Another summer, another RISE show at the Brudenel. RISE shows tend to be mad, and the Brudenel ones are up a level of madness from anything else.

I didn’t arrive in time for the preshow, but im told Caden and Darko lost to Englands hardest men in a decent match. When it was time for the show proper to start it didn’t feel as full as the last Brude show and the crowd didn’t feel as lubricated.

The show started with Leanne coming to the ring and announcing herself as the management liaison. This is an interesting turn inthe wider story arc and I’m interested to see what can come from it. Dr Darwin came out and hillarity ensued involving Darwin,Leanne and The Bulk with the outcome being Leanne was named as special guest referee for the main event.

After the segment it was time.for the first match:

Lizzie Styles vs Charlie Morgan

Charlie is one of the hottest properties on the scene right now, making waves in WWE, carrying titles everywhere she goes and stealing the show at york hall. Lizzie is a regular at the northern shows but has yet to make the national breakthrough of her opponent. Unfairly in my opinion as ive never seen her have anything less that a good match. I enjoyed this match, some excellent technical wrestling, some great heel work and a bit if crowd interaction, although the crowd were far from warmed up by this point. Lizzie picked up the win.

Sean Only vs The Men

This qas a great match. Sean is one if the top.northern heels and I feel he’s a mot better than some making their names in bugger stages. The men are Jack Bandicoot and The Pop Punk Kid, two local youngsters who are exciting to watch and improving all the time..This match had a great promo to start, built on a great on going story and had some great high spots. My favourite match in the first half. The men won, but took a neat down at the hands if the rest of SOBER.

Big Joe’s open Hardcore Title Challenge

This was a clusterf*ck of a match really. Loads of people, all entering at random points, the referee dishing out random RKOs to some competitors, breaking any semblance of impartiality and even handing weapons to some competitors. There was no real narrative and a lot of it made no sense. That said, it was still a lot of fun with some real hardcore spots and some amazing comedy section. Darko left with the belt. The interval happenednext to allow time to clear the ring.

Boris Koslov vs Martin Kirby

This was my favourite match of the night. Both guys are extremely talented. Kirby has been at the top of the UK scene seemingly forever at this stage and Boris is so over on the local scene a friend referred to his pop as “like the second coming” when he saw his first RISE show last time out. I first saw Boris a couple of years ago and have loved him ever since. His infectious charisma is hard to escape and he is improving at a great rate and is now a great worker. This was a loser leaves RISE match and had the added stipulation that if Boris lost he needed to go back to Russia.

They built the story well. Had many brilliant spots and brilliant false finishes, took out some crowd members with a suicide dive, and tore the hearts out of the faithful with a Kirby win.

After the match Boris cut an amazing promo, telling of how he was made to work heel as a Russianwhen he first arrived and that the RISE faithful were the first to see past that. I hope he finds a way to stay. (After the match Boris sought out the crowd members he’d taken out and apologised. Shortly afterwards, RISE management arrived and gave them guest list for next time. A nice touch.)

England’s Hardest Segment

England’s Hardest Men came out to celebrate being top of the league, Coyle and Screwface came out to stir trouble. Shreddy had a great match with Screwface but ultimately the underhand tactics of Coyle got Screwface a victory. I enjoy the work of all the guys involved here and look forward to seeing them in tag action against each other soon.

El Ligero and CJ Banks vs Musclecat and Cowboy John

The scheduled match had Gabe Kidd partnering Saxon, but he couldn’t make it. Ligero (speaking perfect English for a mexican) cut a great promo on Saxon saying he didn’t blane Kidd for not showing up etc, eventually John had enough and said hed be Saxons partner. John is one if my favourite Refs and ive been looming forward to seeing him wrestle for a while. His first proper RISE outing being in a tag with WWE guys and a WOS guy could have been daunting but he rose to the challenge well. He sold brilliantly and wrestles to his place, allowing the more experiencedguys to lead. When you consider the standard of talent within it’s no surprise the match was thoroughly enjoyable and it was great to see John pick up the pin.

Darwin vs Pastor

The main event. Pastor William Eaver is a former PROGRESS champion, an accolade some would say is the highest currently in uk wrestling, so this is a marker that shows his class. Darwin is a killer heel. Draws nuclear heat with his promos and backs it up in the ring, playing a dastardly heel impeccably. He’s another I cant understand isn’t more widely known.

The match was great. Darwin’s Bastard son Joe Vega was being dastardly at ring side. Leanne was great for the story as ref and Darwin and Pastor put in a great performance woth Darwin leaving as champ following some dirty tactics.

All in all, a very enjoyable RISE show and a great summer blowout.

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