CZW Awakening 

David Starr vs Alexander James

I’ve been lucky enough to see David Starr live and as such was excited for this match even though I’d not seen Alexander James wrestle before. The match was phenomenal from the get go with David showing how brilliant he is and Alex showing he is a worthy opponent. Being the opener the match wasn’t that long but they still managed to be brutal, fast paced, back and forth and tell a great story. Great start!

Sean Carr vs Anthony Henry

This was a brutal and fast paced matched in which both competitors went to town on each other. If you love vicious striking and hard hitting moves you will love this match. I do and I did.

Ace Austin vs Jimmy Lloyd

This match started well, but then the storm of entrails came out and destroyed both competitors as they viciously put the whole of CZW on notice.

Tim Dunst vs Tony Deppen

This match was incredible. It started as a real battle of two excellent technical wrestlers then expanded to include some high flying, some big spots and some brutal striking. An excellent mAtcham between two guys I hope to see more of.

Dub Boys vs Scarlett and Graves  (Wentz and Xavier)

Wentz and Xavier are one of my favourite tag teams so I was expecting big things from this match. And I wasn’t disappointed. Built well, told a good story and featured some excellent moves from both teams. 

Dave Crist vs Sami Callihan

These two are wrestlers I’ve seen a fair bit of and both are wrestlers I love. They didn’t disappoint. They went to war, smashing each other all over the combat zone with some real devestating moves and spots. As well of this they did also manage to include some gear high flying and trading technical moves. Towards the end I was wondering how they kept in getting up! But they did and it was great.

Jeff Cannonball vs Mike Del

Mike got some real heat prematch and Jeff seems well over. Jeff produced some real shows of power and Mike some skill in a match that was very short but still enjoyable.

Drew Blood vs Connor Claxton

Firstly, has there ever been a better name for a wrestle in a promotion famous for hardcore matches than “Drew Blood”?! This match was a hardcore match, and given how brutal the rest of the matches are the obviously felt the need to go all out. It was great for what it was, brutal beatings, weapons, blood, barbed wire. If hardcore is your thing, you’d love this match.

Ricky Shane Page vs Joe Gacy

This matched marked the main event of the evening, was for the title and had a big match feel about it. Given the relaxed nature of the rules in CZW championship matches I was expecting an all out hardcore match, and there were some sections outside of the ring that did venture into tips territory. However, the vast majority of the match was really good wrestling and the hardcore elements were used to accentuate the narative, rather than a be the focus of it. This all made for a very enjoyable main event.

General thoughts:

It’s been a while since I’ve watched a full CZW show and I very much enjoyed it. They are known for the hardcore stuff but there are many more levels to their matches and their talent. There are plenty of wrestlers I’ve bot seen before but really hope to see again!

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