Live at the Cockpit 12

Magee vs Lias 

Solid opening match from 2 wrestlers I’d not seen before. Strange finish though. I certainly hope to see more of these guys.

Dennis vs Bodom

I’m a big fan of both these guys in ring ability and this match didn’t disappoint. Both were able to show off their skills in a back forth contest.Bodom in particular is someone I see destined for big things. And I’m already looking forward to seeing Eddie Dennis battle Rampage Brown in Leeds for TCW in Feb. 

Revolutionists vs Contenders

I enjoy Shakespeare Samuels ,  but I’d not seen any of the other 3 before. The match was very short, but it was enjoyable nontheless and served as a focal point fir a falling out between Sha and his tag parter James Castle.

Tyler Bate vs Dave Mastiff

I’m very familiar with, and a huge fan of, both these guys. As such I was very much looking forward to seeing this match and it was good. I would gave liked it to go a little longer, but these two told a great story and included some great wrestling.

Pete Dunne and Marty Scurll vs Shane Strickland and Ryan Smile

Pete and Marty are, in my opinion, two of the best wrestlers in the world today, so seeing them on the shame team is an incredible thing. Their opponents are two amazing high flyers and this always looked like a match that would steal the show. But then it didn’t happen. Instead train banks came out and helped Pete and Mrty in a 3 on 2 situation, until Will Ospreay appeared to save his best friend Ryan Smile. I think originally this was supposed to be Will and Shane but Will was pulled due to New Japan Commitments,  however he made it back the match was made a 6 man and moved to the main event.

Trent Seven vs Zack Gibson

I love Zack Gibson,  and I quite like Trent Seven so this was another I was looking forward to. Gibson spoke before the match to a chorus of boos befitting wrestling’s hottest heel and then they put on a great match. Their styles meshed well together and I’d like to see these two face off again.

London Riots vs Redman and Sterling

The riots are a team I have grown to love over the course of the last year. I’ve seen them work great matches with a ton of different tag teams who wrestle a ton of different styles. Redman and Sterling are a team I’ve only seen once (at High Stakes) and as such haven’t made up my mind on them yet.

In this match they certainly impressed. They put in a lot of good tag team wrestling, cutting the ring in half, heat double team moves and some great spots. As well as that both impressed individually in the bits where they were wrestling on their own. Their style complemented the style of the riots and between them they put on a great match that had me invested and had me falling for false finishes even though I knew who had gone into High stakes as champion!

RJ Singh vs ZSJ

I had been enjoying RJ Singh as a commentator but I am glad to see him back between the ropes as I think he has a lot more to offer in the ring. ZSJ is another one who I would consider in the bracket as the best wrestlers in the world today. I very much enjoyed the match, I though ZSJ put on a clinic for all watching and RJ showed that he certainly does still have a lot to offer. The story was good and the wrestling was great.

Main Event

I was massively excited when this was a tag match, but adding in Banks and Ospreay, two of the best around, and making me wait another hour was a brilliant move that ramped my excitement into overdrive.

The excitement was certainly warranted. This was an incredible match. All 6 competitors looking phenomenal throughout. Some awesome comedy moments,  including Pete Dunne stripping off to reveal new ring attire based on Vader’s, who feuds with Ospreay last summer and Pete interfered in the match. There was Pete and Marty answering Zacks comments about T shirt sales by selling T shirts at ringside during the match. 

There was some awesome wrestling in a variety of styles, technical, strong style, lucha libretto. There was someone great 3 way moves (3 way cheeky nandos and just kidding being my favourites), and just some brilliant reversals and transitions. This was match of the night. 

All in all I really enjoyed the show and hope to someone more Live at the Cockpits. 

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