RPW Cockpit 15

Eddie Dennis vs Rob Lias

It’s been good to see the evolution of Rob Lias recently and this as a good showing against the pride of Wales.  The match had some funny moments, some good spots and a good narrative that looks to further the evolution. A great starting match and one that was well placed on the card.

Dan Magee vs Gideon Grey

Recently I’ve been very impressed with the work of Gideon Grey, and I’ve also enjoyed Magee’s matches and ongoing feud with Lias, so I was hoping this would be a good Un. It was an enjoyable match that told a good story and built the mystery around Gideonas well as the Magee/Lias angle.

Jinny vs Toni Storm

It’s good to see RPW are finally taking women’s wrestling seriously and this is a serious match to book. Two of the best women on the independent circuit. This was a racking match that built both women’s character and story and certainly lifted the bar for the women’s division going forward 

Zack Gibson and Josh Bodom vs Will Ospreay and Bubblegum

4 of my favourites on the RevPro roster in one epic tag match. Plenty of story telling, loads of spots and even though someweren’t as clean as they could have been.this was an excellent match that I very much enjoyed.

Martin Stone vs Luke Phoenix

Stone is someone I’ve enjoyed watching for years, and Luke is someone I’ve only ever seen once but who very much impressed me in that match. This was a good solid match. Worked well from both guys. Told.a great story and helped with the ongoing push of the guv’nor.

RJ Singh vs Sha Samuel

Two solid guys who put on a decent match that furthered a storyline and allowed both guys to showcase their abilities.

CCK vs Ryan Smile and Shane Strickland

The second cockpit showing a row that the tag titles took the main event, and rightly so given the quality that is currently residing in the RevPro tag division. This was a great main eventhing that told a great story and featured plenty of high spots.  I think Ryan Smile could be the breakout star of 2017.

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