2018 – So far so good.

2017 felt like a water shed year in wrestling, particularly British wrestling, and I got the feeling that some worried as we headed into 2018 that the bubble would burst. This has not happened as yet and I feel that worldwide we’ve had a good start.


The women have continued to break new ground. We’ve had an women’s rumble and elimination chamber – both fantastic. All 3 women’s divisions are strong enough to hold more than one spot on a PPV card and we’ve had the signing if Ronda Rousey to bring some extra eyes to the division as we head into mania season. Looks like WWE are serious about continuing this push.

Meanwhile the means divisions have also managed to produce some excellent matches so far in WWE and look at the gauntlet match from raw, in particular Rollins 3 matches, to get an idea of this.

205 live is stronger than ever and NXT continues to produce the goods. AoP vs Undisputed Era and Cien vs Gargano both from Takeover Philadelphia being 2 of WWEs best matches so far.

New Japan

This is a promotion that continues to grow worldwide, wrestlekingdom again produced the goods and the involvement of Y2J will certainly have brought more attention to it in north America. A real strong start and potentially and even better year.


RevPro have now got a women’s champion and the have held the first of their York hall shows, which was a cracker. They also seem to have upped their game when it comes to booking cracking cards for their smaller shows too.


Going from strength to strength, embarking on some massive shows this year with 3 dates at Ally Pally, Victoria warehouse Manchester and Wembley. The cards for all the chapters have been great and produced the goods and their live at the dome shows are also proving massively enjoyable.

Live events

So far I’ve managed 5 live shows in 2018. Not too bad given we’re only 8 weeks in but far less than some have managed.

RISE Rumble 5th Jan, Brudenel Social Club, Leeds

Local promotion RISE ran this shows, the second half of which was a 30 man rumble which must have gone past the 90 minute mark. It was an incredible show, the undercard had some crackers, including an amazing bout between David Graves and Liam Slater. The rumble was my favourite rumble ever, and the heat the heel winner got at the end was insane.

REVPRO: High Stakes 2018 – York Hall, Bethnal Green

This was another cracking York Hall show, some phenomenal matches and an all round great time. Highlights for me were Adam Brooks vs Ryan Smile, MAndrews vs Will Ospreay and Aussie Open vs Sanada and Evil.

Tidal: Wipeot – Temple of Boom, Leeds

Another of our local promotions trying out a new venue for size. Some amazing matches, the highlight for me being David Graves vs HT Drake l. You can read my full review here.

PROGRESS 63 – 02 Ritz, Manchester

Another amazing show from PROGRESS. Every match was phenomenal, hard to choose highlights but I’d have to go with Tyler Bate vs ZSJ, Travis Banks vs TK Cooper vs Chris Brookes and the Grizzled Young Vets vs Havoc and Haskins.

NGW- PUDSEY Civic Hall, Leeds

An NGW show on the doorstep with cheap tickets on Groupon, what’s not to like?! Highlights definitely Nathan Cruz on the mic, Grado vs Kirby Nathan Cruz vs Justin Sysum and Lizzie Styles vs Chardonnay, but all matches were cracking. Read my fuller review here.

So that’s Jan and Feb, now we move to March, which starts in style tomorrow with another RISE show.

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