Tropic Thunderbastard

London Riots vs Kings of the North

This match has been one I’ve looked forward to since it was announced. I love the Riots, and although I’ve not seen much of the Kings what I have seen has been impressive. This match was great. Big powerful guys literally chucking each other around like they are rag dolls and flying through the air as if they were cruiserweights. Great start to the show.

Chakara vs Laura Di Mattel

I’ve seen a few matches involving each if these young women and they have all been great, so I expected this to be too. It was. Another great match, as all the Natural Progression series 4 matches have been. It was fast paced, brutal at times and full of great wrestling. Definitely looking forward to seeing the two again.

Roy Johnson vs Jurn Simmons

Roy is a solid wrestler who, despite only being a year or two into a pro wrestling career, managed to impress the WWE enough to get a spot in the UK championship tournament. Jurn is someone I’ve never seen, but have heard great things. This was a decent match, Jurn looked impressive and I hope to see more of him, although his entrance was ridiculously long!

SPPT vs Ringkampf

Two great team so this was always going to be a great match. The heel vs heel dynamic seemed strange at first but it held a focus in the narrative of the match. A superb match from two great teams that had awesome power, awesome technical wrestling, awesome high flying and told a great story.


A highly interesting concept. These big multiple person matches are not always my favorite matches to watch.  But I certainly think they hold a place in wrestling and work very well when used sparingly. This one was excellent. Storylines were furthered well, characters developed, and possible feuds and friendships signposted. This was all on top of the great wrestling from all involved. The section at the end which saw MAndrews and Gibson battling was my favourite and I hope to see them go at it many more times. I’d have been happy seeing either of these two as number 1 contender, but I think MAndrews does deserve it. I wonder how he will ay into the BSS storyline though, given that he too has one of the WWE contracts.

Jimmy Havoc vs Pete Dunne

This was, in and of itself, a brilliant match. Starting on the outside with some brutal work. Great heel work from Dunne, the crowd ebbing and flowing exactly where they the wrestlers wanted. Havoc looks incredible since returning from injury and Pete seems to get better match by match. The disqualification ending was well worked to continue the feud.

The aftermath, well it was certainly emotional. Seeing Flash Morgan Webster return was one thing, but when Mark Haskins music hit it went up further. Then when he announced he was cleared to wrestle the roof blew of and there was not a dry eye I the house.

It leaves us in a quandary regarding the no 1 contender. Obviously MAndrews is, as he won the thunderbastard, but them Havoc was cheated out of the shot he won fairly by Trent’s interference. Then Haskins has a claim given that he never actually lost the belt. I’ll be interested to see where it goes, and one thing is guaranteed….. wit thsee 4 involved we are in for some awesome PROGRESS it’ll matches. 

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