Again, not that many write ups recently. I dont seem to have watched as much in June  (although I do think some of the matches listed in may may have been put in the wrong month. Here’s my top.5 from June followed by the full list:
5. Goto vs Suzuki – Dominion

An amazing match from the best show of the month by a mile. I still hurt from watching this one.

4. Naito vs Tanahashi – Dominion

Incredible match from Two of the best.

3. BSS vs CCK – PROGRESS 50.

This tag match had it all, big spots, chaotic action and a great story.

2. Kushida vs Marty Scurll – Best in the world.

Fitting name for a PPV featuring these two. Amazing talents both of them and a great match.

1. Okada vs Omega – Dominion.

This one is amazing, if you haven’t seem it yet make sure you do. Best of the year so far.

  • Sean Only vs HTDRAKE High Tide
  • Bubblegum vs El Ligero – HIGH TIDE
  • How Dinners vs CJ Banks – High Tide
  • Evee Black vs Lizzy Styles vs Chakara – High Tide
  • Aleister Black vs Eric Young vs Cien Almas –  NXT Leeds 
  • Pete Dunne vs Roddy Strong – NXT Leeds 
  • Bobby Roode vs Drew Galloway – NXT Leeds 
  • The Miz vs Dean Ambrose – Extreme Rules 
  • MITB Mens
  • MITB Women’s
  • Jinder Mahal vs Randy Orton – MITB
  • Kushida vs Takahashi – Dominion
  • Goto vs Suzuki – Dominion
  • Naito vs Tanahashi – Dominion
  • Okada vs Omega – Dominion  
  • Yoshi-Hashi vs Suzuki – Kimura Road
  • Kushida vs Marty Scurll – ROH Best in the world
  • Pete Dunne vs Donovan Dijak – PROGRESS 50
  • Havoc and Haskins vs The Origin – PROGRESS 50
  • Travis Banks vs James Drake – PROGRESS 50
  • BSS vs CCK – PROGRESS 50

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