ICW Fight Club Tour – Leeds

ICW have been at the forefront of the resurgence in the British wrestling scene over the past decade or so and the work they have put in has ensured the whole scene thrived. Their Fear and Loathing show last year topped 6000 attendance wise, which would have been unheard of for a non WWE event a fee years ago. It’s run well, they have some great Scottish talent and are using the nest English guys too. They do bring in some imports, especially for the bigger shows, but they do it in a way that supplements their full time roster rather than detracts from it.

This was the first ICW event I’d been able to attend in person, but it certainly won’t be the last as I really enjoyed it. I’m not massively sure how it work’s,  buy I guess the first half was the taping for 1 show and the aecond half the taping for another 

Kenny Williams v Martin Kirby

The first match pitted the ever entertaining Kenny Williams against Yorkshire man Martin Kirby. The crowd were massively behind the their countyman but also showed Kenny some love. The match was massively entertaining from start to finish and was a perfect way to kick off proceedings. 

Polo Promotions vs The Purge

This was an excellent tag match featuring 4 great wrestlers. The Purge put some great heel tag team wrestling together cutting off the ring and the such. Jackie and Mark fought back and this match just told a great story. Another great match.

Aaron Echo v Davey Blaze

This was a decent match from 2 solid workers. Some great heel.work from Blaze who gained some great heat from the crowd.

Lana Austin vs Viper

This was a classic David vs Goliath story told really well, Lana worked her own great story throughout with Viper playing her part to perfection. I very much enjoyed this one and hope to see them feud on.

Wolfgang vs Jack Jester 

The first half main event, so presumably the main event of the first taping. This was a solid match from 2 very accomplished workers. They told a great story and included some real high spots. Great match and as a good end to the first show.

Joe Hendry vs Liam Slater

This was a match I had been massively looking forward to. Two phenomenal talents who can tell great stories and put of great matches. This match exceeded my already high expectations and was quite possibly the matchbox the night for me. I’d love to see these guys go at it again.

Dave Mastiff vs Joe Coffey

This was an encounter that pitted two behemoths against each other. It started well but Mastiff picked up a leg injury.  He continued the match through obvious pain and they still managed to put on an entertaining match. 

Rampage Brown and Ashton Smith vs Layton Buzzard and Michael Parks

Here we had a squash match to show how destructive the team of Smith and Brown are. They looked incredible in the time they were in the ring and are massively focused. I hope to see more of this team and think their upcoming match with Bird and Boar will be awesome.
Trent Seven vs Pete Dunne vs Chris Renfrew vs BT Gunner

This was a great match. There are two alliances at play here that were played on rally well throughout, there was some great story telling and some awesome spots. This was the other match of the night contender.

The event overall was massively enjoyable and I think will translate to two brilliant editions if  Fight Club. It was structured in a way that neither show will get samey and both will build in intensity. I can’t wait for ICW to tour again!

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