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WRW Chapter 3: A new beginning 

Chapter 3 of White Rose Wrestling is in the books and @chimerarouge and @atlaswrestling have lots of great conversation about all that’s happened in the world of pro wrestling over the last 4 weeks or so.

As always you can catch the latest episode on soundcloud here or cast box here. You can also check out all past episodes on cast box. 

This time we discussed (start times in brackets):

WWE – including Fastlane, the road to Wrestlemania and the Hall of Fame class of 2017 (0:00)

PROGRESS Chapter 44 – Old Man Yells at Cloud (17:30)

New Japan Pro Wrestling – including Honor Rising and the 45th Anniversary show (27:00)

RevPro – Live at Portsmouth 7 and Live at the Cockpit 14 (39:00)

Tidal Championship Wrestling – Wipeout – A local promotion doing well! (44:00)

ICW Fight Club Tour – Leeds (50:00)

CZW 18th Anniversary show (57:00)

Ring of Honor – including Manhattan Mayhem and 15th Anniversary (1:00:00)

Promotion Focus –  in which Atlas talks Melbourne City Wrestling (1:05:00) and Chimera talks Pro Wrestling Guerilla (1:08:00)

Wrestling Podcasts (1:11:00)

Controversies – Including PCW and the Hardy Boys (1:16:00)

Listener questions, top 3 moments and matches (1:20:00)

Tag team revolution?

Over the last few years we have seen an explosion of amazing tag team wrestling. The Briscoes,  The Young Bucks, Wentz and Xavier, Warmachine, Gallows and Anderson, The Revival, American Alpha, London Riots, Team Single, FSU, DIY the list goes on.Everywhere you look tag team wrestling is being done well and given proper time and and proper push.

Almost everywhere. 

All the indies Andrew getting it right, New Japan, RoH, hell even TNA in the midst of falling apart had the tag title match  steal the show at Bound for Glory. On NXT tag matches have stolen the show at every takeover this year. There seems to be only one place that tag teams are not being taken seriously and that place is the WWE main roster.

On raw the New Day have been worthy champions and have put on some good matches, but Tey haven’t been given adequate time for matches on Pay Per Views. The division has two cracking teams in Enzo and Cass, and Gallows and Anderson, but it’s a hastily thrown together team of Sheamus and Cesaro who have been given the most recent chances.

Over on Smackdown,  the division includes American Alpha, The Vaudvillians and The Ascension who all showed on NXT that they are capable of amazing matches, and the Usos who carried the division previously. However the titles were given in the first instance to a hastily thrown together team of Heath Slater and Rhyno, and it looks like they might go next to Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton. Even they hype brothers have had more chances than American Alpha.

When the rest of the world are getting it so right, why is it that the biggest company in the world are getting it so wrong?

Bound For Glory

I don’t watch masses of TBA,  as it infuriates me that it’s not as good as it’s roster. But the hardys broken brilliance has got me back into it a bit. So here are my thoughts on their biggest event.

X division title. Good match, nice way to open a pay per view. I can’t help but feel for the wrestlers though. The 6 sided.rimg seems so much harder and more painful.than a 4 sided one.

Bound for gold – like a ten man rumble match. Not massively well booked. No notable wrestling involved. A couple of decent comedic elements but pants on the whole.

Moose vs Mike Bennett – this match wasn’t amazing, it wasn’t terrible either. It wasn’t a patch on Moose vs Joe Coffey from WCPW Stacked.

Rex vs Edwards – grand championship. I’m not a fan of rounds in wrestling. It hampers the flow of the match in my opinion and this was an example of exactly that. I’d like to see these two in a regular match.

The great war. Oh. My. Word. What an awesome match. Since Matt went broken the hardys have certainly been the best thing about TNA. The final deletion and delete or decay were pretty good segments, but the great war surpassed them. It had all the qualities they had, plus   some excellent wrestling and brawling. Genuinely the most I’ve enjoyed a TNA match in years. Also, it gave us a reminder of how nuts abyss actually is taking barbed wire table bumps with added thumb tacks. This match was awesome and told a superb story. I can’t wait to see what is next for the broken hardys.

Knockouts title.  Not a bad match. Maria has improved a lot over that last few years and Gail has always been a phenomenal performer who deserves the honour of being the first female into the TNA hall of fame.

Main event: not bad. Both are good wrestlers and they gave us a solid main event. I feel both are capable of more though.

Overall it was a typical TNA event. Some great wrestlers producing matches that were not bad, but not what they are capable of. This event, however, was made more than worth watching by the broken brilliance of the hardys and their great war.