RPW Cockpit 14

Rob Lias vs Curtis Chapman

This squashed to match was a great way to continue the evolution of Rob Lias from honorable contender to main card heel. The subsequent run in from Dan Magee built well on their ongoing story and I look forward to seeing more.

    Zack Gibson vs Eddie Dennis

    Two of my favourite British wrestlers going head to head. Great promos from both to start then a well worked match that had everything: power moves, high flying, matt wrestling and comedy. Loved it.

    David Starr vs Bubblegum 

    I had never heard of David Starr before he arrived at my local promotion in October for TCW vs CZW. I was blown away by how good he was and he seems to be a little bit better everytime I see him. Bubblegum has been around the UK scene for.a long while and I’ve seen him have great matches with lots of people, but this was probably my favourite match of his so far. I loved everything about it.  It was amazing. Probably my match of the night, but that’s a tough call on what was probably the best independent show of the year so far. Certainly the best RevPro show.

    Moustache Mountain vs Revolutionists

    Another quality match. Interesting Dynamic with Sha and Castle and I look forward to that feud panning out. Great team spots, good story, good high spots and generally 4 talented guys going at it.

    Dave Mastiff vs Jeff Cobb

    Great power match. The highlight for me was some awesome suplexes that put even Lesnar and Angle to shame. Jeff Cobb is an amazing talent and I imagine he will be WWE bound very soon.

    Jinny then came abd cut a great promo and had a good square off with Rhea O’Rilley. I hope this signifies a new dawn for RevPro as a good quality women’s division, or even programme, has been the only thing lacking.

    Pete Dunne vs Ryan Smile

    Another great match. Pete Dunne is one of the best in the world and I think Ryan Smile is on his way to join him. Great work from both and my favourite moment was a no sold Canadian destroyer, although I do worry about the cheapen in of that move. It looks amazing, but it’s used so often and by most people for false finishes (used at least twice on this card and not for a finish) that I fear it will lose its impact as a finisher.

    Josh Bodom vs RJ Singh 

    Solid match. RJs return from retirement continues to impress me. Good heat for Josh and a postscript that set up a great build for an Orlando match with Starr.

    Timothy Thatcher vs Matt Riddle

    Great match. Good submissions hard strikes. These two are suberb stuff strikers and both know their way around the matt. The finish was one of the most painful submissions I think I’ve ever seen!

    CCK  vs Redman and Sterling 

    This was a brilliantly worked match that had be marking out left right and center. Some awesome work from all 4 guys, all of whom are supremely talented individuals. The false finish arena restart was brilliant and Chris Roberts played his part really really well. Very much enjoyed this one.

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