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RISE – Live at the Brudenell

The show opened with a 12 man over the top rope Battle Royal or sorts. It was like the royal rumble with a new entrant coming down “every 2 minutes” and then when the match was down to 2 guys it became a one fall pin or submission match. This was a great match and was booked really well. There were lots of great stories being told and for me it was awesome to see two of my favourite local wrestlers (Alex Henry and David Graves) team up for a long period of it. The match must have gone around 40 minutes and I enjoyed every second. Brilliant start to the night,although the ceiling didn’t make it through this one. The ceiling is low and the ring fairly high, a ceiling tile fell and became a was great to see Pastor win havin been in it from the start and I thought the ending was booked very well.

Joe Vega v Kid Lux

This was a great match two, some good heel work on show and some great moves and spots. The first match had the crowd going and they continued to enjoy this.

Roxy v Nina Samuel
This was a brilliant match. Two superbly talented wrestlers putting it all on the line. Great heel work from and Roxy is incredibly over as a face.

Your Uncle Bobby  vs whizz kid

Bobby had started the rumble and done a great stint. He then came out and worked the crowd  back up after a short interval. Then he pulled double duty and wrestled a stonking match against Whizz Kidd. 

Saxon Huxley vs Liam Slater

The main event pitted Saxon “MuscleCat” Huxley against Liam “The Lazarus Kid” Slater. Both these guys are phenomenal. Saxon is due to compete in the upcoming WWE UK Championship and Liam Slater seems to have championships everywhere. 

The start was incredible, when Liam arrived (having travelled from Newcastle where he had wrestled earlier in the evening) the crowd when mental. I genuinely don’t think I have ever seem a wrestler be totally over with every single member of the audience before but Liam was. I assume partly because he’s lcoal,  partly because he’s good fun, has a fun entrance and dances, and partly cos he’s absolutely amazing in the ring.

I’ve seen him wrestle a number of times now and each match seems to be better than the last. I forsee a big future for Liam.

Saxondale is also incredible. I’ve only seen 3 of his matches before but it one has been great and I’d love him to do well in the WWE tournament.

After the match, the Pastor came out to round the story off from the rumble and to build a further story for the next event. 

I enjoyed the event over all and look forward to seeing RISE again in the future.

WCPW Kirbymania 

First half hour was talking and a two minute match between HT Drake and Joe Hendry which was interrupted by Joe Conners to set up a match later. Nice swerve by WCPW who announced the WWE UK stars had left. Rumour has the contracts say they can no longer compete in WCPW – but I did read they started on 14th Jan. So either the whole thing is a massive swerve by WCPW for publicity or they announced they’d left early for this pay off.

Marty Scurll vs Gabriel Kidd.

This match had Marty Scurll in it, so it was never going to be bad, but it felt far too short. I felt the match finished just as I was becoming invested with it. Some good work from Scurll and Gabe Kidd looks better every time I see him.

Lana Austin vs Ivelisse

Decent match from two great wrestlers. Too short again and the commentary team spent too much time talking about Bea Priestley and Nixon Newell rather than calling the action.

Apparently Bea is holding the belt currently but Nixon is the champion.  Who knows where this will go as I belive Nixon is at the performance centre.

At this point we were hit with technical issues.

Travis Banks vs Joe Coffey

Decent match, again it was too short and the ending felt a tad week. Also. Doug Williams coming out watching from ringside then leaving seemed bizarre.

Prospect vs Kirkby and El Ligero

Decent match but not as good as it should have been given the calibre of the 4 wrestlers involved. More time given to Kirby doing GM stuff mid match than actually wrestling.

ZSJ vs Cody Rhodes

Great match from.w great talents. Crowd seemed flat but that may have been down to the sound quality as there were some this is awesome chants. I feel the match would have felt better had the crowd been pulled through in the sound. Still an enjoyable match especially considering Cody had just got off a plane from Tokyo!

Bully Ray + Swords of Essex vs Drew Galloway, Johnny Moss and Liam Slater

Decent match from 6 great wrestlers. Some decent spots and tag moves and some great tag psychology on show.

Joe Hendry vs Joseph Conners

Good match from two great wrestlers. Both have a bright future, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Conners were to win the UK title.

General thoughts:

I did enjoy this show, but it certainly didn’t blow me away and u won’t be rushing out to buy What Culture Extra to see Lights Out. A lot of the matches felt like the wrestlers were holding back, which may be they were, given this was a free show.

WCPW is starting to feel like TNA. Great wrestlers who are not allowed to show their full potential, stuck in a rut of bad booking and often short matches. Which is ironic given the way What Culture made its name.

They haven’t got the look or the show right yet, and it feels a bit shoddy, the arena set up, the poor quality cameras and sound. The back stage segments were far quieter than the commentary and I felt I had to turn it up and down constantly.

PROGRESS 40 – Intercepted Angel

I attended this show a while ago and I’ve yet to publish a review. It seems like.too long now, but as I primarily write the reviews fory own benefit and enjoy the discussions they create I thought I’d jot some things down.

New Nation vs London Riots 

Bizarrely a few weeks before this event the PROCESS twitter  (not sure who runs it, I presume John, but every tweet it sends I read in Jim voice) asked about tag teams from the wxw tag league and I got excited and tweet ed that my dram tag match would be New Nation vs Riots. And then it was book for a show I was going to!!!! And it didn’t disappoint. Two phenomenonal teams that combine power with great ring psychology and amazingly agile moves.  A joy to watch and a great start to the show.

Bea Priestley  vs Toni Storm 

Tw phenomenal wrestlers putting it all on the line. Bea produced some.grateful heel work despite coming out in Ospreay inspired attire and using his cheeky nandos kick. This was a great match and I hope to see many more matches involbing both of them.

Rampage Brown vs Dave Mastiff 

This was awesome. The best entrance ever from Dave Banter Claus Mastiff, and it was great to hear a Yorkshire chant last so long for Rampage. These two put it all on the line and produce what I feel is the best heavyweight match I’ve seen this year, possibly ever. Big power moves, more agility on show than should be possible from guys that size, awesome comedy from Nathan Cruz and El Ligero at ring side and a sickeningly awesome finish. I hope to see thsee two go at it again soon.

Marty Scurll vs Jimmy Havoc 

These guys are two of my favourite wrestlers and this match didn’t disappoint, even though my expectations were sky high. The moment Havoc unveils and axe, then jumped over the crowd. The brawling through the crowd and in the ring. This match was brutal,  but at the same time had enough technical expertise to stay a match not a brawl. Loved every second.

This was the interval, and I think from the first time ever I felt that I could leave there at half time and still be satisfied that I had gotten more than my money’s worth. I didn’t  leave, obviously.

FSU vs Origin 

This match was incredible. FSU are great fun and they have fun in the ring. Greathe tag moves and technical moved buy tons of high flying stuff too. Nathan Cruz is incredible and El Ligero gets better everyone I see him. The comedy elements were great and the interplay between Cruz and Ligero and Mastiff was superb.

Adam Cole vs Will Ospreay 

This for me was the stand out match on a card stacked with awesome matches.  Cole showed why he’s so highly regarded internationally and Ospreay why his stock rises day by day. Incredible move sets on show and Cole showed us how to really play an audincentive and get heat from a crowd that genuinely loved him. Great match. 

ZSJ vs Pete Dunne

Another incredible match. More than 30 minutes of awesome technical wizardry and strong style wrestling.  Both men showing off their prowess in both styles. I could have easily watched another r30 minutes of it and not been bored.

This was quite possibly the best show I’ve ever been to live, and I was at WM20. Every match was amazing and I didon’t want any to end. I can’t wait for the next PROGRESS event.

World of Sport

I wasn’t sure what to think when I heard WoS was returning for a one off special/pilot. It was previously an institution, but I was a tad worried that this was just one of the major networks trying to cash in on the Renaissance we have seen in UK wrestling over the last few year. Nevertheless I was excited to see it.‚Äč

Mastiff Grado

The first match was a championship match, which seemed a little odd, but in reality it was there to set up the narrative of the night, something that was important in the context of the show. The put on a solid but short match. Their larger than life characters were sold well and it set up.the story well. 

The crowd felt forced or even canned at time’s,  this was true all through the show, and I couldn’t work outo why as there was clearly wrestling fans there.

CJ Banks, Kenny Williams, Sam Bailey, Danny Hope 

Nice to see Danny with a Trav black armband on. Sam Bailey showing shades of McGuiness with certain moves. 4 talented workers showcasing skills in a short match

Viper v Alexis Rose

Solid match from two talented women. Viper playing heel well. I’d only seen her play face before.I was surprised to hear that WoS had never had an all female match in its previous run.

Coffey Brothers vs Ashton Smith and Rampage Brown

Great match. Worked well. Nice to see all 4 shine. I’ve not seen Ashton and Rampage tag together before buthe they looked to have a decent chemistry about them. Rampage looks good as a heel but I prefer him face.

Ligero vs Gibson

Great match, super skills on show from both combatants. Gibson always impresses me and is one of the best technical wrestlers we have in the UK. El Ligero is my favourite comedy wrestler, but unlike some comedy wrestlers, he’s much more than that. And in this match he was showing his more serious side, which combines a great technical moves with some high flying antics. Great match, probably match of the night for me.

Battle Royal

Nice battle royal well booked. Seemed odd that all but 1 started in the ring. Was good to see Harry Smith put in an appearance. I’ve not seen him for age and I’m glad he game in and have a homage to his dad with the moves. I’d have quite liked him to win as I reckon he’d work a great match with big Dave.

Mastiff Grado again.

Not bad again, very short and the finish made Mastiff look weak but it finished off the narrative that had been built throughout the night.

Overall views 

It looked an felt more like a TV show than a wrestling show. The lighting was weird and the crowd were weird. There were enough t shirts on show to convince me the majority if them were actually wrestling fans, but it felt like they were being stage managed as opposed to being allowed to be fans. The cheering and booing felt forced in places and the chanting did too. The signs were obviously planted and seemed daft and the choreographed foam finger waving was annoying.

The way they booked the show to set up a nara time was good,  must have taken a lot if thinking about how they could build for the payoff at the end of 2 hours when most promotions would do it over a few months. 

Grado as the main face seemed a choice made out of the idea that he’d be most well.know from his TNA profile. Which I guess is understandable.

I enjoyed the show, and I think it may be a way to bring in more people to watching wrestling, which I’m all for. But I don’t think it was as good as PROGRESS or ICW or others,  however that may be because it’s aimed at a different sort of fan.

I hope it gets picked up a’s. I’d like to see wheresults they go with it.