Live at cockpit 13

Dan Magee vs Zack Gibson 

Zack is a favourite of mine, and the hottest heel in the business. This means that we had a phenomenal way to start the show! Magee is a solid performer who I’ve been impressed by before. Both guys put on a good match which Zack dominated. 

Gideon Gray vs Timothy Thatcher

Gray is a decent wrestler and Thatcher is current Evolve champion. This was an excellent technical match that I very much enjoyed. Gideon surprised me how well he managed to go toe to toe with Thatcher, who like the rest of Ringkampf impresses me more and more each time I see him.

Chapman and Wall vs London Riots

I’m not familiar with Chapman and Wall, but I don’t remember ever seeing the riots have a bad match so I was still expecting a great match. Chapman and Wall are 2 young kids who started like rockets and briefly had the upper hand before the riots took controlled and showed why they are so well respected. I’m tipping the Riots to be in NXT by the end of the year, and on this showing I think Chapman and Wall both have bright futures.

Marty Scurll vs Luke Phoenix 

This was an amazing match. Marty has long since been a favourite of mine and Luke is someone that I can see becoming a favourite of mine! I’d not seen him before but I hope to see much more from him. The commentators said he’d been away 8 years, I’m very glad he returned. The match had comedy spots, great technical work, great submission work.and everything else you can imagine tied toget her with a good narrative. Top match.

Travis Banks vs Ryan Smile

I’ve been watching Banks for a while now and he seems to have great matches wherever he is and whoever he is with. Whether it be teaming with Brookes or Cooper or Dunne or anyone else or even on his own he’s class. I’ve not seen that much of Smile, but what I have seen has been excellent. This match was another great match from them, both guys showing what they are capable of. Very enjoyable.

Eddie Dennis vs Dave Mastiff

I love both these guys. Both are big and powerful but they do have quite a contrast in styles so I was looking forward to it. It was a good match with some brutal moves. Including the most brutal double stomp from Mastiff. Mastiff does some aerial things that guys half his size should really struggle to pull off. The styles meshed well and I enjoyed this meeting. I’m looking forward to seeing Dennis in the flesh this weekend taking on Rampage Brown.

Oliver Carter vs Josh Bodom

Not seen Carter before, but I enjoy Bodom normally. This was a decent match that furthered Bodom vs Ospreay, a match I can’t wait to see. 

Zack Sabre Jr vs ‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey

Two of the best in the world in a main event I’ve been excited about since it was announced! It was the technical wizardry of Zack vs the ultra quick strong style of Speedball. Zack took some brutal strikes and placed some amazing holds. This was my match of the night and was an excellent finish to an excellent show.

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