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Tropic Thunderbastard

London Riots vs Kings of the North

This match has been one I’ve looked forward to since it was announced. I love the Riots, and although I’ve not seen much of the Kings what I have seen has been impressive. This match was great. Big powerful guys literally chucking each other around like they are rag dolls and flying through the air as if they were cruiserweights. Great start to the show.

Chakara vs Laura Di Mattel

I’ve seen a few matches involving each if these young women and they have all been great, so I expected this to be too. It was. Another great match, as all the Natural Progression series 4 matches have been. It was fast paced, brutal at times and full of great wrestling. Definitely looking forward to seeing the two again.

Roy Johnson vs Jurn Simmons

Roy is a solid wrestler who, despite only being a year or two into a pro wrestling career, managed to impress the WWE enough to get a spot in the UK championship tournament. Jurn is someone I’ve never seen, but have heard great things. This was a decent match, Jurn looked impressive and I hope to see more of him, although his entrance was ridiculously long!

SPPT vs Ringkampf

Two great team so this was always going to be a great match. The heel vs heel dynamic seemed strange at first but it held a focus in the narrative of the match. A superb match from two great teams that had awesome power, awesome technical wrestling, awesome high flying and told a great story.


A highly interesting concept. These big multiple person matches are not always my favorite matches to watch.  But I certainly think they hold a place in wrestling and work very well when used sparingly. This one was excellent. Storylines were furthered well, characters developed, and possible feuds and friendships signposted. This was all on top of the great wrestling from all involved. The section at the end which saw MAndrews and Gibson battling was my favourite and I hope to see them go at it many more times. I’d have been happy seeing either of these two as number 1 contender, but I think MAndrews does deserve it. I wonder how he will ay into the BSS storyline though, given that he too has one of the WWE contracts.

Jimmy Havoc vs Pete Dunne

This was, in and of itself, a brilliant match. Starting on the outside with some brutal work. Great heel work from Dunne, the crowd ebbing and flowing exactly where they the wrestlers wanted. Havoc looks incredible since returning from injury and Pete seems to get better match by match. The disqualification ending was well worked to continue the feud.

The aftermath, well it was certainly emotional. Seeing Flash Morgan Webster return was one thing, but when Mark Haskins music hit it went up further. Then when he announced he was cleared to wrestle the roof blew of and there was not a dry eye I the house.

It leaves us in a quandary regarding the no 1 contender. Obviously MAndrews is, as he won the thunderbastard, but them Havoc was cheated out of the shot he won fairly by Trent’s interference. Then Haskins has a claim given that he never actually lost the belt. I’ll be interested to see where it goes, and one thing is guaranteed….. wit thsee 4 involved we are in for some awesome PROGRESS it’ll matches. 

January 2017

What a month January 2017 has been in the world of Pro-Wrestling. It’s been amazing throughout. New Japan kicked it off with Wrestlekingdom which was phenomenonal and included 4 of the best matches you’ll ever see back to back to close the show. But then the rest of the world followed their lead and show after show, match after match, we’ve seen some amazing things.

This post isn’t going to be a comprehensive write up of the month, although if thats what you want my podcast cohost @ChimeraRouge has done that here. I’m going to run down my top 5 matches. And I’m going to follow that up with a list of all the matches I’ve loved, do check them out if you haven’t seen them. I feel I should mention here that I haven’t seen everything, so if you loved a match, or an event, that took place in January 2017 and it isn’t listed please let me know and I will endeavour to check it out. There are still a couple of things I may add to this list without prompting,as I do hope to watch WXW London, NJPW Fantastic Maina and Smash wrestling’s latest offering.

5. Marty Scurll, Pete Dunne and Travis Banks vs Will Ospreay, Ryan Smile and Shane Strickland 

This match was really something special. 6 phenomenally talented guys who had amazing years in 2016 going at it, hell for leather. There were some awesome spots,  some fantastic bits of technical wrestling, some great double and triple teams and some excellent comedy – Scurll and Co selling T Shirts at ringside during the match springs to mind!

4. Shinsuke Nakamura vs Bobby Roode – NXT Takeover: San Antonio

This match was incredible. Bobby Roode is a master or ring psychology and storytelling and this match was a clinic in it. Both wrestlers are amazing and I think this was, from a purely storytelling point of view, the best I’ve seen in years. I look forward to seeing more of Bobby Roode at the top of the NXT card.

3. John Cena vs AJ Styles – WWE Royal Rumble

I feel that this match was booked in response to the amazing matches at Wrestle Kingdom. It felt like it should have been saved for mania, to be honest, but that didn’t matter too much. It was still an incredible, incredible match. It had everything and it was something special. The best WWE main roster match, probably since Cena Punk at MITB 2011, in my view. 

2. Okada vs Omega – New Japan Wrestle Kingdom

The match that had the whole world talking. Dave Meltzer called it the beat match in professional wrestling history and gave it six stars. It was incredible from finish. It built well, it included amazing sections covering pretty much every style you can imagnetic and had a great nara time throughout. It inspired me to spend an entire day watching previous Okada matches. I didn’t think I’d see a match anywhere near as good as this for ages. 

But then….

1. Marty Scurll vs Zack Sabre Jr – RevPro High Stakes

This match was incredible and blew me away entirely. I’ve followed both guys for a while and seen them wrestle with and against each other many times. Knowing a bit about that history and seeing it play out in the ring was incredible. My friend called it “the best British wrestlingarch ever”, I’m inclined to think that that under sells it a bit. Incredible match and I don’t remember ever seeing one that I enjoyed more.

It is worth noting that Pete Dunne has in fact been in the highest number (4) of matches this month that I have felt the need to put on the list Marty Scurll appears 3 times and ZSJ, Shibata, MAndrews and Matt Riddle all appear twice in singles matches (Marty appears 4 and MAndrews appears 3 times if you count the Thunderbastard!). Also, the London Riots appear twice. What a great month of matches.

The full list of matches I’ve massively enjoyed in January 2017

  • Slater vs Muscle cat – RISE BRUDENELL
  • 12 man Rumble – RISE BRUDENELL
  • Kushida vs Takahashi WK11
  • Shibata vs Goto WK11
  • Naito vs Tanahashi WK11
  • Okada vs Omega WK11
  • Conners vs MAndrews WWEUKCT
  • MAndrews vs Dunne WWEUKCT
  • Bate Vs Dunne WWEUKCT
  • End vs Neville WWEUKCT
  • Gallows and Anderson vs Sheamus and Cesaro  – RAW 16.01.17
  • Spud vs Paul Robinson – PROGRESS 42
  • Rampage vs Riddle – PROGRESS 42
  • Pete Dunne vs Yoshi Hashi – High Stakes
  • ZSJ vs Marty Scurll – High Stakes
  • Shibata vs Riddle – High Stakes
  • Seth vs Sami – Raw 23.01.17
  • Scurll, Dunne and Banks vs Ospreay, Strickland and Smile –Live at cockpit 12
  • ZSJ vs RJ Singh – Live at cockpit 12
  • Nakamura vs Roode Takeover San Antonio
  • DIY vs Authors of Pain – Takeover San Antonio
  • Owens vs Reigns – Royal Rumble
  • AJ vs Cena – Royal Rumble
  • Rumble Match – Royal Rumble
  • Morrison vs Mysterio – Dominant Dundee
  • Sean Carr vs Anthony Henry – CZW Awakening
  • Dave Crist vs Sami Callihan – CZW Awakening
  • Tim Dunst vs Tony Deppen – CZW Awakening
  • Ricky Shane Page vs Joe Gacy – CZW Awakening
  • Thunderbastard Match – PROGRESS 43
  • London Riots vs Kings of the North – PROGRESS 43
  • SPPT vs Ringkampf – PROGRESS 43
  • Mystico vs Euforia – Fantastic Mania 
  • Axel Deiter Jr vs Marty Scurll – wXw London Calling 
  • London Riots vs A4 – wXw London Calling

CZW Awakening 

David Starr vs Alexander James

I’ve been lucky enough to see David Starr live and as such was excited for this match even though I’d not seen Alexander James wrestle before. The match was phenomenal from the get go with David showing how brilliant he is and Alex showing he is a worthy opponent. Being the opener the match wasn’t that long but they still managed to be brutal, fast paced, back and forth and tell a great story. Great start!

Sean Carr vs Anthony Henry

This was a brutal and fast paced matched in which both competitors went to town on each other. If you love vicious striking and hard hitting moves you will love this match. I do and I did.

Ace Austin vs Jimmy Lloyd

This match started well, but then the storm of entrails came out and destroyed both competitors as they viciously put the whole of CZW on notice.

Tim Dunst vs Tony Deppen

This match was incredible. It started as a real battle of two excellent technical wrestlers then expanded to include some high flying, some big spots and some brutal striking. An excellent mAtcham between two guys I hope to see more of.

Dub Boys vs Scarlett and Graves  (Wentz and Xavier)

Wentz and Xavier are one of my favourite tag teams so I was expecting big things from this match. And I wasn’t disappointed. Built well, told a good story and featured some excellent moves from both teams. 

Dave Crist vs Sami Callihan

These two are wrestlers I’ve seen a fair bit of and both are wrestlers I love. They didn’t disappoint. They went to war, smashing each other all over the combat zone with some real devestating moves and spots. As well of this they did also manage to include some gear high flying and trading technical moves. Towards the end I was wondering how they kept in getting up! But they did and it was great.

Jeff Cannonball vs Mike Del

Mike got some real heat prematch and Jeff seems well over. Jeff produced some real shows of power and Mike some skill in a match that was very short but still enjoyable.

Drew Blood vs Connor Claxton

Firstly, has there ever been a better name for a wrestle in a promotion famous for hardcore matches than “Drew Blood”?! This match was a hardcore match, and given how brutal the rest of the matches are the obviously felt the need to go all out. It was great for what it was, brutal beatings, weapons, blood, barbed wire. If hardcore is your thing, you’d love this match.

Ricky Shane Page vs Joe Gacy

This matched marked the main event of the evening, was for the title and had a big match feel about it. Given the relaxed nature of the rules in CZW championship matches I was expecting an all out hardcore match, and there were some sections outside of the ring that did venture into tips territory. However, the vast majority of the match was really good wrestling and the hardcore elements were used to accentuate the narative, rather than a be the focus of it. This all made for a very enjoyable main event.

General thoughts:

It’s been a while since I’ve watched a full CZW show and I very much enjoyed it. They are known for the hardcore stuff but there are many more levels to their matches and their talent. There are plenty of wrestlers I’ve bot seen before but really hope to see again!