Pro Wrestling Chaos – Best of 2016

Pro Wrestling Chaos is a promotion I’ve heard a lot of good things about but never actually seen anything by, so I was excited that they had sent me some free content in this month’s wrestlecrate. 

Alex Steele vs Colt Cabana

It seemed that the idea behind this show was that the matches were selected at random using a chaos generator. That was quite a cool gimmick for an event. I wasn’t familiar with Alex Steele, but I’ve been a huge Colt Cabana fan since the early days of ROH so this match was one of expected to enjoy.

And enjoy it I did, it was typical of a Cabana match. Lots of light hearted comedy and lots of technical wrestling. Very good start. 

Johnny Gargano vs The Wild Boar

Another from the chaos generator. I won’t lie, I was genuinely shocked that Gargano came out. It looks to be the same show as Cabana and it didn’t look a big enough event to have two American imports on it. Wild boar is also a big name so this match was full of promise.

This was, as one might expect, a tad faster and more serious than the previous match. It was no less enjoyable and allowed both guys to show why they are so well respected in the business.

Will Ospreay, Paul Robinson and Mark Andrews vs El Ligero, Martin Kirby and Shane Strickland

These 6 guys are all wrestlers I’ve seen a number of times and enjoy their matches so this was quite and exciting prospect. The match delivered. Fast paced, plenty of high spots and lots of impressive double team moves. Was interesting to see Robinson show off a more high flying side of his repertoire than I’ve seen elsewhere, and also good to see him put some good heel work in despite all 5 others in the match wrestling blue eye.

Eddie Dennis vs Chris Hero

I love Eddie Dennis, and it was interesting to see him come.out with a serious look in his eye, rather  than dancing. Chris Hero is one of the best wrestlers in the world, so this match was always going to be amazing. They put on a great match that had plenty of power, a touch of comedy and a great narrative.

Sami Callihan vs Wild Boar

Sami is a talent who never fails to impress,  and Wild Boar is solid performer. This match was great. These two beat the hell out if each other in a brutal war. Both looked great and I’d watch these two go at it again any day.1

Danny Jones vs Aldo Rose

Obviously I’m familiar with Rose from his time in WWE. I’d never seen Jones before so it was good to see a new name. The match was decent, and I quite enjoyed it.

Hardcore Holly vs Wild Boar

Hardcore Holly is a favourite of mine and the Alabhama Slam is a favourite move of mine so I was hoping to see it! The match was good. It teased the Alabhama slam throughout and built a story well. It’s good to see Holly still has it and can hang with the best.

Throughout the best of there had been a storyline running that must have ran throughout 2016. It started with Jimmy Havoc announcing his injury and being appointed GM and throughout he was booking the champion, Wild Boar, in tougher and tougher matches. After this match he came out and announced himself as the next challenger and hit Boar with the Acid Rainmaker

Jimmy Havoc vs Wild Boar

These two are both awesome and the way this was clearly the culmination of a long storyline. I was invested and excited before it started. This was a great match, probably my favourite on the show, and the finish left me wanting to see what happens next. It was brutal, it built the story well and left it open and included some genuine moments where my jaw dropped.

General thoughts:

  • I very much enjoyed the whole package. I thought there were some great matches and the storyline involving Havoc and Boar was excellent.
  • I was left wondering a bit about the Chaos roster. Every match except the last included a big name north American import. This left me wondering why. Does every match in Chaos have one? Is the roster weak, and as such it’s only the matches the imports have that are deemed the best? Or is it that those producing the DVD think that those not familiar with Chaos will buy into it more if they are seeing faces they recognise? Given that my favourite match was the one that didn’t include an import and it doesn’t look big enough to pay for 7 imports a show I suspect it’s the latter.
  • It was good to see a couple of new wrestlers, but I’d have liked to see more. There were a number of guys involved in interfering in the last match that I didn’t know, I’d like to see them wrestle. 
  • On the whole I don’t think a lack of commentary was detrimental to the matches, but I think 1 or 2 of them may have benefitted.
  • Chaos is definitely a promotion worth watching.

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