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May 2017

Well, I’ve not managed to write up many of the plethora of wrestling events I’ve seen recently, but I have managed to keep track of matches I loved. Here is the top 5 from May, followed by the full list.

5: Breezango vs The Usos – Backlash

This match had it all, a great story, some amazing wrestling and some of the best comedy going. I’m loving the heel Usos , but to me Breezango are the current standout the WWE. Real.chemistry in the ring and when they are running comedy. Two guys who’ve been handed shoddy gimmicks making the best of it and doing it really well. I see this springboarding two amazing careers. 

4: Marty Scurll vs Dragon Lee: BOSJ

This was one of a plethora of amazing matches from and amazing tournament. I knew how good most of the competitors were at the outset, but is never seen Dragon Lee before and he’s now one of my favourites.

3: Riddle vs Cobb – Super Strong Style 16

This match was a dream match for me and it lived up to my massively high expectations. Two of the best indie wrestlers in the world and I very much enjoyed every no it’s of it.

2: Will Ospreay vs Kushida – BOSJ Final

This whole tournament as phenomenal but the final was a step above even the other brilliant matches. Kushida is the whole package, And Ospreay will be very soon and is already way better than anyone should be at such a young age. The juniors have raised the bar. The G1 have a lot to live up to.

1: Pete Dunne vs Tyler Bate – Takeover Chicago

This match as incredible and I think really put UK wrestling on the map in a big, big way. They built a phenomenal story, had the crowd hooked nd had some great spots. They even had a vociferous chicago crowd chanting “UK UK UK”, superb.

  • Omega vs Ishii- Dontaku 
  • Ospreay vs Scurll – BOSJ Night 1
  • Takahashi vs Dragon Lee – BOSJ Night 1
  • Tyler Bate vs MANDREWS – WWE UK Championship Special
  • Trent Seven vs Pete Dunne – WWE Championship Special
  • Tyler Bate vs Pete Dunne – NXT Takeover Chicago
  • Bobby Roode vs Hideo Itami – NXT Takeover Chicago 
  • AJ Styles  vs KO – Backlash
  • Randy vs Jinder – Backlash
  • Breezango vs Usos – Backlash
  • Shinsuke Nakamura vs Dolph Ziggler – Backlash
  • Jinny vs Session Moth – PROGRESS 48
  • Travis Banks vs Trent Seven – PROGRESS 48
  • Tyler Bate vs Matt Riddle – PROGRESS 48
  • Pete Dunne vs MANDREWS vs Mark Haskins – PROGRESS 48
  • Tanahashi vs Adam Cole WOTW
  • Young Bucks vs LIJ WOTW
  • Will Ospreay vs Jay White WOTW
  • Will Ospreay vs Ricochet BOSJ Night 2
  • Marty Scurll vs Dragon Lee BOSJ n2
  • Ricochet vs Dragon Lee BOSJ
  • Will Ospreay vs Dragon Lee BOSJ
  • Ospreay, Okada and Gedo vs Fale, Omega and Scurll – BOSJ
  • Kushida vs Ryuske Taguchi – BOSJ
  • Marty Scurll vs Ricochet BOSJ
  • Will Ospreay vs Takahashi BOSJ
  • Banks vs Havoc – SSS16
  • Starr vs ZSJ – SSS16
  • Ospreay Kushida BOSJ
  • Gibson Sexsmith SSS16
  • Riddle vs Cobb SSS16
  • BATE vs Haskins SSS16
  • Flamita vs Banks SSS16
  • David Starr and Pastor vs Trent and Dunne – SSS16
  • TonI Storm vs Jinny vs Laura do Matteo SSS16
  • Banks vs Bate – SSS16
  • RIDDLE vs Bate – SSS16
  • 6 MAN wasteland challenge -sss16

RPW Epic Encounter

Martin Stone and Sami Callihan v CCK

A great match up to start this off. Very chaotic at times and certainly didn’t stick to the rules but there was a lot of good spots and some great double team moments. A great start to the show. CCK are a great addition to the roster.

Jay White vs Angelico

Jay White has grown so much, in size,  stature and character over the last year that he’s almost unrecognisable and he gets better every time I see him. Angelico is someone I’ve heard a lot about, but hadn’t yet seen, so when this was booked I was excited. The match itself was good. Spots galore and a great amount of chain wrestling and a decent story.

Zack Gibson vs Goto

Now we reach dream match territory. Two of my favourites who wrestle what I had imagined would be complementary styles. This was a cracker full of brutal strikes, some good power moves, good submission work and some great comedy. I always pop when Gibson gets the car stereo.

Marty Scurll vs Hiromu Takahashi

Probably the match on the card I was most looking forward to and boy this did not disappoint. I presume it was the first half main, and I needed to pause the 9n demand feed and have a break myself. There was masses of innovation from both guys, they told an amazing story and included some great technical wrestling and some big spots. Wow.

Josh Bodom vs Will Ospreay

These guys had one hell of a job to follow the previous match but they were certainly up to the task. They told a phenomenal story based around Ospreay’s injured back and Will working Bodom’s knee. A clear face heel dynamic, some incredible false finishes another brilliant match.

Sha Samuels vs James Castle

These two were never going to be able to follow the previous two matches in a pure wrestling match, but by including a no DQ stipulation they certainly managed it. Some brutal spots, some great comedy and an awesome pop for Sha when he levelled referee Chris Roberts!

Zack Sabre Jr vs Kushida

Another of the matches I’d been looking forward to and it was another incredible match.  Amazing technical wrestling on show from both wrestlers and this match was a back and forth contest that was hard to take your eyes off. Brilliant match.

The Elite vs Lio Rush, Shane Strickland and Ryan Smile

This was a main event for the ages and a worth match to top off an excellent card. There was some massive spots, lots of fun, great banter and plenty of controlled chaos, also a plethora of super kicks. The elite showing why they are selling out arenas world wide and Rush, Smile and Strickland showing they can hang with the best.

Well done RevPro on another cracking York Hall event.

WRW Chapter 3: A new beginning 

Chapter 3 of White Rose Wrestling is in the books and @chimerarouge and @atlaswrestling have lots of great conversation about all that’s happened in the world of pro wrestling over the last 4 weeks or so.

As always you can catch the latest episode on soundcloud here or cast box here. You can also check out all past episodes on cast box. 

This time we discussed (start times in brackets):

WWE – including Fastlane, the road to Wrestlemania and the Hall of Fame class of 2017 (0:00)

PROGRESS Chapter 44 – Old Man Yells at Cloud (17:30)

New Japan Pro Wrestling – including Honor Rising and the 45th Anniversary show (27:00)

RevPro – Live at Portsmouth 7 and Live at the Cockpit 14 (39:00)

Tidal Championship Wrestling – Wipeout – A local promotion doing well! (44:00)

ICW Fight Club Tour – Leeds (50:00)

CZW 18th Anniversary show (57:00)

Ring of Honor – including Manhattan Mayhem and 15th Anniversary (1:00:00)

Promotion Focus –  in which Atlas talks Melbourne City Wrestling (1:05:00) and Chimera talks Pro Wrestling Guerilla (1:08:00)

Wrestling Podcasts (1:11:00)

Controversies – Including PCW and the Hardy Boys (1:16:00)

Listener questions, top 3 moments and matches (1:20:00)

February 2017

After January’s brilliance February had a lot to live up to. There may not have been any matches that got the world talking in the way Okada and Omega or Cena Styles did, but there was certainly some incredible matches during the month.

Here I’m going to run down my top 5 and 8ve also included a list of matches I loved at the end. This isn’t a comprehensive list, I’ve not seen all the events,  so if you like any I’ve not mentioned please let me know so I can check them out. There are a couple of events I plan to watch, so I may add to this. I have limited myself to 1 match per show to help narrow it down!

5. Elimination Chamber Match

This match was superb. It was booked really well, set up and furthered feuds well and included dome great spots and great wrestling segment. Plus it had the brutality of an elimination chamber. 

4. Shibata and Jay Lethal vs Cody Rhodes and Hangman Page – Honor Rising Day 1

4 supremely talented wrestlers going at it hammer and tongs. I think Shibata is incapable of having a bad match! I enjoyed this from the start and am excited to see where Shibata and Cody’s feud heads next.

3. Adam Cole vs Yoshi-Hashi – Honor Rising Day 2

This match was amazing. They worked the crowd into frenzy after frenzy, had some awesome comedy sections, some great heel work, some beautiful moves and some technical brilliance. Well worth a watch.

2. Matt Riddle vs David Starr – CZW 18

These are two of my favourite wrestlers in the world at this moment in time and this match was incredible. It had brutal strikes, brilliant technical wrestling, awesome spots and hilarious comedy – including a ref piledriver! On top of that it told a great story and had me marking out throughout. 

1. Nathan Cruz vs El Ligero – PROGRESS 44

Oh. My. Word. After January’s ZSJ vs Villain match I thought it would be a long time before I saw a British match that good, but this one was certainly up there with it! I’ve herd Cruz call Ligero his mentor and I know they have a big history together. I believe they once spent a whole summer wrestling each other 10 times a week in All Star so that shows how well they know each other. 

Their story in PROGRESS has been running since the very start. They feuds for the title than formed a tag team and stable that has rin ever since. This is the first match in a feud that has come about from the gradual break up of that stable.

The match was incredible. It drew on their previous story really well, bit itvalso told a story well enough for people to be hooked even if they had never seen either guy before.Cruz was at his magnificent heel best and Ligero was his usual awesome self. It was funny, emotional and genuinely jaw dropping. I can’t wait to see them go at it again.

  • Elimination Chamber Match – EC
  • Mickie James vs Becky Lynch – EC
  • Gideon Gray vs Timothy Thatcher – LAC 13
  • ZSJ vs Speedball Mike Bailey – LAC13
  • Marty Scurll vs Luke Phoenix – LAC13
  • Travis Banks vs Ryan Smile – LAC13
  • Okada vs Minoru Suzuki – New Beginnings in Sapporo
  • Juice Robinson vs Goto – New Beginnings in Sapporo
  • Michael Elgin vs Naito – New Beginnings in Osaka
  • Dragon Lee vs Takahashi – New Beginnings in Osaka
  • Rampage vs Eddie Dennis – Tidal Wipe out
  • Riots vs New Nation – Tidal Wipe out
  • Big Show vs Braun Strowman – Raw 20.02.17
  • Matt Riddle vs David Starr – CZW 18
  • Scarlett and Graves vs EYFBO – CZW 18
  • Joey Janela vs Stockade – CZW 18
  • Pete Dunne vs MAndrews – NXT 22.02.17
  • Travis Banks vs Jordan Devlin – PROGRESS 44
  • Pastor Bill Eaver vs Sebastian – PROGRESS 44
  • MAndrews vs Strickland – PROGRESS 44
  • Nathan Cruz vs El Ligero – PROGRESS 44
  • Haskins, Havoc and Webster vs BSS  – PROGRESS 44
  • The Young Bucks vs War Machine – Honor Rising Day 1
  • Shibata and Jay Lethal vs Cody Rhodes and Hangman Page – Honor Rising Day 1
  • The Briscoes vs Omega and Cole – Honor Rising Day 1
  • Adam Cole vs Yoshi-Hashi – Honor Rising Day 2
  • Okada, Ospreay and the Briscoes vs Omega, Rhodes and the Young Bucks – Honor Rising Day 2

Honor Rising Day 2

David Finlay and Kushida vs Silas Young and Jado

This was a good match to start. Nice way to warm up the crowd. 4 excelent workers. Silas and Kushida being the standouts in the match but enjoyable all round.

Delirious, Jushin Thunder Liger, Dalton Castle, Tiger Mask IV and Ryuske Taguchi vs Tetsuya Naito, Sanada, Evil, Bushi and Hiromu Takahashi

Another thoroughly enjoyable multiman match. Naito being the one who shone most for me with excellent wrestling and great heeling.

War Machine vs The Guerrillas of Destiny

Good solid match. Both teams.look.good and War Machine looking like they are on an unstoppable streak. They cut an interesting post match promo stating they want the IWGP titles. I think this is a great move as there are many Japanese tag teams I feel would work really well with them. 

Hiroshi Tanahashi, Juice Robinson and Jay Lethal vs Bad luck Fale, Hangman Page and Yujiro Takahashi

Good fun match. I am feeling that there are too many big multitags on these shows now. Tanahashiand Juice the standouts for me.

Hirooki Goto vs Punishment Martinez

Great match. Goto impresses me more everytime I see him and Martinez is a giant monster who can fly! I’d never seen him before but I hope to see him again. And it was good to get a singles match!

Adam Cole vs Yoshi-Hashi

Two singles matches in a row! Haha. Adam Cole is awesome and has any crowd in the palm of his hand, the koruken hall crowd is no different. This match had some great wrestling and some brilliant comedy moments that helped the wrestlers. Get across a great story. Cole is one of the best at using facial expressions to tell a story, and “Yoshi-Hashi Baybay” was ace!

Kazuchika Okada, Will Ospreay and the Briscoes vs Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks and Cody Rhodes

Another multiman match, but a superb one. The bucks and the Brisco showing some great tag moves, the other 3 showing how good they can be, ospreay providing the holy shot moments and Okada and Omega with a few stare downs and face offs to really build their story and the will.he won’t he hot a one winged angel.  There was also some great multiman psychology. Class main event. 

Honor Rising Day 1

Silas Young, Gedo and Jado vs Juice Robinson,  Kushida and David Finlay

I very much enjoyed this match.  It gave everyone involved a chance to shine. I was particularly impressed with Juice, Kushida and Silas. Juice’s nose looked a bit sore by the end! I was a tad disappointed that Cyrus wasn’t on commentary for the event though!

Jushin Thunder Liger, Tiger Mask IV and Delirious vs Evil, Bushi and Sanada

This was a good fun six man for the never openweight 6 man tag titles.  Some great wrestling and multiman spots mixed with grear comedy. Very enjoyable, and Liger never ceases to impress with how good he still is after all this time!

Okada, Goto, Yoshi-Hashi and Will Osprey vs Bad luck Fale, Yujiro Takahashi, Tama Tonga and Tanga Roa

This was a solid match. I felt as though a match with this much talent should have been given a bit longer than it was but I still found it entertaining. Osprey and Okada seem to be developing some exciting double team maneuvers. I was also amazed that in a match with so much talent all looking great Okada still managed to stand out.

Young Bucks vs War Machine

Two amazing tag teams in what is very much a ring of honor match up. I’m a big fan of both teams and it was good to see a traditional tag match amongst the big multiman match ups we had on the card. It was a good solid match, as one would expect from these two teams, and I enjoyed watching it.

Dalton Castle, Hiroshi Tanahash and Ryuske Tagushi vs Tetsuya Naito, Hiromu Takahashi and Punishment Martin

Another multiman match with a crazy amount of talent in it. Again, this was a great fun multiman match, allowed all.6 guys to show what they can do and furyhered some storylines.

Katsuyori Shibata and Jay Lethal vs Cody Rhodes and Hangman Page

Another match with phenomenal talent in it. But the guy in particular who jumps out is Shibata, he’s got to be one of the top 5 to 10 wrestlers in the world. This match was superb. It stepped up in quality from the previous matches and was well.worked around a nice narrative. Cody was particularly impressive throughout and the segents that involved Cody and Shibata made me yearn for them to have a singles match. Which looks likely given the aftermath. 

Briscoes vs Kenny Omega and Adam Cole

I don’t recall ever seeing a tag team match written down that excited me this much! The Briscoes are one of the best tag teams around and have been for over a decade. Cole and Omega are tremendous singles wrestlers looked a great match up. My only worry was how Kenny and Adam would a tag team, as this can be an issue sometimes when two singles wrestlers team up.

I need not have worried.  It was an awesome match. Both teams playing their part perfectly and Kenny and Adam looking like a full time tag team for much of it, but with an added two top dogs in a team favourite part was Omega hitting a moonsault into the crowd.

All in all I enjoyed the show.  It was a lot of fun. There was lot of multiman matches as their often is at Japanese events. In Japan these are done well and have reasons to happen and are used to further feuds. Elsewhere they tend not to work as well.