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TCW: Discombobulated

This event was a slightly weaker looking card than usual due to a large part of the roster being over the pond in Orlando, this was reflected in a cheaper ticket price and the result was that I was able to see a few wresters I’ve not seen before. 

Dara Diabolo vs Blake

I’ve seen Dara before, but Blake was an unknown quantity going in. When he appeared his sheer size was impressivery,  and later in the match when he started flying around like a cruiserweight I was blown away by his agility. This match was a great opener. It set the tone for the ongoing story of The Service vs TCW, included some great mat and chain wrestling and some really funny comedy moments from both. I hope to see more of both guys.

Lil Miss Roxy vs Ruby Summers

This match was great, although a tad short. Ruby is an excellent wrestler who I feel is not at a stage where the bigger companies should be looking to get her in as she had honed her skills to perfection over recent years. Roxy is probably a little way off that stage but is already looking like a great wrestler. 

It felt a bit weird having a heel from Leeds and a Face from Newcastle at a Leeds Show, but both wrestlers played their parts well. The match finished with a handshake, which I hope may signify a return to the face side for Ruby. A good match and I look forward to seeing where their stories go.

Dan Evans vs JD Boom

This match was great. The wretches worked the crowd well and both showed great wrestling a variety of styles. They also got well into the wrestlemania spirit with Rock Bottoms and Stone Cold Stunners being hit. I have been impressed with Evans heel work since he joined the service but I’d always thought of Boom as a pure comedy guy, in this match he showed that as well as being funny he is a skilled wrestler.

Matt Myers vs Gabriel Kidd

Myers last appearance in TCW was was back in September I think, but the crowd remembered  him and got behind him when he came out. Kidd has been more recently and also got a great reaction. I thought we were going to see a face vs face match, but Myers went into heel mode jumping Kid before the match and shouting April fools.

They worked a great match and told a good story. Myers looks good as a heel, but he seems more naturally suited as a face to me. The match ended with a low blow and a heel turn from Kidd which added vastly to the dynamic and story. Kidd seems a very natural heel and I look forward to seeing where his story goes.

Wonderland vs Defend Pop Punk

I’d never seen Wonderland before and blimey are they a greedy set of fellas. It was quite a site to behold and they play their gimmick brilliantly. Defend Pop Punk are two young high flyers with bright futures and these two teams were perfect foils for each other. I hope both make plenty of Tidal returns.

Lana Austin vs Lizzie Styles

This match was a replay from the last Tidal show and was possibly even better than the first. Two great wrestlers who told a great story. There was a couple of heckles from the crowd during this one which were vulgar, sexist and very disrespectful towards the western and it lowered the tone and isn’t OK in this day and age. I hope these heckles become a thing of the last and I really hope they don’t make it to the next show which is billed as a family show.

Sons of Ulaid vs The Proven

The Proven are a great local team and it’s always fun to watch them and get behind them. I’d not seen Sins if Ulaid live before,  but they are every bit as good as the reputation that precedes them suggests. This was a great match that involved some great tag psychology and some innovative double teams.

Sean Only vs CJ Banks

These two are both solid wrestlers and they put on a great main event. CJ Banks star is rising with a good showing on the WoS reboot and presumably a run on ITV in the offing. However the star of this match for me was Only.

I first saw Sean Only wrestle as a face, possibly for RISE, and the whole crowd got massively behind him. Watching him now as a heel he generates a real heat from the crowd. He wrestles in a more heel style and his crowd interaction is superb at generating even more heat. I see a big future for him.

The match was a solid main event, told a gear story in itself but also furthered the story of the service.  I feel we are building for a big crescendo, possibly at High Tide.

General thoughts:

Possibly not as good over all as some TCW shows, due to the missing stars, but given the lower ticket price at least equal, probably better, in the value for money stakes.

Every match had me enthralled and entertained.

Only slight criticisms would be a couple of matches seemed a little short and there was 3 low blow finishes in first 4 matches which felt a tad samey, but each did fit well in the context of the match.

Can’t wait til the next one.

PROGRESS 45: Galvanise

This was a show with an amazingly stacked card and as such I had been looking forward to it massively. It says a lot about the roster that a show without Zack Sabre Jr, Marty Scurll, Dave Mastiff, The London Riots or Mark Haskins could be considered massively stacked, but such is PROGRESS in 2017.

My podcast college,  @chimerarouge, was with me at the event and we recorded a special chapter of the podcast in the car on the way home. You can check it out on soundcloud here or castbox here.

British Strong Style vs South Pacific Power Trip

This was an incredible match that set the bar massively high. I could let believe that it was on first. It started with a heel heEl dynamic, but told a great story of SPPT slowly turning face and getting the crowd on side.  I hope they continue with this. There was good interplay with the crowd, some funny segments, big high spots and just grear wrestling throughout.

Zack Gibson vs El Ligero

Two of my personal favourites. The most over heel vs arguably the most over face. This match had a 3ally funny.intro and some amazing comedy moments as well qs being full of incredible mat wrestling and high flying antics from ligs. Nathan Cruz arrived towards the end and looks to be furthering the Origin Prime vs Origin Banter feud that I hope includes ore Ligero vs Cruz matches. (Fingers crossed for the next Manchester chapter).

James Drake vs Jack Sexsmith

I expected this to be the weakest match in the card, not because I expected it to be bad, but rather because I expected the others to be better. I think it probably was the weakest? But I still very much enjoyed it. Drake works really well as a brutal heel and Sexsmith is an underdog who plays his part well. I feel he may be building to big things down the road.

Will Ospreay vs MAndrews

This as incredible. Will is known to be one of the best high flyers in the world but is showing a vastly different side in his current heel run. This worked well against Mark, who is probably the most naturally loveable baby face in history. The match had some awesome high spots and worked a great story.  They managed to break the ring but continue to use it and not break the flow of the match. 

Hunter Brothers vs Ringkampf 

These two teams are great. The Hunters are a great high flying team a d Ringkampf are just phenomenal. Masses of technical ability complemented with superb strength and great psychology. This was a superb match. Axel Dieter Jr sells better with a single facial expressions than the vast majority of wrestlers in the business. They hooked me in, told a story and left me thirsty for more.

Nathan Cruz vs Flash Morgan Webster

Another great match,  between two awesome wrestlers..Cruz heeling really well and Morgan looking to shed the last little bit of ring rust. They told a great story between them and I look forward to seeing them both again in the future.

Jinny vs Niton NEwell

Probablythe match I was looking forward to most. Two of the best wrestlers in the country going hammer and tongs,  telling a great story and just beating the he’ll out of each other. I enjoyed it from start to finish and my only slight criticism is that it could have been longer.

Jimmy Havoc vs Pete Dunne

I’m not massively keen on hardcore matches,  but I think they can have a place used sparingly which is how they are used in progress. Havoc is a king of the death match and it wasn’t a surprise that he got mental. Dunne showed that he can do them really well, as he can any wrestling style. I was hooked from the video package and didn’t look away throughout.  Awesome match.

In gebed all. I really enjoyed it..possible the best event I’ve bee to, certainly the top few. I’d say the first half may have been slightly better but overall.I loved it all. Can’t wait for next time. 

ICW Fight Club Tour – Leeds

ICW have been at the forefront of the resurgence in the British wrestling scene over the past decade or so and the work they have put in has ensured the whole scene thrived. Their Fear and Loathing show last year topped 6000 attendance wise, which would have been unheard of for a non WWE event a fee years ago. It’s run well, they have some great Scottish talent and are using the nest English guys too. They do bring in some imports, especially for the bigger shows, but they do it in a way that supplements their full time roster rather than detracts from it.

This was the first ICW event I’d been able to attend in person, but it certainly won’t be the last as I really enjoyed it. I’m not massively sure how it work’s,  buy I guess the first half was the taping for 1 show and the aecond half the taping for another 

Kenny Williams v Martin Kirby

The first match pitted the ever entertaining Kenny Williams against Yorkshire man Martin Kirby. The crowd were massively behind the their countyman but also showed Kenny some love. The match was massively entertaining from start to finish and was a perfect way to kick off proceedings. 

Polo Promotions vs The Purge

This was an excellent tag match featuring 4 great wrestlers. The Purge put some great heel tag team wrestling together cutting off the ring and the such. Jackie and Mark fought back and this match just told a great story. Another great match.

Aaron Echo v Davey Blaze

This was a decent match from 2 solid workers. Some great from Blaze who gained some great heat from the crowd.

Lana Austin vs Viper

This was a classic David vs Goliath story told really well, Lana worked her own great story throughout with Viper playing her part to perfection. I very much enjoyed this one and hope to see them feud on.

Wolfgang vs Jack Jester 

The first half main event, so presumably the main event of the first taping. This was a solid match from 2 very accomplished workers. They told a great story and included some real high spots. Great match and as a good end to the first show.

Joe Hendry vs Liam Slater

This was a match I had been massively looking forward to. Two phenomenal talents who can tell great stories and put of great matches. This match exceeded my already high expectations and was quite possibly the matchbox the night for me. I’d love to see these guys go at it again.

Dave Mastiff vs Joe Coffey

This was an encounter that pitted two behemoths against each other. It started well but Mastiff picked up a leg injury.  He continued the match through obvious pain and they still managed to put on an entertaining match. 

Rampage Brown and Ashton Smith vs Layton Buzzard and Michael Parks

Here we had a squash match to show how destructive the team of Smith and Brown are. They looked incredible in the time they were in the ring and are massively focused. I hope to see more of this team and think their upcoming match with Bird and Boar will be awesome.
Trent Seven vs Pete Dunne vs Chris Renfrew vs BT Gunner

This was a great match. There are two alliances at play here that were played on rally well throughout, there was some great story telling and some awesome spots. This was the other match of the night contender.

The event overall was massively enjoyable and I think will translate to two brilliant editions if  Fight Club. It was structured in a way that neither show will get samey and both will build in intensity. I can’t wait for ICW to tour again!

High Stakes

For a while I’ve been looking to get to a rev pro York hall show, and tonight I managed it. I think RevPro is my second favourite British promotion behind progress, and the one I like best out of the big name import bringers. This card was awesome and I’d been looking forward to it for ages.

Josh Bodom vs Ryan Smile

Ive seen quite a lit of Josh Bodom on RevPro over the years, I haven’t seen much Ryan Smile but I know he’s involved with Lucha Forever with will Ospeay so I had good hopes. The match didn’t disappoint. It wad a great starting match that had some great spots amd told a good story. Now we have an interim champ to challenge Will when it happens.

Sterling and Redman vs War Machine 

Solid match. War machine looked strong as ever really taking the match to Sterling and Redman. It looked for a long period that one a WM win would be plausible, but they pulled off a  great finish that was infinitely more believable than I thought it would be.

The aftermath involved a great run in from Brookes and Banks – although I then wished they were appearing! 

Sterling and Redman were on the receivingend of a hilarious “you’re generic” chant.

Yoshi Hashi vs Pete Dunne

Fantastic match. Great ovation for the brusierweight making a homecoming of sorts to RevPro after the #WWEUKCT. Some in the crowd tried chanting “you sold out” but the rest of the crowd got behind Pete who clearly deserves all the exposure he is getting and expertly worked the crowd into a frenzy for him and against him. This was a great technician vs a Japanese legend and I could have watched it forever. Unfortunately it had to end but it was briliant nontheless.

At this point in the night Andy Quildan,  in a waistcoat that didn’t fit, announced the Young Bucks for epic encounter in the most amazing way that made me wish my holiday was a different time. 

ZSJ vs Marty Scurll 

When this match was announced for this show I knew that it would, alone, be worth the entrance fee. ZSJ is, in my opinion the best technical wrestler ever and one if the best wrestlers ever. Marty Scurll is, again in my opinion,  the best wrestler in the world today. And one of the top 5 ever. He has it all, he can wrestle in every style and have an amazing match with anyone. He’s massively full of charisma and can hold every audience in the palm of his hand. 

These two have wrestled each other a million times and have teamed together a million times. I’m led to believe they are genuinely good friends and all this leads to a massively amazing match. It had some striking, masses of technical wrestling and it told an amazing story. 

This was without a shadow of a doubt the best match I’ve ever seen live, and I was at WM 20, I’ve seen some awesome matches live, but none as good as this.

It was interesting to watch Marty interact with the crowd. I feel he’s hit a point in his gimmick, in his career, where he has superseded the face/heel area. He is that good, and that cool, that crowds just want to get behind him. In the way they did to turn Steve Austin, Eddie Gurrero and the Rock face in the past. ZSJ plays the tweener really well and was perfect foil. I hope to see both many more times. Match of the night by a country mile.

Trevor Lee vs Trent Seven

This was a decent match. I’m quite impressed with Seven as a tag worker in moustache mountain and British strong style but I’ve yet to see him in a singles match that blows me away. In this match Lee portrayed an arrogant tna heel and did it really well. I very much enjoyed it, yethe I still prefer Trent’s tag work. 

Martin Stone vs Jay White

This match was awesome. I had a good chat with Martin Stone before the event, reminiscing of Stix and Stones and working with Alex Shane and he was telling me about the masses of staples he had to have in his head in the #WWEUKCT. Jay White has grown up, last summer he looked like a kid playing at being a wrestler in RevPro,  now he has the look, the body size and the ability. As a rugby fan I love that he’s drawing from the all blacks in his ring attire. The match was solid, two great workers putting on a showcase.

Shibata vs Matt Riddle

If you wanted to book a match where both wrestlers may look dead at the end, this is exactly the match you’d book. Shibata is an incredibly stiff hitter who destroys all in his path.  Riddle is an MMA convert who does the same while laughing and being a total skater pot head gimmick. This match was always going to be awesome and didn’t disappoint. 

Great event.  Hope to get to many more Rev pro events.

RISE – Live at the Brudenell

The show opened with a 12 man over the top rope Battle Royal or sorts. It was like the royal rumble with a new entrant coming down “every 2 minutes” and then when the match was down to 2 guys it became a one fall pin or submission match. This was a great match and was booked really well. There were lots of great stories being told and for me it was awesome to see two of my favourite local wrestlers (Alex Henry and David Graves) team up for a long period of it. The match must have gone around 40 minutes and I enjoyed every second. Brilliant start to the night,although the ceiling didn’t make it through this one. The ceiling is low and the ring fairly high, a ceiling tile fell and became a was great to see Pastor win havin been in it from the start and I thought the ending was booked very well.

Joe Vega v Kid Lux

This was a great match two, some good heel work on show and some great moves and spots. The first match had the crowd going and they continued to enjoy this.

Roxy v Nina Samuel
This was a brilliant match. Two superbly talented wrestlers putting it all on the line. Great heel work from and Roxy is incredibly over as a face.

Your Uncle Bobby  vs whizz kid

Bobby had started the rumble and done a great stint. He then came out and worked the crowd  back up after a short interval. Then he pulled double duty and wrestled a stonking match against Whizz Kidd. 

Saxon Huxley vs Liam Slater

The main event pitted Saxon “MuscleCat” Huxley against Liam “The Lazarus Kid” Slater. Both these guys are phenomenal. Saxon is due to compete in the upcoming WWE UK Championship and Liam Slater seems to have championships everywhere. 

The start was incredible, when Liam arrived (having travelled from Newcastle where he had wrestled earlier in the evening) the crowd when mental. I genuinely don’t think I have ever seem a wrestler be totally over with every single member of the audience before but Liam was. I assume partly because he’s lcoal,  partly because he’s good fun, has a fun entrance and dances, and partly cos he’s absolutely amazing in the ring.

I’ve seen him wrestle a number of times now and each match seems to be better than the last. I forsee a big future for Liam.

Saxondale is also incredible. I’ve only seen 3 of his matches before but it one has been great and I’d love him to do well in the WWE tournament.

After the match, the Pastor came out to round the story off from the rumble and to build a further story for the next event. 

I enjoyed the event over all and look forward to seeing RISE again in the future.

PROGRESS 40 – Intercepted Angel

I attended this show a while ago and I’ve yet to publish a review. It seems like.too long now, but as I primarily write the reviews fory own benefit and enjoy the discussions they create I thought I’d jot some things down.

New Nation vs London Riots 

Bizarrely a few weeks before this event the PROCESS twitter  (not sure who runs it, I presume John, but every tweet it sends I read in Jim voice) asked about tag teams from the wxw tag league and I got excited and tweet ed that my dram tag match would be New Nation vs Riots. And then it was book for a show I was going to!!!! And it didn’t disappoint. Two phenomenonal teams that combine power with great ring psychology and amazingly agile moves.  A joy to watch and a great start to the show.

Bea Priestley  vs Toni Storm 

Tw phenomenal wrestlers putting it all on the line. Bea produced some.grateful heel work despite coming out in Ospreay inspired attire and using his cheeky nandos kick. This was a great match and I hope to see many more matches involbing both of them.

Rampage Brown vs Dave Mastiff 

This was awesome. The best entrance ever from Dave Banter Claus Mastiff, and it was great to hear a Yorkshire chant last so long for Rampage. These two put it all on the line and produce what I feel is the best heavyweight match I’ve seen this year, possibly ever. Big power moves, more agility on show than should be possible from guys that size, awesome comedy from Nathan Cruz and El Ligero at ring side and a sickeningly awesome finish. I hope to see thsee two go at it again soon.

Marty Scurll vs Jimmy Havoc 

These guys are two of my favourite wrestlers and this match didn’t disappoint, even though my expectations were sky high. The moment Havoc unveils and axe, then jumped over the crowd. The brawling through the crowd and in the ring. This match was brutal,  but at the same time had enough technical expertise to stay a match not a brawl. Loved every second.

This was the interval, and I think from the first time ever I felt that I could leave there at half time and still be satisfied that I had gotten more than my money’s worth. I didn’t  leave, obviously.

FSU vs Origin 

This match was incredible. FSU are great fun and they have fun in the ring. Greathe tag moves and technical moved buy tons of high flying stuff too. Nathan Cruz is incredible and El Ligero gets better everyone I see him. The comedy elements were great and the interplay between Cruz and Ligero and Mastiff was superb.

Adam Cole vs Will Ospreay 

This for me was the stand out match on a card stacked with awesome matches.  Cole showed why he’s so highly regarded internationally and Ospreay why his stock rises day by day. Incredible move sets on show and Cole showed us how to really play an audincentive and get heat from a crowd that genuinely loved him. Great match. 

ZSJ vs Pete Dunne

Another incredible match. More than 30 minutes of awesome technical wizardry and strong style wrestling.  Both men showing off their prowess in both styles. I could have easily watched another r30 minutes of it and not been bored.

This was quite possibly the best show I’ve ever been to live, and I was at WM20. Every match was amazing and I didon’t want any to end. I can’t wait for the next PROGRESS event.

TCW: Against all odds 3

Tonight I went to see TCW vs CZW. This was the second TCW event I’ve been to and it was an improvement on the last – which I also enjoyed.

The new nation vs Go team sports

I’d been looking forward to this match.  I love the new nation, I think they’re an awesome tag team and put some great powerful sections together. From the moment they walk out they captivated you. Henry leads the interaction and Primate leads the destruction. I’m always amazed by Primate, he’s actually quite short, but somehow manages to appear a giant and seems to dwarf his opponents event when they are bigger than he is. I’m also quite fond of Go team sports, particularly David Graves who sells moves like no other.

I thought this match was a cracking opener. It included  some great ref work, the hottest of hot tags and some great power work from new nation who also had some brilliant banter with crowd.

Referee John Myers had a big part to play in this match, as he did throughout the night, and is now on par with Steve Linsky as my favourite referee.

After the match the proven came out and we had a segment building for tag championship hardcore match at deck the halls in December where the new nation will challenge the proven for the belts.
Little Miss Roxy vs Ruby Summers

I’ve seen Roxy wrestle before, but I’d never seen Ruby wrestle despite seeing her on millions of posters and hearing rave reviews, so when she arrived as the replacement for Violet O’Hara I was made up.

To call this a match doesn’t really describe what happened. Ruby took roxy out on her way to the ring and proceeded to physically dominate throughout. It was a trail of destruction inside and out of the ring. It was an enjoyable hardcore match and Ruby worked a heel angle well despite having fans there.

Sean Only vs The Pop Punk Kid

This was another match where we only knew one of the competitors before. Sean is a great heel and the pop punk kid was a good gimmick to go up against him. Great heel work plus interference from the armbar superstar and some great wrestling from both competitors made this against enjoyable match. Liam Slater came out to save the pop punk kid against the end.

Chris Dickinson vs Dave Crist

Great hardcore match. Cristiano was joined on at ringside by stablemates Wentz and Xavier which made this a 3 on 1 hardcore match really for the majority of it. Some great spots from all 3 competitors. Great action inside and out of the ring some really stiff work on all counts. Favourite bit was Crist going through a chair betwen the top 2 turnbuckles into the ring post. This match really raised the intensity and the level of the event and it continued to rise.
HT Drake vs Joey Janella

Amazing start to second half. First half the match showed great technical ability from both wrestlers and the second half got brutal and hardcore. Superb match and both are winners in my eyes, showcasing a range of skills, telling a great story and really getting the fans onside.
The Proven vs Zachary Wentz and Dezmond Xavier

Awesome match. Great wrestling, great high flying manuvers from wentz and xavier, great power moves from the proven. Great comedy from everyone and some great heel work particularly from Wentz and stablemate Crist on the outside. Tgere were great tag team moves on show from both sides. this was, for me, the match of the night and Xavier and Wentz are fast becoming my favourite tag team.

Liam Slater vs David Starr

Great match. Brilliant  comedy start with some great fan interaction which then progressed into an awesome wrestling match that was all about wrestling. Liam Slater showed why he is so highly regarded in the north of England and Starr showed why he is where ever he goes. it wouldn’t surprise me to see these two wrestle each other on the big stage one day.
The main event: Rampage Brown vs ARE Fox

Another awesome match that kicked off at 100mph. Fox started with a suicide dive before Rampage had even gt tk the ring and we same some brutal power from bother men as the fighting spliced around the venue. Fox came off the bar and nd both were shoved into walls. they made it back to the ring and did Brown’s power met fox’s high flying skills in and did fitting end to and did great night. 

Unfortunately I can’t make the next show, but it will be awesome and I’ll be ordering the DvD asap.

Each dawn I die

On Sunday night Tidal Championship Wrestling returned to Leeds. I was torn between this great show in my hometown and the double header of “Queen of the ring” and “Kirbymania” that southside had on down the road in Sheffield. I’m sure they were both awesome,  but I thoroughly enjoyed Tidal and was not disappointed to have made that choice.

The first match pitted the 80 minute man David Graves vs Boris Koslov

It was a great opening match. Comedy elements and some great moves were on show  from both wretlers. The crowd had fun and there was an almighty pop when Boris hit a side Russian leg sweep! Boris came out swigging vodka and fave us some great heel work. 

Women’s tag match, Xia Brookside and Lizzie Styles vs Little Miss Roxy and Lanarkshire Austin

Superb match, great wrestling on show fromantic all 4 competitors. Xia really lives up to the Brookside name and it’s incredible how God she is at such a young age, I see a bright future for her. 

I did, however, think Lana and Roxy stole the show, especially Lanarkshire,  who was one of the best heels I’ve seen in a long time, playing the crowd and the ref perfectly. 
Armbar superstar Dan James vs HT Drake

Good match but perhaps a tad short. Both player the crowd well and  Drake is massively agile and showed some great moves off. Sean Only came out and interfered on behalf of stablemate Dan James and build on a feud for future matches.

Sakamoto vs Liam Slater

Great match. LI am Slater is the Open champion and the title is normally contested under WoS rules in a 3 mine round format, i had been expecting that but this match was in a normal format. I think that is better as thw round format can stifle the match sometimes. There were some really big hitting moves in this match. Liam slater is massively impressive. He’s a high flyer with awesome wrestling ability.  Sakamoto is great Japanese strong style wrestle who has some moves that look incredibly painful. Both wrestlers worked the crowd well and the match was very enjoyable.

Xander cooper vs Matt Myers 

Good match with some great crowd banter. Myers came out as Sam Zayn and mocked some of his moves which was pretty cool. There was a well worked Low blow finish that build on the great story the wrestling had told. 

Jackie Polo vs Ace Mathews

Great heel promo to start from Jackie and he continued to wind up the crowd expertly throughout the match.

It was a good solid match. Great move sets on show from both wrestlers and  both worked crowd well. The match was made even beer by David Graves management of Ace.

Tag match – New Nation vs Massimo and Chase.
This was the match I was most looking forward to. New Nation are superb wrestlers who didn’t this match. I’d not seen massimo and chase before, but they worked well against new nation and the styles contrasted really well. Jason Prime was the standout for me in this match, but all 4 wrestlers were great and the match was awesome.

The main event – Rampage Brown vs Wolfgang. Rampage is the current champion and continues to put in fantastic matches. I’d say he was in the top 2 or 3 big UK wrestlers at the moment. Wolfgang is not someone I’d seen before, but he showed that he too is a great wrestler and whoever put these 2 together really gave us all a treat. A great end to a great show. 

I can’t wait till today come back on November 20th!