NXT Takeover: San Antonio

Tye Dillinger vs Eric Young
I am quite a big fan of Tye, and have been since the firest time I saw him on NXT. I’ve also been a fan of Young a while, and the added bonus of having Cillian Dan,  the man I’ve known as “Big Damo” on the UK indies, involved was nice. 

The match was a good solid opener. It hot the crowd warmed up nicely and the finish made sense but they had gotten me invested to a point that I was gutted by it. Here’s hoping Tye enters the rumble at 10.

Roderick Strong vs Andrade Almas

I’ve been a massive Strong fan since the early 2000s when he was wrestling in RoH and TNA. Almas has impressed me a bit since he arrived, and although I’ve not seen any of his earlier “La Sombra” work I hear great things.

This match was another great match. I see a great few years ahead for both these guys. There was some brutal parts in this and some real exciting parts. Looking forward to sewing move up the NXT card.

Authors of Pain vs DIY

DIY are, along with the revival, one of the best tag teams I’ve ever seen.  They were involved in some of my favourite matches in 2016 and I’m sure they will be in some of my favourite matches in 2017. The authors of pain are humongous and brutal and dominant. I was unsure how the styles would mesh and I was generally in the dark about how this match would go.

I thought this match was brilliant. I would even go as far as to say it was perfect- by that I mean I don’t think these two teams, given the build up and the storyline etc,could have had a better match with each other here than they did. I was gutted to see DIY drop, and hope they can have a rematch at takeover Orlando. 

Asuka vs Peyton Royce vs Billie Kay vs Nikki Cross

These 4 women are all extremely impressive wrestlers and the prospector them competing in a four way was exciting! This was a great match, if a tad short. All 4 ladies showing off their incredible talents. A massive bump, some great story telling and a fantastic finish. The NXT women’s division certainly has recovered from losing the four horsewomen.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs Bobby Rode

This had a big fight feel. The entrances, the crowd, the lighting, it felt like this should be a main roster, or even a mania main event. In full expect both of these guy to make the jump to main roster in 2017 and when they do to quickly ascend to the main event status. But are fantastic wrestlers who may be new to WWE but are certainly not new to pro wrestling and have been very successful elsewhere.

Oh.my. what an incredible match. Two incredible ring veterans took the audience on a roller coaster journey of emotions. As far as the emotional journey goes, I don’t recall any recent match that has done that so well. In fact the last one that good may have been Miz vs Jerry Lawley in a ladder match for the world title in raw. In many ways this was pro wrestling at its finest. Great wrestling from both parties, amazing story and some good spots. A clear signal that both are more than ready for the main roster. My match of the night. 

General Thoughts

The news that Nigel McGuiness was joining the NXT commentary team was exciting. I liked Nigel as a wrestler and I enjoy his insights as a commentator and I’m looking forward to hearing him on NXT.

It was great to see Tyler Bate there, I heard he had a dark match, hope it gets on NXT this weds.

I love the cast majority of programming the WWE puts out, but I would say that NXT takeover is probably my favourite bit, and this show was no different. I’ve always read some negative opinions and it kinda feels like some people are only happy when complaining. This was a great event full of great matches. If the rumble is half as good it will be glorious.

I did think that Roode would lose, and show up in rumble, so now I’m hoping Nakamura does. I also hope Tye and Samoa Joe do too! 

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