Elimination Chamber

Curt Hawkins vs Mojo Rawley

A solid match from two guys who currently feel like the previous show is the right place for them. I do wish that both could be used a bit more and have their gimmicks tweaked a little. I did enjoy it and hope to see more of both guys in more prominent feuds.

Mickie James vs Becky Lynch

It’s great to see Mickie back and still in amazing shape. It gives us the opportunity to see some dream matches and this is certainly one. This match didn’t disappoint. It was packed with some awesome wrestling and told a great story. The best of the attitude era vs probably the best of the new era. I hope to see this feud continue.

Dolph Ziggler vs Kalisto and Apollo Crews

I love all three of these guys so was looking forward to seeing this. I am enjoying heel Dolph and think this feud could be good for all 3. The match was short but sweet. Gave all 3 a bit of time to shine and finished in a way to not really hurt any of them and the aftermath built on a story well.

Tag team turmoil

The fact we have this match, with all the tag teams in it, shows that they still aren’t exactly sure how to run the division. Although it was good that they all got a chance to shine on this stage. I thought the booking on the whole was pretty good, each team used their own platform well and each match up was about the right length. Overall I enjoyed this. I do worry that the Ascension will never get used as effectively as they did on NXT though.

Nikki Bella vs Natalya 

I have enjoyed this feud. Natalya has always been a great wrestler and Nikki has become a great wrestler since her neck injury and has put in some awesome matches recently. This was another good match,  it told a good story and allowed both ladies to show how well they can wrestle. The ending surprised me as I thought this match would end the feud but if anything this looked to be setting it up for more matches.

Randy Orton vs Luke Harper

Luke Harper has been under utilised in the singles division and I was very much looking forward to this match which gave him a chance at shine against an excellent opponent. The match itself was enjoyable. Both guys going hammer and tong for each other and really laying it on the line. I hope to see a lot more of Harper the singles wrestler.

Alexa Bliss vs Naomi

Two phenomenal women athletes squaring off for the women’s title. They gave us a good match that was very enjoyable to watch. I’m happy for Naomi that she’s finally got a title but I’m disappointed that Alexa didn’t have a longer run. It will be interesting to see where the title picture goes from here.

Elimination Chamber

I have always enjoyed elimination chamber matches and it seems like ages since I’ve seen one. The talent going into this match was phenomenal so I was excited for it. The new chamber structure looked a little odd, but it seemed to have more room above the pods which I guess is a good thing as the lack of space there was probably at least part of the reason RVD landed a knee on HHH larynx all those years ago.

This was a great match. Real innovation throughout. Corbin continues to impress on the main roster and I love the fact that this seems to have set up a feud between him and Ambrose, hopefully for the ic title. I thought they kept the end of days incredibly strong. I found myself over and over in this match seeing 2 guys go at it and think “that would be an awesome match”.

There was some real innovative use of the structure which was brilliant and there were some excellent spots and sequences. This was the match I enjoyed the most.

General thoughts:

It must be difficult to put on a single brand PPV just 2 weeks after a dual brand one. Especially when that is the rumble and a great rumble at that. Smackdown managed a decent show though.

Corbin is massively impressing me recently. Long may his push continue.

I’m looking forward to more Becky vs Mickie, then Mickie vs everyone. I’m also intrigued to see Nikki Nattie continue and conclude.

I’m interested to see what next for the women’s title.

I’m also intrigued to see how Bray Orton plays out.

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