Progress 42 – Life, the universe and wrestling 

Great atmosphere for a new venue. Crazy crowd and Jim on fire as always. I had seen a spoiler that Finn Balor had been there, but that didn’t stop goosebumps and generally marking out when his usic hit. The “shit Jordan Devlin” chant may be the funniest ever and that was followed by a game of musical chairs that, rumour has it, Dave Meltzer has rated 7stars.

Ringkampf vs London Riots

I’m not overly familiar with Ringkampf, i have seen Axel Deiter jr before but only once or twice and I’ve only seen Walter in previous PROGRESS appearances. As they came out they certainly looked the perfect foil for the Riots. The match was excellent. Plenty of big power moves, great story telling, some great agility on show and moves that just look like they hurt. I hope to see more of Ringkampf and always look forward to seeing the riots.

Sebastian vs Jack Sexsmith

Sebastian is a great heel, and Sexsmith is always good fun so I knew this match would be enjoyable. Especially given that the pastor wold be at ringside so no doubt involved somewhere along the line!

The match was good, both played their roles well and told a gear story. The angle between Pastor and Sebastian continues and I look forward to seeing whee it goes next.

Jimmy Havoc vs Tommy End

What an awesome bonus match! It didn’t go too long or get too mental but one assumes that this could be due to Tommy needing to wrestle again a couple of hours later in Blackpool. They still put on an awesome match.

Before the match Jimmy cut a great promo on all the stars he is feuding with at the moment and the ringing boos for Ospreay were incredible. Shows what an awesome job he did on his turn.

Alex Windsor vs Livii Grace

I’ve seen Alex Windsor before, but I’d not seem Livii Grace. Alex is an experienced wrestler who knows how to work a great match. Livii is young and full of potential. I enjoyed this match, as I have all the Natural Progression 4 matches so far.

The Origin  (Banter Edition) vs SPPT

It”s actually impossible not to love the Banter Edition, and it’s also impossible not to hate SPPT  (cos they’re so good at being heels) so this was always going to be awesome. As well as a great face/heel dynamic it had a ref not afraid to get involved, great wrestling and amazingly funny parts  great match that I very much enjoyed. 

Spud vs Paul Robinson 

I remember first seeing Spud about 15 years ago in the Coventry sky dome and thinking he was awesome. I also met him after and he seemed a genuinely good bloke. I saw him a number of times after and was majorly pleased for him when he made it to TNA. So it was great to see him show up in my favourite promotion, and this time not wrestling a 1 year old, but Paul Robinson who is an incredible heel.

The match was brutal, they had me hooked from the start and I as majorly engaged by it throughout. Awesome wrestling, and at times out and out fighting, and both guys played their part well.

Rampage Brown vs Matt Riddle

This was another awesome match. Rampage impresses me more every time I see him, and Matt Riddle never ceases to amaze me. Brutally stiff work from both guys in what can only be described as a war. A war that took place between two faces not for a story line reason but because the both wanted to take the Atlas title home. Great match.

It’s hard to pick between the final two matches as to which was match of the nightime,  as they were both brilliant. 

General thoughts

The overall show was great, as always and it’s testament to PROGRESS that they can put on such always great show despite their champion always and tag team champions being unavailable.

The fact Finn Balor and Tommy End were at the show, and that Tommy wrestled, suggests that their is absolutely no need for people to be worrying about the #WWEUKCT competitors contacts affecting PROGRESS. Clearly the two companies are getting on just fine.

I can’t wait for the next chapter!

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