Dominant 5 star

Let’s start with the name. What’s this company called?! The press release said 5 star, the TV guide says Dominant, they keep referring to themselves as Dominant but the belt and the ring are both emblazoned with 5 star. It’s bizarre.

The show kicked off in a ratger odd fashion, the Arena looked empty and John Morrison came out with the belt to lay down an open challenge. This led to a procession of WWE old boys (Rey Mysterio, Carlito, Chris Masters, PJ Black, Drew Galloway) arriving to throw their hat in as well as Nick Aldis and Moose.

Carlito was getting cheap heat “don’t want to be in Dundee” and was oddly wearing a Chris masters t shirt. Galloway cut a gold promo and Nick Aldis garnered heat with an excellent English heel gimmick that played in the age old rivalry, ti be honest it felt a bit loke a convoluted start!

Moose vs John Morrison (Mundo)

In my opinion letting Morrison go was a massive mistake from WWE. The fact he continues to have excellent matches around the world doesn’t make me alter that opinion. Moose is a huge former NFL player, I’ve not seen much by him before but he did have a great match with Joe Coffey before. This was a decent match for what it was, Morrison showed off his high flying skills and moose some power. But it was over in less time than the convoluted start promos.

Rey Mysterio vs Nick Aldis

Reybis bigger these days than he has been, but he’s not lost any agility. Aldis is a worker and this was a good first round match. Aldis producing some great heeling throughout and Rey showing he’s not lost a step. It seemed odd that Aldis wasn’t using the name Magnus but still had it on his trunks….

Carlito vs PJ Black

I always had a lot of time for Carlito when he was in WWE, but I’ve not seen him since.  PJ Black I loved as Justin Gabriel, and he has impressed me a number of times on the independent circuit since. It was at this point I noticed that Steve Linsky was ring announcing, which struck me as odd given that he’s one of the top refs in the country. This match wasnt bad. Two good workers putting in a decent match. 

Chris Masters vs Drew Galloway

Both these guys have done much better for themselves since leaving WWE than they did in the company. Fairly solid match. Crowd are massively behind the Scott and he looked strong.

Rey vs Carlito

The crowd just wanted to see another 619. Solid match. Build on Rey’s injury angle and Carlito continued after the match.

Drew Galloway vs John Morrison

This had potential to be match of the night, with probably the two best wrestlers present involved. It was a good match and both looked great, but I was left baffled as to why they would build Drew up as the home town hero then not even have him in the final? It did leave us with a potentially great match to finish though.

Rey Mysterio vs John Morriston

These two are great high flyers and they gave us a match befitting their ability. It as a but of a shame that the finish was given away when Morrison’s music was hit prematurely.

General thoughts:

Some good matches from some great wrestlers. Nothing world shattering though. 

Seems odd to build a big face and big heel at the start of the show and then not have them get through the final.

It also seems weird to harp on and in about the thriving UK scene and not use anyone from it. The only two UK wrestlers in it are US based and best known for their US work. This is especially odd given the amount of amazingly talented UK wrestlers on their promotional material.

The arena was much bigger than the ticket sales needed. Would have been better to book somewhere a bit smaller.

At the end of the show John Morrison announced a huge tournament to take place over the summer which will include 128 wrestlers from around the world over 30 shows. This is a massive undertaking and the announcement comes only a few well after WCPW announced a similar tournament that would have 64 wrestlers.over 10 shows. Grand ideas that it will be interesting to see play out. Dominant seem to be aiming for the MEN arena for their final. That is a huge arena so I’ll be interested to see how full it is.

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