wXw 16 Carat Gold 2017

This is a big event from wXw with an incredible line up of talent this year. 

Day 1 – The first round

Da Mack vs Cody Rhodes

Two talented guys with WWE history to kick things off. Great match, both guys looked great, told a good story and showed off what they can do. Got the crowd up for it but didn’t take it to a level that would be detrimental for those who came after.  Perfect opener.

Marius Al-Ani vs JT Dunn

Not massively familiar with either guy buy very much enjoyed this match,  well paced, build well and told a good.story.  Great first round match.

Koji Kanemoto vs Timothy Thatcher

Another great first round match. Two brilliant technical wrestlers who used this proficiency at chain wrestling to get the narrative they wanted to tell across. There was also plenty of stuff looking strikes and a clever finish that left both looking mightily strong.

Ilga Dragunov vs The Avalanche Robert Driesker

Again this was twone guys I’d not seen before so I was excited to see how it panned out. Started at 100mph and didn’t let up. Enthralled me throughout. Another great first round match.

Donovan Dijak vs Matt Riddle 

I’d never seen Dijak, but I’m certainly familiar with Riddle, who never seems to have a bad match. This match took it up a level.  It was strange to see Riddle out sized and out muscled for big parts but he played that part well. Some great chain wrestling from both, clever transitions, stiff strikes and power moves. A great match and I hope to see much more of Dijak.

Paul London vs Bad Bones

Two wrestlers I’ve enjoyed watching before but was unsure how their styles would mesh. I thought they meshed pretty well. Match was good, told a good story, London put his all in. Bad Boned came out looking superhuman.

Speedball Mike Bailey vs ACH

Tso phenomenal wrestlers in this next match and what a match it was. Showcased just how brilliant both guys are. Fast, hard, athletic and at times high flying but with a great story where every move added something.

David Starr vs Walter

Two of my favourite’s facing off next in a fitting main event. This match was incredible from the get go and worked a great story around a David vs Goliath dynamic. Starr has to be in the conversation when it comes to the best in the world at the moment, and Walter is one of the best big guys around. This was the match of the night for me, no small feat given how awesome the whole show was.

If Day 1 was this good. How good will 2 and 3 be?!

Day 2

Jeff Cobb vs Donovan Dijak

Two behemoths collided here in a match full of strength and power. However both guys have more than that in their arsenal a day the whole ra get was on show here. A very good way to open day 2.

QF Speedball Mike Bailey vs Matt Riddle

This match was fast, hard hitting, high flying and told an incredible story. These two are both phenomenal wrestlers and their styles fit perfectly together. I hope to see these two fight again and again and again.

QF Ilja Dragunov vs Timothy Thatcher

Another brilliant match. Two phenomenal technical wrestlers laying everything theh had on the line. Told a great story and showed impressive move sets.

QF Walter vs Marius Al-Ani

Another very enjoyable match. Walter is a beast and Marius a great opponent for him. Big moves, great story and plenty of high spots.

QF Cody Rhodes vs Bad Bones

This was an incredible match that left both guys looking massively strong. They put their all into the match and destroyed each other in a brutally physical encounter that told a great story and had plenty of high spots.

Koji Kanemoto vs Francis Kaspin

Good solid match from two great wrestlers. Certainly enjoyable, but not.as amazing as some on the card.

Shotgun Title: David Starr vs Absolute Andy vs ACH vs Paul London

Not one for the purists, and not a match that will.win many awards, but great fun. 4 talented guys who know how to play the crowd put in an excellent lighthearted match full of comedy and some heat spots. Very enjoyable and a nice light moment in what is a rather intense wrestling weekend.

JT Dunn vs Robert Dresser

Good solid short sharp match. Both guys got their stuff in and the crowd were into it.

wXw Unified World Championship Axel Dieter Jr vs Jurn Simmons 

This match is one I’d been excited about for a while and the video package before it made me even more excited. It had a big match feel and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Two masters of their craft took us in a honey that was exciting, brutal and showed some technical brilliance. I hear ADJ may be WWE bound and I think he certainly has the skill set to succeed in the big time.

Day 3

Bad Bones vs Ilja Dragunov – Semi Final

This was a great match that told a good story and managed to completely shock me. Bones had been booked as seemingly invincible throughout the tournament and this match and to see Ilja pick up the win was a shock, both guys left the match looking phenomenally strong and it certainly set the bar high for the night! 

Walter vs Matt Riddle semi final 

Another cracker of a match from this tournament. Another match that told a great story and left both guys looking incredibly strong. I think they have met in PROGRESS, or are due to, at end event I’m yet to see so I will look forward to that one.

Bobby Gunns vs Koji Kanemoto 

A good solid match from two great competitors. I’m not entirelysure the premise.the commentators built about Kanemoto hating smoke was a solid story line, but the match was enjoyable nonthe less. Some great chain wrestling and an inventive pinning combination to win.

Tag Titles Gauntlet match

Well worked and good fun, all teams involved got their stuff in and got over. Nice swerve at the end when everyone thought it as over! Awesome ending.

David Starr vs Jurn Simmons vs Em Sitoci vs Cody Rhodes

Amazing promo exchange between Starr and Simmons at the start of the match. Great match, well worked and told a great story. Some awesome spots and an emotional finish. Superb all round.

Alpha Kevin vs Marius van Beethoven

This appeared to be the culmination of a former friends feud and as such was a no ropes match. This was an odd gimmick and I wasn’t sure it would work, but it really did.

JT Dunn and Donovan Dijak vs Speedball Mike Bailey and ACH 

Excellent match. Loads of spots. Superb wrestling from all involved. Very enjoyable match from 4 amazing talents.

Walter vs Ilja Dragunov – Final

The main event of the weekend, the tournament final. A tough position to be in, needing to follow three full cards of amazing matches but it certainly managed it. It was full of amazing wrestling, tough brutal strikes, chops that drew blood, massive high spots and an incredible story. Perfect end to an amazing tournament. I need to get to Oberhausen next year.

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