Today was a great day. my favourite promotion were running 2 shows on my home town and i was able to get to them both. What a time to be alive. That promotion os Tidal and the venue is temple of boom.

The afternoon show waa a no ropes show, and it started with a match between tag team partners.

Jack Bandicoot vs The Pop Punk Kid

These notorious high flyers took to the no ropes gimmick really well. The matcb was very different to wjat they’d normally do but allowed them to show off a different style, and they found some very interesting ways to hit some high spots

Grod vs Sebb Strife

This battle of the big lads saw 2 extremely talented monsters put on an excellent match. Both guys were phenomenal and worked the crowd well.

H T Drake vs Brady Phillips

This match was excellent. Drake is the workhorse of TIDAL, on every card and never has a bad match. Brady has gone over the last year or two from a young guy who stood out as oozing with potential to one of the top heels in the company and everyone loves to hate him.

Sean Only vs N’Sereko

Sean is one of the best wrestlers in the country, and N’Sereko isnt far behind. I am loving only as a face, and these two, despite being clearly out of their comfort zone with no ropes, put on an incredible match.

Dan Evans vs Kev Lloyd

These 2 looked the most comfortable without ropes and gave us a great technical wrestling match that hadthe crowd hooked. I hope to see a lot of bith of them in up coming shows.

Chakara vs Camdyfloss

These two young (very young, it is amazing how great they are at such a young age, I’m fairly sure if you add their ages together im still older!) ladies put on am incredible match. They clearly know each other well amd know how to put a latch together that hooks am audience amd entertains on another level. It was the main event of this show, and it deserved to be. It left me wondering, if they are this good now, how fantastic will they end up? I look forward to finding out.

All in all, a great show. Tidal rules.

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