For a while I’ve been looking to get to a rev pro York hall show, and tonight I managed it. I think RevPro is my second favourite British promotion behind progress, and the one I like best out of the big name import bringers. This card was awesome and I’d been looking forward to it for ages.

Josh Bodom vs Ryan Smile

Ive seen quite a lit of Josh Bodom on RevPro over the years, I haven’t seen much Ryan Smile but I know he’s involved with Lucha Forever with will Ospeay so I had good hopes. The match didn’t disappoint. It wad a great starting match that had some great spots amd told a good story. Now we have an interim champ to challenge Will when it happens.

Sterling and Redman vs War Machine 

Solid match. War machine looked strong as ever really taking the match to Sterling and Redman. It looked for a long period that one a WM win would be plausible, but they pulled off a  great finish that was infinitely more believable than I thought it would be.

The aftermath involved a great run in from Brookes and Banks – although I then wished they were appearing! 

Sterling and Redman were on the receivingend of a hilarious “you’re generic” chant.

Yoshi Hashi vs Pete Dunne

Fantastic match. Great ovation for the brusierweight making a homecoming of sorts to RevPro after the #WWEUKCT. Some in the crowd tried chanting “you sold out” but the rest of the crowd got behind Pete who clearly deserves all the exposure he is getting and expertly worked the crowd into a frenzy for him and against him. This was a great technician vs a Japanese legend and I could have watched it forever. Unfortunately it had to end but it was briliant nontheless.

At this point in the night Andy Quildan,  in a waistcoat that didn’t fit, announced the Young Bucks for epic encounter in the most amazing way that made me wish my holiday was a different time. 

ZSJ vs Marty Scurll 

When this match was announced for this show I knew that it would, alone, be worth the entrance fee. ZSJ is, in my opinion the best technical wrestler ever and one if the best wrestlers ever. Marty Scurll is, again in my opinion,  the best wrestler in the world today. And one of the top 5 ever. He has it all, he can wrestle in every style and have an amazing match with anyone. He’s massively full of charisma and can hold every audience in the palm of his hand. 

These two have wrestled each other a million times and have teamed together a million times. I’m led to believe they are genuinely good friends and all this leads to a massively amazing match. It had some striking, masses of technical wrestling and it told an amazing story. 

This was without a shadow of a doubt the best match I’ve ever seen live, and I was at WM 20, I’ve seen some awesome matches live, but none as good as this.

It was interesting to watch Marty interact with the crowd. I feel he’s hit a point in his gimmick, in his career, where he has superseded the face/heel area. He is that good, and that cool, that crowds just want to get behind him. In the way they did to turn Steve Austin, Eddie Gurrero and the Rock face in the past. ZSJ plays the tweener really well and was perfect foil. I hope to see both many more times. Match of the night by a country mile.

Trevor Lee vs Trent Seven

This was a decent match. I’m quite impressed with Seven as a tag worker in moustache mountain and British strong style but I’ve yet to see him in a singles match that blows me away. In this match Lee portrayed an arrogant tna heel and did it really well. I very much enjoyed it, yethe I still prefer Trent’s tag work. 

Martin Stone vs Jay White

This match was awesome. I had a good chat with Martin Stone before the event, reminiscing of Stix and Stones and working with Alex Shane and he was telling me about the masses of staples he had to have in his head in the #WWEUKCT. Jay White has grown up, last summer he looked like a kid playing at being a wrestler in RevPro,  now he has the look, the body size and the ability. As a rugby fan I love that he’s drawing from the all blacks in his ring attire. The match was solid, two great workers putting on a showcase.

Shibata vs Matt Riddle

If you wanted to book a match where both wrestlers may look dead at the end, this is exactly the match you’d book. Shibata is an incredibly stiff hitter who destroys all in his path.  Riddle is an MMA convert who does the same while laughing and being a total skater pot head gimmick. This match was always going to be awesome and didn’t disappoint. 

Great event.  Hope to get to many more Rev pro events.

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