RISE: Blackout

Yesterday saw RISE: Blackout (or RISE: Blowout if you bought an early bird ticket like me!) It was the second RISE show that had taken place at Temple of Boom, and was a triumphant return. Apologies if the order is slightly out.

The first show took place in the early evening and had the quarter final matches for the no1 contenders tournament.

Sean Only vs Amir Jordan

Sean Only is fast becoming the MVP of the Leeds wrestling scene. He always cuts amazing promos, has real heat when working as a heel (as he was here) and really pulls the crowd behind him as a face. Amir oozes charisma and is loved by the crowd so this was a match that had a great atmosphere. Amir improves every time I see him and the added dynamic of Boy 1 and Boy 2 made for a really good and entertaining match. Stand out match for the first show. Only won, but interference meant he was then disqualified from the main event.

Little Joe vs Saxon Huxley

This was a decent match from 2 good workers, interference from CJ Banks and Lizzie Styles set up a great angle for later in the show.

Danny Darko vs Dom Black

This match was a good solid match from two solid workers. Black is really growing on me and is a heel you just love to hate. Darko is on a mission to get over, but has failed to quite connect despite some great matches so far.

Michael Caden vs Big Joe

On his was to the ring Big Joe was attacked by Darwin and Little Joe, his main rival over the last year, Caden, made the save. Both were put through to the main event

The main show started a little late, and some of te crowd were getting agitated, as were David Graves and Amir Jordan who got in the ring and ran through a few moves, until Graves leg hurt too much to continue.

Next up was a killer promo by the Darwin family who really drew some nuclear heat from the RISE faithful.

Saxon Huxley vs CJ Banks

This was, for me, the match if the night. I like Both these guys and have seen both have killer matches before, but I felt that this was the best match I’ve ever seen either of them. Told a great story, built on the earlier angle and showed a real brutal side of CJ.

Danny Hudson open challenge

Jack Warrington was his opponent, but the match was great. Two guys working a crowd really well and showing some great moves.

Brothers of Rage vs England’s Hardest Men

I only saw part of this match, so can’t really say much about it. It started well.

Boris Koslov vs HT Drake

Drake is an excellent worker, I’ve never seen him have anything other than a great match, but he doesn’t seem to click with the RISE faithful. I think perhaps the gimmick killer gimmick could be working against him here, as RISE is full of OTT characters and the crowd love to get behind him. Perhaps he could tweak the gimmick killer image a little and really get over as a heel. Boris is perhaps the most OTT gimmick in RISE and he is as over as one gets. This match was a classic with both wrestlers showing how good they are.

Lizzie Styles vs Lil Miss Roxxy

Lizzie is one of my favourites in the local scene. All her matches that I’ve seen have been great and she always has the crowd where she wants them. This performance was a little different as I’m used to seeing her work face, but she showed shed just as good at working heel. She changed up her ring style and her crowd interactions and it was brilliant. Roxxy is a great underdog baby face and played her part really well in this brilliant match.

Leonardo Darwin vs Roxxy

After the match, as Roxxy lay prone on the floor Darwin arrived and announced that Roxxy was to be his hand picked opponent, what followed was nothing short of brilliant. Darwin beat down the already battered underdog despite her best efforts to regain a foothold.

Then followed a ref bump, some brass knucks, interference and a NEW RISE CHAMPION!

After a couple of minutes, Cowboy John found the brass knucks and restarted the match, and Darwin stole the win. Brilliant from all involved, and real vitriolic heat from the crowd at Darwin.

Big Joe vs Michael Caden vs Little Joe vs Danny Darko

This hardcore fatal 4 way was typical of RISE hardcore matches. Fighting left the building, into the snow, light tubes, chairs, bins, madness. It was a great end to the night with all involved showing just how mental they are. Hopefully CZW will see it before they book next year’s tournament of death. One nice spot was after slamming Caden onto a crate of Carlsberg Darko started passing out Cans, which certainly helped his mission to get over with the faithful. In the end Big Joe stood tall and a stand off with Darwin set up the title match for wr—— Point at the sign nicely.

All in All, a very enjoyable show.

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