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NXT Takeover – Orlando

Sanity vs Roderick Strong, Tye Dillinger, Ruby Riot and Kasius Ohno 

I’m not normally a massive fan of these multinational tag matches but this one came from a good story line and furthered it really well. The match was well.booked and gave all.involved a chance show what they are all about on the big stage. Potential singles matches between Ohno and Dain, Ohno and Young, Strong and Young and Strong and Dain look very interesting. I’m excited to see the WWE careers of all involved progress.

Aleister Black vs Andrade Cien Almas

I was super stoked to see Tommy End in his new personal on the big stage and this match didn’t disappoint. A good way to announce his arrival to WWE and he certainly held some of his repetoire back so has a lot of places to go. Cien was a good foil and they worked well together. I look forward to seeing where they all go. 

DIY vs The Revival vs The Authors of Pain

I was unsure how this one would pan out. I’ve been impressed by all three teams in the past but the idea of a triple threat elimination match including them all was a little hard to comprehend. When it came, however, I was blown away. The dynamic was brilliant. The DIY / Revival teaming up for bits, refusing tags to go and face AoP etc was great. It told a great atopy through out and included some awesome spots. I feel all the teams were elevated in this one. This was possibly my favourite match. Certainly in the top 2.

Asuka vs Ember Moon

This match was incredible. Two phenomenonally talented wrestler went out and put on a phenomenal match. It had some great psychology, some tough strikes and some great sequences. I very much enjoyed this and hope the feud continues a while longer.

Bobby Roode Vs Shinsuke Nakamura

Oh. My. Word. This was a sublime match. Their previous bout from San Antonio was one of my favourite ever matches and I did not think I would enjoy this as much, but in the end I think I enjoyed it more. Both guys are amazing wrestlers and great story tellers and their experience has really shown through in their feud. Their first match was great but this took it up a level and the referencesto match one just made it awesome for me. Probably my favourite match.

Bobby Roode is the real deal.and I think it’s a shame he hasn’t found his way to WWE earlier.  Nakamura has masses of talent and culd be the biggest Japanese star the WWE has ever seen. It’s an exciting time for both of them. I hope to see much much mor of them.

General thoughts:

  • NXT Takeover seems to be the most consistently good thing WWE put out.  Every takeover is awesome and I really look forward to them all.
  • It’s great to see that culture change in WWE that has lead to great indie wrestlers getting a chance to shine on the big stage. It will be good for WWE and will hopefully increase the appetite for indie events.
  • Drew Galloway/McIntyre was at ringside. That was a shock and exciting. I hope he has resigned. He would be a great addition to any of the three brands.
  • Loved the new belts

TCW: Discombobulated

This event was a slightly weaker looking card than usual due to a large part of the roster being over the pond in Orlando, this was reflected in a cheaper ticket price and the result was that I was able to see a few wresters I’ve not seen before. 

Dara Diabolo vs Blake

I’ve seen Dara before, but Blake was an unknown quantity going in. When he appeared his sheer size was impressivery,  and later in the match when he started flying around like a cruiserweight I was blown away by his agility. This match was a great opener. It set the tone for the ongoing story of The Service vs TCW, included some great mat and chain wrestling and some really funny comedy moments from both. I hope to see more of both guys.

Lil Miss Roxy vs Ruby Summers

This match was great, although a tad short. Ruby is an excellent wrestler who I feel is not at a stage where the bigger companies should be looking to get her in as she had honed her skills to perfection over recent years. Roxy is probably a little way off that stage but is already looking like a great wrestler. 

It felt a bit weird having a heel from Leeds and a Face from Newcastle at a Leeds Show, but both wrestlers played their parts well. The match finished with a handshake, which I hope may signify a return to the face side for Ruby. A good match and I look forward to seeing where their stories go.

Dan Evans vs JD Boom

This match was great. The wretches worked the crowd well and both showed great wrestling a variety of styles. They also got well into the wrestlemania spirit with Rock Bottoms and Stone Cold Stunners being hit. I have been impressed with Evans heel work since he joined the service but I’d always thought of Boom as a pure comedy guy, in this match he showed that as well as being funny he is a skilled wrestler.

Matt Myers vs Gabriel Kidd

Myers last appearance in TCW was was back in September I think, but the crowd remembered  him and got behind him when he came out. Kidd has been more recently and also got a great reaction. I thought we were going to see a face vs face match, but Myers went into heel mode jumping Kid before the match and shouting April fools.

They worked a great match and told a good story. Myers looks good as a heel, but he seems more naturally suited as a face to me. The match ended with a low blow and a heel turn from Kidd which added vastly to the dynamic and story. Kidd seems a very natural heel and I look forward to seeing where his story goes.

Wonderland vs Defend Pop Punk

I’d never seen Wonderland before and blimey are they a greedy set of fellas. It was quite a site to behold and they play their gimmick brilliantly. Defend Pop Punk are two young high flyers with bright futures and these two teams were perfect foils for each other. I hope both make plenty of Tidal returns.

Lana Austin vs Lizzie Styles

This match was a replay from the last Tidal show and was possibly even better than the first. Two great wrestlers who told a great story. There was a couple of heckles from the crowd during this one which were vulgar, sexist and very disrespectful towards the western and it lowered the tone and isn’t OK in this day and age. I hope these heckles become a thing of the last and I really hope they don’t make it to the next show which is billed as a family show.

Sons of Ulaid vs The Proven

The Proven are a great local team and it’s always fun to watch them and get behind them. I’d not seen Sins if Ulaid live before,  but they are every bit as good as the reputation that precedes them suggests. This was a great match that involved some great tag psychology and some innovative double teams.

Sean Only vs CJ Banks

These two are both solid wrestlers and they put on a great main event. CJ Banks star is rising with a good showing on the WoS reboot and presumably a run on ITV in the offing. However the star of this match for me was Only.

I first saw Sean Only wrestle as a face, possibly for RISE, and the whole crowd got massively behind him. Watching him now as a heel he generates a real heat from the crowd. He wrestles in a more heel style and his crowd interaction is superb at generating even more heat. I see a big future for him.

The match was a solid main event, told a gear story in itself but also furthered the story of the service.  I feel we are building for a big crescendo, possibly at High Tide.

General thoughts:

Possibly not as good over all as some TCW shows, due to the missing stars, but given the lower ticket price at least equal, probably better, in the value for money stakes.

Every match had me enthralled and entertained.

Only slight criticisms would be a couple of matches seemed a little short and there was 3 low blow finishes in first 4 matches which felt a tad samey, but each did fit well in the context of the match.

Can’t wait til the next one.