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Honor Rising Day 2

David Finlay and Kushida vs Silas Young and Jado

This was a good match to start. Nice way to warm up the crowd. 4 excelent workers. Silas and Kushida being the standouts in the match but enjoyable all round.

Delirious, Jushin Thunder Liger, Dalton Castle, Tiger Mask IV and Ryuske Taguchi vs Tetsuya Naito, Sanada, Evil, Bushi and Hiromu Takahashi

Another thoroughly enjoyable multiman match. Naito being the one who shone most for me with excellent wrestling and great heeling.

War Machine vs The Guerrillas of Destiny

Good solid match. Both teams.look.good and War Machine looking like they are on an unstoppable streak. They cut an interesting post match promo stating they want the IWGP titles. I think this is a great move as there are many Japanese tag teams I feel would work really well with them. 

Hiroshi Tanahashi, Juice Robinson and Jay Lethal vs Bad luck Fale, Hangman Page and Yujiro Takahashi

Good fun match. I am feeling that there are too many big multitags on these shows now. Tanahashiand Juice the standouts for me.

Hirooki Goto vs Punishment Martinez

Great match. Goto impresses me more everytime I see him and Martinez is a giant monster who can fly! I’d never seen him before but I hope to see him again. And it was good to get a singles match!

Adam Cole vs Yoshi-Hashi

Two singles matches in a row! Haha. Adam Cole is awesome and has any crowd in the palm of his hand, the koruken hall crowd is no different. This match had some great wrestling and some brilliant comedy moments that helped the wrestlers. Get across a great story. Cole is one of the best at using facial expressions to tell a story, and “Yoshi-Hashi Baybay” was ace!

Kazuchika Okada, Will Ospreay and the Briscoes vs Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks and Cody Rhodes

Another multiman match, but a superb one. The bucks and the Brisco showing some great tag moves, the other 3 showing how good they can be, ospreay providing the holy shot moments and Okada and Omega with a few stare downs and face offs to really build their story and the will.he won’t he hot a one winged angel.  There was also some great multiman psychology. Class main event. 

Honor Rising Day 1

Silas Young, Gedo and Jado vs Juice Robinson,  Kushida and David Finlay

I very much enjoyed this match.  It gave everyone involved a chance to shine. I was particularly impressed with Juice, Kushida and Silas. Juice’s nose looked a bit sore by the end! I was a tad disappointed that Cyrus wasn’t on commentary for the event though!

Jushin Thunder Liger, Tiger Mask IV and Delirious vs Evil, Bushi and Sanada

This was a good fun six man for the never openweight 6 man tag titles.  Some great wrestling and multiman spots mixed with grear comedy. Very enjoyable, and Liger never ceases to impress with how good he still is after all this time!

Okada, Goto, Yoshi-Hashi and Will Osprey vs Bad luck Fale, Yujiro Takahashi, Tama Tonga and Tanga Roa

This was a solid match. I felt as though a match with this much talent should have been given a bit longer than it was but I still found it entertaining. Osprey and Okada seem to be developing some exciting double team maneuvers. I was also amazed that in a match with so much talent all looking great Okada still managed to stand out.

Young Bucks vs War Machine

Two amazing tag teams in what is very much a ring of honor match up. I’m a big fan of both teams and it was good to see a traditional tag match amongst the big multiman match ups we had on the card. It was a good solid match, as one would expect from these two teams, and I enjoyed watching it.

Dalton Castle, Hiroshi Tanahash and Ryuske Tagushi vs Tetsuya Naito, Hiromu Takahashi and Punishment Martin

Another multiman match with a crazy amount of talent in it. Again, this was a great fun multiman match, allowed all.6 guys to show what they can do and furyhered some storylines.

Katsuyori Shibata and Jay Lethal vs Cody Rhodes and Hangman Page

Another match with phenomenal talent in it. But the guy in particular who jumps out is Shibata, he’s got to be one of the top 5 to 10 wrestlers in the world. This match was superb. It stepped up in quality from the previous matches and was well.worked around a nice narrative. Cody was particularly impressive throughout and the segents that involved Cody and Shibata made me yearn for them to have a singles match. Which looks likely given the aftermath. 

Briscoes vs Kenny Omega and Adam Cole

I don’t recall ever seeing a tag team match written down that excited me this much! The Briscoes are one of the best tag teams around and have been for over a decade. Cole and Omega are tremendous singles wrestlers looked a great match up. My only worry was how Kenny and Adam would a tag team, as this can be an issue sometimes when two singles wrestlers team up.

I need not have worried.  It was an awesome match. Both teams playing their part perfectly and Kenny and Adam looking like a full time tag team for much of it, but with an added two top dogs in a team favourite part was Omega hitting a moonsault into the crowd.

All in all I enjoyed the show.  It was a lot of fun. There was lot of multiman matches as their often is at Japanese events. In Japan these are done well and have reasons to happen and are used to further feuds. Elsewhere they tend not to work as well.

Pro Wrestling Chaos – Best of 2016

Pro Wrestling Chaos is a promotion I’ve heard a lot of good things about but never actually seen anything by, so I was excited that they had sent me some free content in this month’s wrestlecrate. 

Alex Steele vs Colt Cabana

It seemed that the idea behind this show was that the matches were selected at random using a chaos generator. That was quite a cool gimmick for an event. I wasn’t familiar with Alex Steele, but I’ve been a huge Colt Cabana fan since the early days of ROH so this match was one of expected to enjoy.

And enjoy it I did, it was typical of a Cabana match. Lots of light hearted comedy and lots of technical wrestling. Very good start. 

Johnny Gargano vs The Wild Boar

Another from the chaos generator. I won’t lie, I was genuinely shocked that Gargano came out. It looks to be the same show as Cabana and it didn’t look a big enough event to have two American imports on it. Wild boar is also a big name so this match was full of promise.

This was, as one might expect, a tad faster and more serious than the previous match. It was no less enjoyable and allowed both guys to show why they are so well respected in the business.

Will Ospreay, Paul Robinson and Mark Andrews vs El Ligero, Martin Kirby and Shane Strickland

These 6 guys are all wrestlers I’ve seen a number of times and enjoy their matches so this was quite and exciting prospect. The match delivered. Fast paced, plenty of high spots and lots of impressive double team moves. Was interesting to see Robinson show off a more high flying side of his repertoire than I’ve seen elsewhere, and also good to see him put some good heel work in despite all 5 others in the match wrestling blue eye.

Eddie Dennis vs Chris Hero

I love Eddie Dennis, and it was interesting to see him come.out with a serious look in his eye, rather  than dancing. Chris Hero is one of the best wrestlers in the world, so this match was always going to be amazing. They put on a great match that had plenty of power, a touch of comedy and a great narrative.

Sami Callihan vs Wild Boar

Sami is a talent who never fails to impress,  and Wild Boar is solid performer. This match was great. These two beat the hell out if each other in a brutal war. Both looked great and I’d watch these two go at it again any day.1

Danny Jones vs Aldo Rose

Obviously I’m familiar with Rose from his time in WWE. I’d never seen Jones before so it was good to see a new name. The match was decent, and I quite enjoyed it.

Hardcore Holly vs Wild Boar

Hardcore Holly is a favourite of mine and the Alabhama Slam is a favourite move of mine so I was hoping to see it! The match was good. It teased the Alabhama slam throughout and built a story well. It’s good to see Holly still has it and can hang with the best.

Throughout the best of there had been a storyline running that must have ran throughout 2016. It started with Jimmy Havoc announcing his injury and being appointed GM and throughout he was booking the champion, Wild Boar, in tougher and tougher matches. After this match he came out and announced himself as the next challenger and hit Boar with the Acid Rainmaker

Jimmy Havoc vs Wild Boar

These two are both awesome and the way this was clearly the culmination of a long storyline. I was invested and excited before it started. This was a great match, probably my favourite on the show, and the finish left me wanting to see what happens next. It was brutal, it built the story well and left it open and included some genuine moments where my jaw dropped.

General thoughts:

  • I very much enjoyed the whole package. I thought there were some great matches and the storyline involving Havoc and Boar was excellent.
  • I was left wondering a bit about the Chaos roster. Every match except the last included a big name north American import. This left me wondering why. Does every match in Chaos have one? Is the roster weak, and as such it’s only the matches the imports have that are deemed the best? Or is it that those producing the DVD think that those not familiar with Chaos will buy into it more if they are seeing faces they recognise? Given that my favourite match was the one that didn’t include an import and it doesn’t look big enough to pay for 7 imports a show I suspect it’s the latter.
  • It was good to see a couple of new wrestlers, but I’d have liked to see more. There were a number of guys involved in interfering in the last match that I didn’t know, I’d like to see them wrestle. 
  • On the whole I don’t think a lack of commentary was detrimental to the matches, but I think 1 or 2 of them may have benefitted.
  • Chaos is definitely a promotion worth watching.

wXw London 

I’ve been meaning to watch this fr a while. The card included a lot of wrestlers I’m familiar with and who I love. wXw is a promotion I have seen a bit of and enjoyed and this event included some grateful UK vs Germany match ups.

A4 vs London Riots

The crowd seemed to included a number of Germans as well as a lot of Brits. This meant that both teams had a lot of support and we had a vs vibe, rather than a traditional face heel dynamic. 

The riots are am incredible tag team and this match was superb. I’d not seen A4 before but I certainly hope to see more of them! There was great matt wrestling, big power moves and am incredible atmosphere aided by the fact that the crowd were right up to the ring.

Jody Fleish vs Tavis Banks

Jody was one of my favourite indy wrestlers about 10-15 years ago, but it’s been a long time since I’ve seen him wrestle.  Tracks banks is one of the best independent wrestlers in th UK today so this was a match up I was excited by.

Jody is still in incredible shape and has not lost a step as far as athletic ability and speed are concerned. The styles of these two worked really well together and Travis put in some great heel work to tie the match together. I definitely enjoyed this one.

Robert Dressiker vs Bad Bones John Klinger

I’might not massively familiar with these two. I saw Bad Bones challenge Rampage Brown for the PROGRESS atlas title, but that’s all I’ve seen of either guy. This was two big guys going hell for leather. Some great feats of strength and much more athleticism than you expect from guys this size. Good match.

Jurn Simmons vs Walter

I was glad that wXw don’t bother showing all 78 hours of Jurn’s entrance! I thought Walter giving an angry sounding promo in German before the match was cool and got some real heat. I would love to know what he actually said!

This was a solid match from two big guys who can really wrestle. Definitely enjoyable and it’s quite impressive to see a guy the size of Hurn hit a moonsault!

Da Mack vs Chris Brooks

Da Mack impressed me in the WWE cWc, but I’ve not seen much else of his. Chris Brookes is someone I first saw wrestle for Southoe last year and he impresses me a little more every time I see him. This was a superb match between two phenomenally talented young men. They worked a great match that allowed both guys to get their character across and to show how good they are in the ring.

Jinny and Alpha Female vs Tony Storm and Melanie Gray

Jinny and Toni are two amazing wrestlers I’ve seen many times, the other two.I was unfamiliar but they certainly looked impressive in this match. It was a great match showcasing the abilities of all 4 ladies.

Axel Deiter Jr vs Mary Scurll 

Genuinely two of the best wrestlers in the world today, and two who feuds last year so know each other very well. This match was awesome. Both guys were at the top of their game throughout. They told a great story and showed their prowess at a variety of styles. The crowd were massively behind Marty, as is the case everywhere these days, as the most gradual of face turns continues.

I’ve seen the odd wXw event and thoroughly enjoyed them, so I intend to watch more going forward. There is some really talented guys involved in it. I also hope to get to go back and watch the feud Marty and Axel had last year. This was a great show, I’d thoroughly recommend it.

CZW 18th Anniversary 

The show started with an emotional and fitting tribute to CZW superfan Kevin Hogan.

Shane Strickland vs Jake Crist 

I’ve seen quite a bit of Shane Strickland in the UK indies and he always impresses, Jake Crist is someone I’ve not seen much of, but who I have enjoyed the little I’ve seen. This was a solid match and a great way to start the show. Both wrestlers took the opportunity to showcase their skills and the styles meshed well together.

Tim Donst vs Tony Deppen 

Tim Donst I’ve seen once before and he impressed me, this was a cool squash match that lasted 2 seconds, so wasn’t as good overall!

Greg Excellent and Chrissy Rivera vs Homicide and Mercedes Martinez

I’ve not seen Homicide wrestle in years but I’ve never seen a bad match of his. The other 3 wrestlers are folks I’ve seen maybe once or twice so are unknown quantities really. This was a decent match that told a good story and I enjoyed it. I’m glad to see Homicide is still going strong.

Dave Crist vs Rickey Shane Page

Dave Crist is a wrestler who I love, his in ring ability is amazing and he’s a great heel. Page is someone I’ve only seen once, but that match was at the last CZW event and was incredible. This match was a superb match, that seemed to elevate both, the only criticism I could possibly have is that I didn’t want it to end and so wish it had been longer!

Maxwell Jacob Feinstien vs Billy Danvers

Storm of Entrails came out and destroyed Billy while MJF hid under the ring and then came out and covered for the win. Interesting segment that seemed to be building Storm of Entrails, who returned postman check to continue the beatdown, for Tournament of Death.

David Starr vs Matt Riddle

This match was for both the PROGRESS Atlas title and the wXw Shotgun title and was between two wrestlers I’ve seen a fair bit of but have yet to see either have a match I didn’t love. This match was no different. Awesome from start to finish showing both guys matt skills and striking skills. Some incredible storytelling and a piledriver from a referee! Riddle starter as a face in a face vs face dynamic but left as a clear CZW heel (although one the CZW faithful certainly want to come back!)

Shigeiro Irie vs Joe Gacy 

Gacy is quite a talent, and Irie definitely proved a worth opponent in what was a great title match from two guys I definitely want to see more of. It seemed odd that it wasn’t the main event, given that it was for the top title, but left me thinking they must have something grand planned!

EYFBO vs Scarlett and Gravesend

Scarlett and Graves are one of my favourite tag teams so I was excited to see them defend their titles.

Oh. My. Word. What a match! EYFBO, it turns out, are every bit as talented as Scarlett and Graves and this match was incredible. It had some great high flying antics, great power moves, fantastic striking and some great grappling. There was also some excellent tag team work, bit in terms of double teaming and splitting the ring, and there was a great narrative built around an ongoing story and some great heel work. The aftermath with the dub boys built the tag title picture further.

Joey Janela cs Stockade 

This match was incredible. It furthered a storyline well, had some great chain wrestling,  some massive high spots and some really brutal weapon stuff. My mouth was hung wide open for most of the match. These two put it all on the line but within a context that felt like it needed to be this way. The weapons and the spots were there for a reason. This match was incredible.

Danny Havoc and Connor Claxton vs Notorious Inc

This match was a ridiculously brutal hardcore match that used everything you could possibly think of as a weapon. It was innovative and full of Holy Shit moments. This really was true to the original ethos of CZW and I feel it is more effective now than in the early days as not all the matches are like this. If you are into this kind of wrestling then you would love this match.

Tidal – Wipeout 2017

This was an incredibly stacked card and was in Leeds so a local event. I was excited.

The show opened with the strains of AFI and Jimmy Havoc made his way to the ring. He was due to fight HT Drake in the main event but had picked up an injury to his collar bone and couldn’t wrestle. It was a shame as I had been looking forward to the match, but the card was still great and I hoped for his sake it wasn’t a long term injury.

Dan Evans vs Ace Matthews

The opening match pitted a memsbr of the service against a member of go team sports. It was a great match to open the show. Luckily the service have got Dan Ecans in now that Dan James has left so all tge wind up chants based on the name Dan still worked. Referee John Myers played his part in this match that I very much enjoyed.

Lana Austin vs Lizzy styles

It seems tgat every wrestling event i go to has a womens match at number 2. This pitted Lana Austin, who is one of my favourite wrestlers, against Lizzie Styles, who is pretty damn good too. It was another great match with some brutal moves. There waa a good ref spot at start which was a clever play on Lana’s normal ref spot that ended with Lizzie getting involved. The match flowed.well, told a story and showed how great both wrestlers are. Lana put in some great heel work to generate some heat. There were a few idiotic fans who cheered Lana despite the great heel work and started randomly abusing Lizzie for no real reason other than she was telling face. I thought the wrestlers handled them well.

CJ Banks vs Joseph Conners

Two great wrestlers puthe on an awesome match next. Conners didn’t really wrestle as a heel as tgw crowd cheered both and we got a face fave dynamic. Interesting end with the service coming out and having a go at Joe for shaking hands at the end.

Eddie Dennis vs Rampage Brown

Strangely, for the secind show ina row the title matcg was not the main eveng. Ive long since thught that a great wrestling show need to have comedy, brutal power moves, some high flying work and aome hreat story telling. This match alone all!

When Eddie cane out a fan shouted “your gonna get your head kicked in!” He said “no I’m not”, but then when Rampage arrived he looked back at the fan and said, “maybe I am”. When Rampage asked if he wanted another go at coming off the ropes to try nock him down he replied “I don’t know of I do to be honest”, and then he slapped Rampage and said “you maybe big, but I’m a luchador”, and pulled out a luchador mask. He was his usual high flying self and Rampage was his usual brutal self. Rampage removed the mask and put it on, and it was obvious a powerful mask as Rampage Mysterio hit a perfect 360 senton over the ropes onto Dennis. It was an awesome match and I hope to see them fight again.

Dara Diabolo vs White Tiger

This wqs an immense match. Great heel work from Dara,  the newest member of the service, who was taking on the debuting White Tiger. Tiger flew round the ring like nobody’s business and both guys looked great.

El Ligero vs Sean Only

This match started with a pre match beat down by the service on Ligero. He was saved by a group of folk lead by Seb Carter and the ref tried to call the match off as Ligero was in no fit state. Sean only threatened legal action and it started with Ligero still out cold. He rallied and tried to make a comeback but kept geting beaten down. They told a great story and Ligero manager to over come the odds and pick up a win. 

London Riots vs New Nation

I saw these two teams go at it in Sheffield in December for PROGRESS, It was awesome then, but even better tonight. Last time they opened but this time they had a much more prominent place on the card. I love that they have been feuding across a large number of promotions and I could genuinely watch them feud forever. 

This match started with the slightly weird fact that the crowd seemed unsure who to back. The New Nation had been heels up to now and play that part really well. But they are northerners and TCW mainstays taking on the visiting team of the London Riots. This meant the dynamic was strage for the first ten minutes or so. Then the riots took out primate with a cricket bat and chairs cementing themselves in a heel role. Primate was takes away and the match called a disqualification. Alex Henry then cut a promo stating that he would take the southerners on himself and the match restarted. Henrybput in a great showing and primate eventually returned. This was a very enjoyable match all round. I’d love to see the feud continue. 

HT Drake vs Amir Jordan

Amir Jordan was Jimmy Havoc’s hand picked replacement and these two were putting on a good matchoice that involved comedy, big hits and plenty of flips. The the service came out to put a beat down on Drake. Jimmy Havoc arrived for the save, but then he took a chair to Drake,  then Jordan. He called for a mic and revealed himself as the mystery backer who has been funding the service this whole time and how they were now ready to run roughshod over Tidal and take all the titles. 

All in all I thought this was the best of the Tidal shows I’ve seen. The match quality was great and the story’s worked well. Bringing Jimmy Havoc in as the leader of the service is extremely exciting. I look forward to seeing where this all leads in April, and I look forward to Jimmy finally making his in ring debut when he has recovered from his injury.

WRW Podcast – Chapter 2

This week @Chimerarouge and I sat down and recorded the second chapter of our podcast. It had been 6 weeks so we had an lot to talk about.

You can listen on soundcloud here and castbox here.


WWE (From start)

  • WWE UK Championship
  • NXT Takeover: San Antony
  • Royal Rumble
  • Elimination Chamber

New Japan (30 mins)

  • Wrestle Kingdom 11
  • Fantastic Mania
  • New Beginnings

PROGRESS (45 mins)

  • Chapter 41 – Unboxing Live 
  • Chapter 42 – Life, the universe and wrestling
  • Chapter 43 – Tropic Thunderbastard

RevPro (1 hour)

  • Live at the cockpit 12
  • High Stakes
  • Live at the Cockpit 13

RISE at the Brude (1 hour 20 mins)

wXw, CZW, WoS, WCPW, Dominant 5* (1 hour 30 mins)

Other wrestling podcasts, listener questions – who are our favourite Yorkshire wrestlers? Will be be over in other local promotions? And top 3 moments and matches. (1 hour 45 mins)

We enjoyed this one, if you did too we’d love you to get I touch.

Live at cockpit 13

Dan Magee vs Zack Gibson 

Zack is a favourite of mine, and the hottest heel in the business. This means that we had a phenomenal way to start the show! Magee is a solid performer who I’ve been impressed by before. Both guys put on a good match which Zack dominated. 

Gideon Gray vs Timothy Thatcher

Gray is a decent wrestler and Thatcher is current Evolve champion. This was an excellent technical match that I very much enjoyed. Gideon surprised me how well he managed to go toe to toe with Thatcher, who like the rest of Ringkampf impresses me more and more each time I see him.

Chapman and Wall vs London Riots

I’m not familiar with Chapman and Wall, but I don’t remember ever seeing the riots have a bad match so I was still expecting a great match. Chapman and Wall are 2 young kids who started like rockets and briefly had the upper hand before the riots took controlled and showed why they are so well respected. I’m tipping the Riots to be in NXT by the end of the year, and on this showing I think Chapman and Wall both have bright futures.

Marty Scurll vs Luke Phoenix 

This was an amazing match. Marty has long since been a favourite of mine and Luke is someone that I can see becoming a favourite of mine! I’d not seen him before but I hope to see much more from him. The commentators said he’d been away 8 years, I’m very glad he returned. The match had comedy spots, great technical work, great submission work.and everything else you can imagine tied toget her with a good narrative. Top match.

Travis Banks vs Ryan Smile

I’ve been watching Banks for a while now and he seems to have great matches wherever he is and whoever he is with. Whether it be teaming with Brookes or Cooper or Dunne or anyone else or even on his own he’s class. I’ve not seen that much of Smile, but what I have seen has been excellent. This match was another great match from them, both guys showing what they are capable of. Very enjoyable.

Eddie Dennis vs Dave Mastiff

I love both these guys. Both are big and powerful but they do have quite a contrast in styles so I was looking forward to it. It was a good match with some brutal moves. Including the most brutal double stomp from Mastiff. Mastiff does some aerial things that guys half his size should really struggle to pull off. The styles meshed well and I enjoyed this meeting. I’m looking forward to seeing Dennis in the flesh this weekend taking on Rampage Brown.

Oliver Carter vs Josh Bodom

Not seen Carter before, but I enjoy Bodom normally. This was a decent match that furthered Bodom vs Ospreay, a match I can’t wait to see. 

Zack Sabre Jr vs ‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey

Two of the best in the world in a main event I’ve been excited about since it was announced! It was the technical wizardry of Zack vs the ultra quick strong style of Speedball. Zack took some brutal strikes and placed some amazing holds. This was my match of the night and was an excellent finish to an excellent show.

Elimination Chamber

Curt Hawkins vs Mojo Rawley

A solid match from two guys who currently feel like the previous show is the right place for them. I do wish that both could be used a bit more and have their gimmicks tweaked a little. I did enjoy it and hope to see more of both guys in more prominent feuds.

Mickie James vs Becky Lynch

It’s great to see Mickie back and still in amazing shape. It gives us the opportunity to see some dream matches and this is certainly one. This match didn’t disappoint. It was packed with some awesome wrestling and told a great story. The best of the attitude era vs probably the best of the new era. I hope to see this feud continue.

Dolph Ziggler vs Kalisto and Apollo Crews

I love all three of these guys so was looking forward to seeing this. I am enjoying heel Dolph and think this feud could be good for all 3. The match was short but sweet. Gave all 3 a bit of time to shine and finished in a way to not really hurt any of them and the aftermath built on a story well.

Tag team turmoil

The fact we have this match, with all the tag teams in it, shows that they still aren’t exactly sure how to run the division. Although it was good that they all got a chance to shine on this stage. I thought the booking on the whole was pretty good, each team used their own platform well and each match up was about the right length. Overall I enjoyed this. I do worry that the Ascension will never get used as effectively as they did on NXT though.

Nikki Bella vs Natalya 

I have enjoyed this feud. Natalya has always been a great wrestler and Nikki has become a great wrestler since her neck injury and has put in some awesome matches recently. This was another good match,  it told a good story and allowed both ladies to show how well they can wrestle. The ending surprised me as I thought this match would end the feud but if anything this looked to be setting it up for more matches.

Randy Orton vs Luke Harper

Luke Harper has been under utilised in the singles division and I was very much looking forward to this match which gave him a chance at shine against an excellent opponent. The match itself was enjoyable. Both guys going hammer and tong for each other and really laying it on the line. I hope to see a lot more of Harper the singles wrestler.

Alexa Bliss vs Naomi

Two phenomenal women athletes squaring off for the women’s title. They gave us a good match that was very enjoyable to watch. I’m happy for Naomi that she’s finally got a title but I’m disappointed that Alexa didn’t have a longer run. It will be interesting to see where the title picture goes from here.

Elimination Chamber

I have always enjoyed elimination chamber matches and it seems like ages since I’ve seen one. The talent going into this match was phenomenal so I was excited for it. The new chamber structure looked a little odd, but it seemed to have more room above the pods which I guess is a good thing as the lack of space there was probably at least part of the reason RVD landed a knee on HHH larynx all those years ago.

This was a great match. Real innovation throughout. Corbin continues to impress on the main roster and I love the fact that this seems to have set up a feud between him and Ambrose, hopefully for the ic title. I thought they kept the end of days incredibly strong. I found myself over and over in this match seeing 2 guys go at it and think “that would be an awesome match”.

There was some real innovative use of the structure which was brilliant and there were some excellent spots and sequences. This was the match I enjoyed the most.

General thoughts:

It must be difficult to put on a single brand PPV just 2 weeks after a dual brand one. Especially when that is the rumble and a great rumble at that. Smackdown managed a decent show though.

Corbin is massively impressing me recently. Long may his push continue.

I’m looking forward to more Becky vs Mickie, then Mickie vs everyone. I’m also intrigued to see Nikki Nattie continue and conclude.

I’m interested to see what next for the women’s title.

I’m also intrigued to see how Bray Orton plays out.

Silent Nightmare 3: Wreck the halls

I was unable to attend this event, which had a great card and was local to me, so I’ve been waiting excitedly for the dvd to arrive, it has and I’ve finally gotten to see it!

HT Drake vs Lightning Lewis

Solid well paced opening match. HT Drake is class and I am very much looking forward to seeing him take on Jimmy Havoc at Wipeout, as announced after the match. His winning streak has been impressive but it could be his toughest challenge yet. Lightning Lewis was a good opponent who I’d not seen before but I hope to see more of.

Lil Miss Roxy vs Lana Austin vs Ruby Summers

The match was started by the news Champion Violet O’Hara was not cleared to wrestle and had to forfeit the title. This meant the match became a triple threat between 3 amazing wrestlers to crown a new champ.

This was an enjoyable match which gave all three competitors a chance to show their stuff. I’m glad to see Lana take the belt as I think she’s been consistently great for a while and well deserving of a run.

Dara Diablo vs Kyle Ashmore

I’ve not seen much of these two before so didn’t really know what to expect. I was impressed with both guys and enjoyed the match. I hope to see more of both soon

JD Boom vs Jack Sexsmith

I’ve seen a bit I’d Sexsmith before, I genuinely enjoy most of his stuff, although occasionally I feel he goes too far for a cheap laugh. This match had a few of those moments in it. Although there was some good bits intertwined.

The Service & Dan Evans vs Go Team Sports & Gabriel Kidd

David Graves is one of my favourite up and coming wrestlers in the UK, and all 5 of the other guys in this match are excellent too so I was looking forward to this one.

It was a good match. Unsurprisingly David Graves was the stand out competitor but all 6 guys put in solid performances.

Liam Slater vs Bubblegum – TCW Open Championship 

Now we are getting to the business end of the show and the match quality was about to jump up a notch. This was a great match by two superb wrestlers. I very much enjoyed it. The aftermath involving the service was good and I look forward to seeing Slater vs Only if and when it happens.

Rampage Brown vs Dave Mastiff – TCW Championship 

I saw these two go at it in PROGRESS recently an it was awesome so I was hoping for the same from this. It was another great match, although it was, like a few other matches in the card, a tad shorter than I’d have liked.

Main Event: New Nation vs The Proven – TCW Tag Titles

This was a great match between two teams that I love. It’s a shame there was a no rematch clause as I could watch this feud forever. I hope to see a lot more of these 4. I see a big future for both members of the new nation in particular.

General thoughts:

Another solid show from Tidal. There is a lot of strength in depth in the roster. 

It’s a shame Dan James has now retired. I enjoy his matches.

A lot of the matches on this card felt a little short. It may have been better to have a match or two less and let each match go a tad longer, although I can’t think of a match that should have been cut. I imagine extending the length of the show wasn’t an option.

The next TCW show is Wipeout next week, and the card is stacked to the roof! Should be a cracker, it’s at “the church” on leeds and if you are should definitely get there.