wXw London 

I’ve been meaning to watch this fr a while. The card included a lot of wrestlers I’m familiar with and who I love. wXw is a promotion I have seen a bit of and enjoyed and this event included some grateful UK vs Germany match ups.

A4 vs London Riots

The crowd seemed to included a number of Germans as well as a lot of Brits. This meant that both teams had a lot of support and we had a vs vibe, rather than a traditional face heel dynamic. 

The riots are am incredible tag team and this match was superb. I’d not seen A4 before but I certainly hope to see more of them! There was great matt wrestling, big power moves and am incredible atmosphere aided by the fact that the crowd were right up to the ring.

Jody Fleish vs Tavis Banks

Jody was one of my favourite indy wrestlers about 10-15 years ago, but it’s been a long time since I’ve seen him wrestle.  Tracks banks is one of the best independent wrestlers in th UK today so this was a match up I was excited by.

Jody is still in incredible shape and has not lost a step as far as athletic ability and speed are concerned. The styles of these two worked really well together and Travis put in some great heel work to tie the match together. I definitely enjoyed this one.

Robert Dressiker vs Bad Bones John Klinger

I’might not massively familiar with these two. I saw Bad Bones challenge Rampage Brown for the PROGRESS atlas title, but that’s all I’ve seen of either guy. This was two big guys going hell for leather. Some great feats of strength and much more athleticism than you expect from guys this size. Good match.

Jurn Simmons vs Walter

I was glad that wXw don’t bother showing all 78 hours of Jurn’s entrance! I thought Walter giving an angry sounding promo in German before the match was cool and got some real heat. I would love to know what he actually said!

This was a solid match from two big guys who can really wrestle. Definitely enjoyable and it’s quite impressive to see a guy the size of Hurn hit a moonsault!

Da Mack vs Chris Brooks

Da Mack impressed me in the WWE cWc, but I’ve not seen much else of his. Chris Brookes is someone I first saw wrestle for Southoe last year and he impresses me a little more every time I see him. This was a superb match between two phenomenally talented young men. They worked a great match that allowed both guys to get their character across and to show how good they are in the ring.

Jinny and Alpha Female vs Tony Storm and Melanie Gray

Jinny and Toni are two amazing wrestlers I’ve seen many times, the other two.I was unfamiliar but they certainly looked impressive in this match. It was a great match showcasing the abilities of all 4 ladies.

Axel Deiter Jr vs Mary Scurll 

Genuinely two of the best wrestlers in the world today, and two who feuds last year so know each other very well. This match was awesome. Both guys were at the top of their game throughout. They told a great story and showed their prowess at a variety of styles. The crowd were massively behind Marty, as is the case everywhere these days, as the most gradual of face turns continues.

I’ve seen the odd wXw event and thoroughly enjoyed them, so I intend to watch more going forward. There is some really talented guys involved in it. I also hope to get to go back and watch the feud Marty and Axel had last year. This was a great show, I’d thoroughly recommend it.

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