Tidal – Wipeout 2017

This was an incredibly stacked card and was in Leeds so a local event. I was excited.

The show opened with the strains of AFI and Jimmy Havoc made his way to the ring. He was due to fight HT Drake in the main event but had picked up an injury to his collar bone and couldn’t wrestle. It was a shame as I had been looking forward to the match, but the card was still great and I hoped for his sake it wasn’t a long term injury.

Dan Evans vs Ace Matthews

The opening match pitted a memsbr of the service against a member of go team sports. It was a great match to open the show. Luckily the service have got Dan Ecans in now that Dan James has left so all tge wind up chants based on the name Dan still worked. Referee John Myers played his part in this match that I very much enjoyed.

Lana Austin vs Lizzy styles

It seems tgat every wrestling event i go to has a womens match at number 2. This pitted Lana Austin, who is one of my favourite wrestlers, against Lizzie Styles, who is pretty damn good too. It was another great match with some brutal moves. There waa a good ref spot at start which was a clever play on Lana’s normal ref spot that ended with Lizzie getting involved. The match flowed.well, told a story and showed how great both wrestlers are. Lana put in some great heel work to generate some heat. There were a few idiotic fans who cheered Lana despite the great heel work and started randomly abusing Lizzie for no real reason other than she was telling face. I thought the wrestlers handled them well.

CJ Banks vs Joseph Conners

Two great wrestlers puthe on an awesome match next. Conners didn’t really wrestle as a heel as tgw crowd cheered both and we got a face fave dynamic. Interesting end with the service coming out and having a go at Joe for shaking hands at the end.

Eddie Dennis vs Rampage Brown

Strangely, for the secind show ina row the title matcg was not the main eveng. Ive long since thught that a great wrestling show need to have comedy, brutal power moves, some high flying work and aome hreat story telling. This match alone had.it all!

When Eddie cane out a fan shouted “your gonna get your head kicked in!” He said “no I’m not”, but then when Rampage arrived he looked back at the fan and said, “maybe I am”. When Rampage asked if he wanted another go at coming off the ropes to try nock him down he replied “I don’t know of I do to be honest”, and then he slapped Rampage and said “you maybe big, but I’m a luchador”, and pulled out a luchador mask. He was his usual high flying self and Rampage was his usual brutal self. Rampage removed the mask and put it on, and it was obvious a powerful mask as Rampage Mysterio hit a perfect 360 senton over the ropes onto Dennis. It was an awesome match and I hope to see them fight again.

Dara Diabolo vs White Tiger

This wqs an immense match. Great heel work from Dara,  the newest member of the service, who was taking on the debuting White Tiger. Tiger flew round the ring like nobody’s business and both guys looked great.

El Ligero vs Sean Only

This match started with a pre match beat down by the service on Ligero. He was saved by a group of folk lead by Seb Carter and the ref tried to call the match off as Ligero was in no fit state. Sean only threatened legal action and it started with Ligero still out cold. He rallied and tried to make a comeback but kept geting beaten down. They told a great story and Ligero manager to over come the odds and pick up a win. 

London Riots vs New Nation

I saw these two teams go at it in Sheffield in December for PROGRESS, It was awesome then, but even better tonight. Last time they opened but this time they had a much more prominent place on the card. I love that they have been feuding across a large number of promotions and I could genuinely watch them feud forever. 

This match started with the slightly weird fact that the crowd seemed unsure who to back. The New Nation had been heels up to now and play that part really well. But they are northerners and TCW mainstays taking on the visiting team of the London Riots. This meant the dynamic was strage for the first ten minutes or so. Then the riots took out primate with a cricket bat and chairs cementing themselves in a heel role. Primate was takes away and the match called a disqualification. Alex Henry then cut a promo stating that he would take the southerners on himself and the match restarted. Henrybput in a great showing and primate eventually returned. This was a very enjoyable match all round. I’d love to see the feud continue. 

HT Drake vs Amir Jordan

Amir Jordan was Jimmy Havoc’s hand picked replacement and these two were putting on a good matchoice that involved comedy, big hits and plenty of flips. The the service came out to put a beat down on Drake. Jimmy Havoc arrived for the save, but then he took a chair to Drake,  then Jordan. He called for a mic and revealed himself as the mystery backer who has been funding the service this whole time and how they were now ready to run roughshod over Tidal and take all the titles. 

All in all I thought this was the best of the Tidal shows I’ve seen. The match quality was great and the story’s worked well. Bringing Jimmy Havoc in as the leader of the service is extremely exciting. I look forward to seeing where this all leads in April, and I look forward to Jimmy finally making his in ring debut when he has recovered from his injury.

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