CZW 18th Anniversary 

The show started with an emotional and fitting tribute to CZW superfan Kevin Hogan.

Shane Strickland vs Jake Crist 

I’ve seen quite a bit of Shane Strickland in the UK indies and he always impresses, Jake Crist is someone I’ve not seen much of, but who I have enjoyed the little I’ve seen. This was a solid match and a great way to start the show. Both wrestlers took the opportunity to showcase their skills and the styles meshed well together.

Tim Donst vs Tony Deppen 

Tim Donst I’ve seen once before and he impressed me, this was a cool squash match that lasted 2 seconds, so wasn’t as good overall!

Greg Excellent and Chrissy Rivera vs Homicide and Mercedes Martinez

I’ve not seen Homicide wrestle in years but I’ve never seen a bad match of his. The other 3 wrestlers are folks I’ve seen maybe once or twice so are unknown quantities really. This was a decent match that told a good story and I enjoyed it. I’m glad to see Homicide is still going strong.

Dave Crist vs Rickey Shane Page

Dave Crist is a wrestler who I love, his in ring ability is amazing and he’s a great heel. Page is someone I’ve only seen once, but that match was at the last CZW event and was incredible. This match was a superb match, that seemed to elevate both, the only criticism I could possibly have is that I didn’t want it to end and so wish it had been longer!

Maxwell Jacob Feinstien vs Billy Danvers

Storm of Entrails came out and destroyed Billy while MJF hid under the ring and then came out and covered for the win. Interesting segment that seemed to be building Storm of Entrails, who returned postman check to continue the beatdown, for Tournament of Death.

David Starr vs Matt Riddle

This match was for both the PROGRESS Atlas title and the wXw Shotgun title and was between two wrestlers I’ve seen a fair bit of but have yet to see either have a match I didn’t love. This match was no different. Awesome from start to finish showing both guys matt skills and striking skills. Some incredible storytelling and a piledriver from a referee! Riddle starter as a face in a face vs face dynamic but left as a clear CZW heel (although one the CZW faithful certainly want to come back!)

Shigeiro Irie vs Joe Gacy 

Gacy is quite a talent, and Irie definitely proved a worth opponent in what was a great title match from two guys I definitely want to see more of. It seemed odd that it wasn’t the main event, given that it was for the top title, but left me thinking they must have something grand planned!

EYFBO vs Scarlett and Gravesend

Scarlett and Graves are one of my favourite tag teams so I was excited to see them defend their titles.

Oh. My. Word. What a match! EYFBO, it turns out, are every bit as talented as Scarlett and Graves and this match was incredible. It had some great high flying antics, great power moves, fantastic striking and some great grappling. There was also some excellent tag team work, bit in terms of double teaming and splitting the ring, and there was a great narrative built around an ongoing story and some great heel work. The aftermath with the dub boys built the tag title picture further.

Joey Janela cs Stockade 

This match was incredible. It furthered a storyline well, had some great chain wrestling,  some massive high spots and some really brutal weapon stuff. My mouth was hung wide open for most of the match. These two put it all on the line but within a context that felt like it needed to be this way. The weapons and the spots were there for a reason. This match was incredible.

Danny Havoc and Connor Claxton vs Notorious Inc

This match was a ridiculously brutal hardcore match that used everything you could possibly think of as a weapon. It was innovative and full of Holy Shit moments. This really was true to the original ethos of CZW and I feel it is more effective now than in the early days as not all the matches are like this. If you are into this kind of wrestling then you would love this match.

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