PROGRESS 44 Old man yells at cloud

James Drake vs Damon Moser

Drake is always impressive, and Moser has steadily grown into.a really good wrestler. I don’t think either have been at PROGRESS for a while so it was an interesting one. This match started with a massive amur of intensity and didn’t last long. Enjoyable nonetheless.

Session Moth Martina vs Dhalia Black

I’m a fan of Dhalia, and I’ve heard a lot of good things about Martina although I haven’t seen her before, so I was looking forward to it. It was a good solid match, plenty of comedy and some great wrestling. I look forward to seeing more of them.

Jordan Devlin vs Travis Banks

Banks is awesome. And I’ve heard a lot of good about Devlin but I didn’t think he looked that good in the WWE UK tournament. It seemed odd that the crowd got behind Travis, given his recent heel work, but I guess the PROGRESS crowd appreciate an amazing talent. Interestingly when TK and Dhalia arrived the boos returned. This match was great. Devlin looked good and Banks is quickly becoming one of my favourite ever wrestlers.

Pastor Bill Eaver vs Sebastian 

A bonus match that was not on the bill. I’ve enjoyed this storyline and this match was a good next phase. It told a good story and was massively brutal in parts. It felt like the culmination of a feud,  but if it isn’t I’d gladly see them fight again. A very interesting part was a potential face turn mid match from referee Chris Roberts!

MAndrews vs Shane Strickland 

Two of the best high flyers in the business, this match was always going to be incredible. What I didn’t expect was the first 10 minutes to be dominated by some of the best British style mat wrestling around. Both guys showing they are far more than high flyers. As the match progressed we got more of the natural style from both and the match was a very enjoyable wrestling match, for the sake of wrestling. I love the story lines in pro wrestling, and I love a match that tells a story, but I also love matches like this too.

Nathan Cruz vs El Ligero

This was the next stage in a storyline that has been running pretty much since chapter 1. These two fused early, and then formed a stable and are now back feuding. Both are amazing wrestlers, Ligero is a lot of fun and Cruz is an accomplished heel who I would not be surprised to see in WWE in 2017.

This match was phenomenal, the entrances were amazing.  The intros hilarious and set the tone. The match harken back to previous events, but still told a story well enough for anyone who didn’t know about it to be hooked. There was brilliant comedy, awesome mat wrestling, superb high flying and great heel work. The ending and aftermath were perfect to further the feud, and I for one can’t wait to see where this goes next.

Zack Gibson vs Jack Sexsmith

Gibson is a phenomenal heel who is awesome in the ring and Sexsmith is a decent wrestler who is moved by a lot of the progress fans so the atmosphere was likely to be massive. And it was, the match was really good and told a great story that I feel elevated both competitors to another level.

Jimmy Havoc, Mark Haskins and Flash Morgan Webster vs British Strong Style

I’m not massively familiar with Webster, but the little I have seen I’ve liked, the other 5 involved in the match I have seen a lot of and absolutely love, so I was expecting to enjoy this contest, and enjoy it I did.

It was a little Chaotic at times, I don’t remember an announcement that it would be tornado rules but it certainly seemed that way. There was an interesting dynamic between team haskins that they all wanted to be the one to get the pin all nd hence a title shot, there was a lot of story telling based around the current BSS WWE story and the match had lots of great spots and triple moves in it. It was a joy to behold and set up a potentially amazing main event for Chapter 45 – which I have tickets for.

All in all I think this was a superb event, as all progress shows are. Although I’d say this was better than most.

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