Live in Portsmouth 

Marty Scurll vs Ryan Smile 

Great opener. Two excellent wrestlers both looked good and strong. Nice spots, good story.

Trent Seven vs Dave Mastiff

Great power on display from Trent. Told a good story throughout. I enjoyed this one.

Legion of Lords vs Colt Cabana and Swoggle 

Great comedy match. Colt is the king of comedy and all three others played their part well. Gideon Gray was hilarious throughout, and at love at cockpit 13 had put in an incredible wrestling performance against Timothy Thatcher – so can clearly do more than one style very well.

Rob Lias vs Dan Magee 

Two solid young workers who have a bright future ahead of them. Great match, told a good story and built on storyline from last couple of cockpit shows.

Sterling and Redman vs The Spirit Squad

This was a great tag match. The Spirit Squad are solid workers and a lot of fun, Sterling and Redman are more impressive everyone I see them. Very enjoyable.

Pete Dunne vs Penta 0M

Good solid match from two great wrestlers. Very much enjoyed it. Good spots and we’ll worked.

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