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February 2017

After January’s brilliance February had a lot to live up to. There may not have been any matches that got the world talking in the way Okada and Omega or Cena Styles did, but there was certainly some incredible matches during the month.

Here I’m going to run down my top 5 and 8ve also included a list of matches I loved at the end. This isn’t a comprehensive list, I’ve not seen all the events,  so if you like any I’ve not mentioned please let me know so I can check them out. There are a couple of events I plan to watch, so I may add to this. I have limited myself to 1 match per show to help narrow it down!

5. Elimination Chamber Match

This match was superb. It was booked really well, set up and furthered feuds well and included dome great spots and great wrestling segment. Plus it had the brutality of an elimination chamber. 

4. Shibata and Jay Lethal vs Cody Rhodes and Hangman Page – Honor Rising Day 1

4 supremely talented wrestlers going at it hammer and tongs. I think Shibata is incapable of having a bad match! I enjoyed this from the start and am excited to see where Shibata and Cody’s feud heads next.

3. Adam Cole vs Yoshi-Hashi – Honor Rising Day 2

This match was amazing. They worked the crowd into frenzy after frenzy, had some awesome comedy sections, some great heel work, some beautiful moves and some technical brilliance. Well worth a watch.

2. Matt Riddle vs David Starr – CZW 18

These are two of my favourite wrestlers in the world at this moment in time and this match was incredible. It had brutal strikes, brilliant technical wrestling, awesome spots and hilarious comedy – including a ref piledriver! On top of that it told a great story and had me marking out throughout. 

1. Nathan Cruz vs El Ligero – PROGRESS 44

Oh. My. Word. After January’s ZSJ vs Villain match I thought it would be a long time before I saw a British match that good, but this one was certainly up there with it! I’ve herd Cruz call Ligero his mentor and I know they have a big history together. I believe they once spent a whole summer wrestling each other 10 times a week in All Star so that shows how well they know each other. 

Their story in PROGRESS has been running since the very start. They feuds for the title than formed a tag team and stable that has rin ever since. This is the first match in a feud that has come about from the gradual break up of that stable.

The match was incredible. It drew on their previous story really well, bit itvalso told a story well enough for people to be hooked even if they had never seen either guy before.Cruz was at his magnificent heel best and Ligero was his usual awesome self. It was funny, emotional and genuinely jaw dropping. I can’t wait to see them go at it again.

  • Elimination Chamber Match – EC
  • Mickie James vs Becky Lynch – EC
  • Gideon Gray vs Timothy Thatcher – LAC 13
  • ZSJ vs Speedball Mike Bailey – LAC13
  • Marty Scurll vs Luke Phoenix – LAC13
  • Travis Banks vs Ryan Smile – LAC13
  • Okada vs Minoru Suzuki – New Beginnings in Sapporo
  • Juice Robinson vs Goto – New Beginnings in Sapporo
  • Michael Elgin vs Naito – New Beginnings in Osaka
  • Dragon Lee vs Takahashi – New Beginnings in Osaka
  • Rampage vs Eddie Dennis – Tidal Wipe out
  • Riots vs New Nation – Tidal Wipe out
  • Big Show vs Braun Strowman – Raw 20.02.17
  • Matt Riddle vs David Starr – CZW 18
  • Scarlett and Graves vs EYFBO – CZW 18
  • Joey Janela vs Stockade – CZW 18
  • Pete Dunne vs MAndrews – NXT 22.02.17
  • Travis Banks vs Jordan Devlin – PROGRESS 44
  • Pastor Bill Eaver vs Sebastian – PROGRESS 44
  • MAndrews vs Strickland – PROGRESS 44
  • Nathan Cruz vs El Ligero – PROGRESS 44
  • Haskins, Havoc and Webster vs BSS  – PROGRESS 44
  • The Young Bucks vs War Machine – Honor Rising Day 1
  • Shibata and Jay Lethal vs Cody Rhodes and Hangman Page – Honor Rising Day 1
  • The Briscoes vs Omega and Cole – Honor Rising Day 1
  • Adam Cole vs Yoshi-Hashi – Honor Rising Day 2
  • Okada, Ospreay and the Briscoes vs Omega, Rhodes and the Young Bucks – Honor Rising Day 2

PROGRESS 44 Old man yells at cloud

James Drake vs Damon Moser

Drake is always impressive, and Moser has steadily grown into.a really good wrestler. I don’t think either have been at PROGRESS for a while so it was an interesting one. This match started with a massive amur of intensity and didn’t last long. Enjoyable nonetheless.

Session Moth Martina vs Dhalia Black

I’m a fan of Dhalia, and I’ve heard a lot of good things about Martina although I haven’t seen her before, so I was looking forward to it. It was a good solid match, plenty of comedy and some great wrestling. I look forward to seeing more of them.

Jordan Devlin vs Travis Banks

Banks is awesome. And I’ve heard a lot of good about Devlin but I didn’t think he looked that good in the WWE UK tournament. It seemed odd that the crowd got behind Travis, given his recent heel work, but I guess the PROGRESS crowd appreciate an amazing talent. Interestingly when TK and Dhalia arrived the boos returned. This match was great. Devlin looked good and Banks is quickly becoming one of my favourite ever wrestlers.

Pastor Bill Eaver vs Sebastian 

A bonus match that was not on the bill. I’ve enjoyed this storyline and this match was a good next phase. It told a good story and was massively brutal in parts. It felt like the culmination of a feud,  but if it isn’t I’d gladly see them fight again. A very interesting part was a potential face turn mid match from referee Chris Roberts!

MAndrews vs Shane Strickland 

Two of the best high flyers in the business, this match was always going to be incredible. What I didn’t expect was the first 10 minutes to be dominated by some of the best British style mat wrestling around. Both guys showing they are far more than high flyers. As the match progressed we got more of the natural style from both and the match was a very enjoyable wrestling match, for the sake of wrestling. I love the story lines in pro wrestling, and I love a match that tells a story, but I also love matches like this too.

Nathan Cruz vs El Ligero

This was the next stage in a storyline that has been running pretty much since chapter 1. These two fused early, and then formed a stable and are now back feuding. Both are amazing wrestlers, Ligero is a lot of fun and Cruz is an accomplished heel who I would not be surprised to see in WWE in 2017.

This match was phenomenal, the entrances were amazing.  The intros hilarious and set the tone. The match harken back to previous events, but still told a story well enough for anyone who didn’t know about it to be hooked. There was brilliant comedy, awesome mat wrestling, superb high flying and great heel work. The ending and aftermath were perfect to further the feud, and I for one can’t wait to see where this goes next.

Zack Gibson vs Jack Sexsmith

Gibson is a phenomenal heel who is awesome in the ring and Sexsmith is a decent wrestler who is moved by a lot of the progress fans so the atmosphere was likely to be massive. And it was, the match was really good and told a great story that I feel elevated both competitors to another level.

Jimmy Havoc, Mark Haskins and Flash Morgan Webster vs British Strong Style

I’m not massively familiar with Webster, but the little I have seen I’ve liked, the other 5 involved in the match I have seen a lot of and absolutely love, so I was expecting to enjoy this contest, and enjoy it I did.

It was a little Chaotic at times, I don’t remember an announcement that it would be tornado rules but it certainly seemed that way. There was an interesting dynamic between team haskins that they all wanted to be the one to get the pin all nd hence a title shot, there was a lot of story telling based around the current BSS WWE story and the match had lots of great spots and triple moves in it. It was a joy to behold and set up a potentially amazing main event for Chapter 45 – which I have tickets for.

All in all I think this was a superb event, as all progress shows are. Although I’d say this was better than most.

WRW Podcast – Chapter 2

This week @Chimerarouge and I sat down and recorded the second chapter of our podcast. It had been 6 weeks so we had an lot to talk about.

You can listen on soundcloud here and castbox here.


WWE (From start)

  • WWE UK Championship
  • NXT Takeover: San Antony
  • Royal Rumble
  • Elimination Chamber

New Japan (30 mins)

  • Wrestle Kingdom 11
  • Fantastic Mania
  • New Beginnings

PROGRESS (45 mins)

  • Chapter 41 – Unboxing Live 
  • Chapter 42 – Life, the universe and wrestling
  • Chapter 43 – Tropic Thunderbastard

RevPro (1 hour)

  • Live at the cockpit 12
  • High Stakes
  • Live at the Cockpit 13

RISE at the Brude (1 hour 20 mins)

wXw, CZW, WoS, WCPW, Dominant 5* (1 hour 30 mins)

Other wrestling podcasts, listener questions – who are our favourite Yorkshire wrestlers? Will be be over in other local promotions? And top 3 moments and matches. (1 hour 45 mins)

We enjoyed this one, if you did too we’d love you to get I touch.

Tropic Thunderbastard

London Riots vs Kings of the North

This match has been one I’ve looked forward to since it was announced. I love the Riots, and although I’ve not seen much of the Kings what I have seen has been impressive. This match was great. Big powerful guys literally chucking each other around like they are rag dolls and flying through the air as if they were cruiserweights. Great start to the show.

Chakara vs Laura Di Mattel

I’ve seen a few matches involving each if these young women and they have all been great, so I expected this to be too. It was. Another great match, as all the Natural Progression series 4 matches have been. It was fast paced, brutal at times and full of great wrestling. Definitely looking forward to seeing the two again.

Roy Johnson vs Jurn Simmons

Roy is a solid wrestler who, despite only being a year or two into a pro wrestling career, managed to impress the WWE enough to get a spot in the UK championship tournament. Jurn is someone I’ve never seen, but have heard great things. This was a decent match, Jurn looked impressive and I hope to see more of him, although his entrance was ridiculously long!

SPPT vs Ringkampf

Two great team so this was always going to be a great match. The heel vs heel dynamic seemed strange at first but it held a focus in the narrative of the match. A superb match from two great teams that had awesome power, awesome technical wrestling, awesome high flying and told a great story.


A highly interesting concept. These big multiple person matches are not always my favorite matches to watch.  But I certainly think they hold a place in wrestling and work very well when used sparingly. This one was excellent. Storylines were furthered well, characters developed, and possible feuds and friendships signposted. This was all on top of the great wrestling from all involved. The section at the end which saw MAndrews and Gibson battling was my favourite and I hope to see them go at it many more times. I’d have been happy seeing either of these two as number 1 contender, but I think MAndrews does deserve it. I wonder how he will ay into the BSS storyline though, given that he too has one of the WWE contracts.

Jimmy Havoc vs Pete Dunne

This was, in and of itself, a brilliant match. Starting on the outside with some brutal work. Great heel work from Dunne, the crowd ebbing and flowing exactly where they the wrestlers wanted. Havoc looks incredible since returning from injury and Pete seems to get better match by match. The disqualification ending was well worked to continue the feud.

The aftermath, well it was certainly emotional. Seeing Flash Morgan Webster return was one thing, but when Mark Haskins music hit it went up further. Then when he announced he was cleared to wrestle the roof blew of and there was not a dry eye I the house.

It leaves us in a quandary regarding the no 1 contender. Obviously MAndrews is, as he won the thunderbastard, but them Havoc was cheated out of the shot he won fairly by Trent’s interference. Then Haskins has a claim given that he never actually lost the belt. I’ll be interested to see where it goes, and one thing is guaranteed….. wit thsee 4 involved we are in for some awesome PROGRESS it’ll matches. 

Progress 42 РLife, the universe and wrestling 

Great atmosphere for a new venue. Crazy crowd and Jim on fire as always. I had seen a spoiler that Finn Balor had been there, but that didn’t stop goosebumps and generally marking out when his usic hit. The “shit Jordan Devlin” chant may be the funniest ever and that was followed by a game of musical chairs that, rumour has it, Dave Meltzer has rated 7stars.

Ringkampf vs London Riots

I’m not overly familiar with Ringkampf, i have seen Axel Deiter jr before but only once or twice and I’ve only seen Walter in previous PROGRESS appearances. As they came out they certainly looked the perfect foil for the Riots. The match was excellent. Plenty of big power moves, great story telling, some great agility on show and moves that just look like they hurt. I hope to see more of Ringkampf and always look forward to seeing the riots.

Sebastian vs Jack Sexsmith

Sebastian is a great heel, and Sexsmith is always good fun so I knew this match would be enjoyable. Especially given that the pastor wold be at ringside so no doubt involved somewhere along the line!

The match was good, both played their roles well and told a gear story. The angle between Pastor and Sebastian continues and I look forward to seeing whee it goes next.

Jimmy Havoc vs Tommy End

What an awesome bonus match! It didn’t go too long or get too mental but one assumes that this could be due to Tommy needing to wrestle again a couple of hours later in Blackpool. They still put on an awesome match.

Before the match Jimmy cut a great promo on all the stars he is feuding with at the moment and the ringing boos for Ospreay were incredible. Shows what an awesome job he did on his turn.

Alex Windsor vs Livii Grace

I’ve seen Alex Windsor before, but I’d not seem Livii Grace. Alex is an experienced wrestler who knows how to work a great match. Livii is young and full of potential. I enjoyed this match, as I have all the Natural Progression 4 matches so far.

The Origin  (Banter Edition) vs SPPT

It”s actually impossible not to love the Banter Edition, and it’s also impossible not to hate SPPT  (cos they’re so good at being heels) so this was always going to be awesome. As well as a great face/heel dynamic it had a ref not afraid to get involved, great wrestling and amazingly funny parts  great match that I very much enjoyed. 

Spud vs Paul Robinson 

I remember first seeing Spud about 15 years ago in the Coventry sky dome and thinking he was awesome. I also met him after and he seemed a genuinely good bloke. I saw him a number of times after and was majorly pleased for him when he made it to TNA. So it was great to see him show up in my favourite promotion, and this time not wrestling a 1 year old, but Paul Robinson who is an incredible heel.

The match was brutal, they had me hooked from the start and I as majorly engaged by it throughout. Awesome wrestling, and at times out and out fighting, and both guys played their part well.

Rampage Brown vs Matt Riddle

This was another awesome match. Rampage impresses me more every time I see him, and Matt Riddle never ceases to amaze me. Brutally stiff work from both guys in what can only be described as a war. A war that took place between two faces not for a story line reason but because the both wanted to take the Atlas title home. Great match.

It’s hard to pick between the final two matches as to which was match of the nightime,  as they were both brilliant. 

General thoughts

The overall show was great, as always and it’s testament to PROGRESS that they can put on such always great show despite their champion always and tag team champions being unavailable.

The fact Finn Balor and Tommy End were at the show, and that Tommy wrestled, suggests that their is absolutely no need for people to be worrying about the #WWEUKCT competitors contacts affecting PROGRESS. Clearly the two companies are getting on just fine.

I can’t wait for the next chapter!

Progress 41 – Unboxing Live

I watched this a week or so ago and started to write this up,  but then Wrestle Kingdom happened ed and I forgot to finish it. So here are my thoughts.

The idea behind the show was interesting. No matches were announced before hand and I had managed to avoid spoilers, which was good.

SPPT vs FSU and Nixon Newel

This was a great match. I live all.six of these wrestlers and they put on a cracker to open the show. Nixon showed again that women can certainly wrestle.with men, which is something we talked about recently on the podcast. I can’t wait to see Nixon in WWE having feuds with Asuka and the 4 horse women! And I can’t wait to see MAndrews in the WWEUKCT!

Toni Storm vs Kay Lee Ray

Two phenomenal wrestlers put on one hell of a match. Both have been in progress a couple of times recently and I hope to see them both agaim soon.

Waste man challenge

It was nice to see Mad Man Manson, and this wasn’t terrible, personally I’d have preferred another match, but I know the audience isn’t just me and the crowd were well.into it so fair play.

Moustache Mountain vs London Riots vs Leaders of the New School

This was awesome. All of it. From Trent and Tyler throwing the titles at Glenn to Jim announcing a third team to Marty literally unboxing ZSJ as his tag partner… all this had me sold on the match before it even got underway!

Then the match was fantastic. Three amazing teams putting it all on the line. We saw a different Villain on this show. He was merging the lines between face and heel and having a lot of fun with his old mate ZSJ. It remains to be seen if this is a permanent fixture or just festive fun. 

Pete Dunne vs Fabian Aichner

I love bit these guys. I’ve seen Dunne loads in many UK promotions and am loving the fact he is in the middle of a well deserved PROGRESS title run. Aichner impressed me in the CWC and has impressed me much more in his two PROGRESS appearances since. Great match.

Pastor and Sebastian vs Sex on the beach

This was a solid match from four solid wrestlers. I have a lot of time for the Pastor and see him as a future massive star. Sebastian is a great heel and Chuck and Jack have a lot of fun. Quite enjoyable this match, and builthe a story well.

Jimmy Havoc vs Will Ospreay

What. A. Match. This was amazing start to finish. These two feuded for a long time, with Jimmy the out and out heel and Will the blue eyed baby face. When the match was announced I thought this might be how they turned Jimmy back heel, boy was I wrong.

When Will came out he had an odd look on his face, and as the match started he was wrestling in a very different style, really taking it to Jimmy. Will told a fantastic story throughout this match, showing everyone that the baby face had gone and the new Will Ospreay means business. I can’t recall another match where this has been done so well (Although ZSJ did a good job against Jeff Cobb last year). The after match antics just cemented it.

I loved this match for the story it told, but I also loved it for the wrestling on show. Both guys adding more moves to their repertoire. I can’t wait to see where this feud goes.

All in all, another amazing show from progress. Can’t wait for Chapter 42.

PROGRESS 40 – Intercepted Angel

I attended this show a while ago and I’ve yet to publish a review. It seems like.too long now, but as I primarily write the reviews fory own benefit and enjoy the discussions they create I thought I’d jot some things down.

New Nation vs London Riots 

Bizarrely a few weeks before this event the PROCESS twitter  (not sure who runs it, I presume John, but every tweet it sends I read in Jim voice) asked about tag teams from the wxw tag league and I got excited and tweet ed that my dram tag match would be New Nation vs Riots. And then it was book for a show I was going to!!!! And it didn’t disappoint. Two phenomenonal teams that combine power with great ring psychology and amazingly agile moves.  A joy to watch and a great start to the show.

Bea Priestley  vs Toni Storm 

Tw phenomenal wrestlers putting it all on the line. Bea produced some.grateful heel work despite coming out in Ospreay inspired attire and using his cheeky nandos kick. This was a great match and I hope to see many more matches involbing both of them.

Rampage Brown vs Dave Mastiff 

This was awesome. The best entrance ever from Dave Banter Claus Mastiff, and it was great to hear a Yorkshire chant last so long for Rampage. These two put it all on the line and produce what I feel is the best heavyweight match I’ve seen this year, possibly ever. Big power moves, more agility on show than should be possible from guys that size, awesome comedy from Nathan Cruz and El Ligero at ring side and a sickeningly awesome finish. I hope to see thsee two go at it again soon.

Marty Scurll vs Jimmy Havoc 

These guys are two of my favourite wrestlers and this match didn’t disappoint, even though my expectations were sky high. The moment Havoc unveils and axe, then jumped over the crowd. The brawling through the crowd and in the ring. This match was brutal,  but at the same time had enough technical expertise to stay a match not a brawl. Loved every second.

This was the interval, and I think from the first time ever I felt that I could leave there at half time and still be satisfied that I had gotten more than my money’s worth. I didn’t  leave, obviously.

FSU vs Origin 

This match was incredible. FSU are great fun and they have fun in the ring. Greathe tag moves and technical moved buy tons of high flying stuff too. Nathan Cruz is incredible and El Ligero gets better everyone I see him. The comedy elements were great and the interplay between Cruz and Ligero and Mastiff was superb.

Adam Cole vs Will Ospreay 

This for me was the stand out match on a card stacked with awesome matches.  Cole showed why he’s so highly regarded internationally and Ospreay why his stock rises day by day. Incredible move sets on show and Cole showed us how to really play an audincentive and get heat from a crowd that genuinely loved him. Great match. 

ZSJ vs Pete Dunne

Another incredible match. More than 30 minutes of awesome technical wizardry and strong style wrestling.  Both men showing off their prowess in both styles. I could have easily watched another r30 minutes of it and not been bored.

This was quite possibly the best show I’ve ever been to live, and I was at WM20. Every match was amazing and I didon’t want any to end. I can’t wait for the next PROGRESS event.

White Rose Wrestling Podcast : Chapter 1 – 2016 in review

As 2016 comes to an end Chimera Rouge  (@ChimeraRouge) and I (@AtlasWrestling) decided to put together our first wrestling Podcast. 

We called it White Rose Wrestling as it is a wrestling podcast based in the White Rose County – Yorkshire, although we discuss wrestling from around the world.

Chapter 1 looks at wrestling in the year 2016 and can be found on Soundcloud  here or cast box here.

In it we discuss

  • Top 3 WWE moments of the year
  • Tag team wrestling 
  • Women’s wrestling and Intergender Wrestling 
  • Chimera Rouge talks NJPW
  • Atlas talks PROGRESS
  • Live events from RISE, TCW, PROGRESS and PCW
  • Awards for 2016
  • WWE UK Championship 
  • Hopes and preditions for 2016

Do give it a listen, and let us know what you think either in the comments or via Twitter. 

PROGRESS Chapter 39 – The Graps of Wrath

Out seems a tad silly posting this now as it was a few weeks ago and I’ve been to a couple of shows since, including abother chapter. But the main reason I started writing this blog was so I’d have a place to thoughts on the events I’ve seen and how I felt about them at the time, so I want to put some things down now.

Firstly, I feel.I shod comment on the name, it is my favourite name of any wrestling event ever! Well done Jim, John and Glenn. I love the names they come up with always, but this is my favourite by a mile.

Now the matches:


How can anyone not love FSU? They are such good fun at all times and the perfect way to start any show. As well as being fun, they are both awesome wrestlers and they were against two other awesome wrestlers in Travis Banks and TK Cooper. A great match to start a superb card. 

Joe Coffey vs The Pastor

I’m a big, big Joe Coffey fan. In whichever promotion I see him in he always delivers the goods. And he was up against Bill Eaver who is a solid performer who gets better each time I see him. This was another solid match although I feel it was slightly eclipsed by its predecessor. I look forward to seeing more of these hm guys going forward, and to seeing where the Pastor/Sebastian story will lead.

Tag Team Titles

Two of my favourite tag teams in BSS and the London Riots and they put on a clinic in tag team wrestling, as one would expect. I could watch these two teams wrestle each other every night of the week. And how does a man the size of Rob Lynch deliver such amazing “Flippy Shit” from the top rope?!?!?

Riddle vs Ospreay

What a year these two have both had. They have seen success and great matches in promotions all across the world. This was probably the best sub 10 minute match I’ve ever seen – so good I find myself watching it whenever I have 10 minutes to spare! I look forward to seeing both these guys more next year.

Havoc vs Scurll

This is a bit of a dream match for me, and it was perfect. The start of the match was an excellent take on the recent Goldberg vs Lesnar match that had me laughing and the end was a homage to the late, great, Eddie Gurrero – my all time favourite wrestler.  The match wasn’t very long, but I didn’t mind too much because it set up a no DQ rematch at chapter 40 and I already had a ticket!

Nixon Newel vs Katey Harvey

Over the course of 2016 Progress have build an incredible Women’s division, which includes some phenomenal wrestlers and the natural progues sion series has me genuinely excited. This was another superb match. I’ve seen a lot of Niton before and she’s always impressive (whether it be wrestling guts or girls!), this was the first time I’d seen Katey Harvey and I hope to see more of her in the future. 

Main Event

After Mark Haskins bad news and (I hope temporary) retirement from wrestling the PROGRESS title was vacant. This meant that an new cHampton needed to be crowned and the way this was done was to put the winners of all the males matches into a 7 man match for the championship. This was a great match, it had some brilliant spots and some great wrestling and story telling.  And I don’t care what Dave Meltzer says, the finish was great and not Russo – esque in the slightest.

Another great event from my current favourite promotion.

Tag team revolution?

Over the last few years we have seen an explosion of amazing tag team wrestling. The Briscoes,  The Young Bucks, Wentz and Xavier, Warmachine, Gallows and Anderson, The Revival, American Alpha, London Riots, Team Single, FSU, DIY the list goes on.Everywhere you look tag team wrestling is being done well and given proper time and and proper push.

Almost everywhere. 

All the indies Andrew getting it right, New Japan, RoH, hell even TNA in the midst of falling apart had the tag title match  steal the show at Bound for Glory. On NXT tag matches have stolen the show at every takeover this year. There seems to be only one place that tag teams are not being taken seriously and that place is the WWE main roster.

On raw the New Day have been worthy champions and have put on some good matches, but Tey haven’t been given adequate time for matches on Pay Per Views. The division has two cracking teams in Enzo and Cass, and Gallows and Anderson, but it’s a hastily thrown together team of Sheamus and Cesaro who have been given the most recent chances.

Over on Smackdown,  the division includes American Alpha, The Vaudvillians and The Ascension who all showed on NXT that they are capable of amazing matches, and the Usos who carried the division previously. However the titles were given in the first instance to a hastily thrown together team of Heath Slater and Rhyno, and it looks like they might go next to Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton. Even they hype brothers have had more chances than American Alpha.

When the rest of the world are getting it so right, why is it that the biggest company in the world are getting it so wrong?