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July was a pretty quiet month for live events. I only got to 1, PROGRESS 53. But I still watched a fair bit. No surprises that the G1 was top of my watch list.

My top 5:

5: Okada vs Sanada

This was an incredible match, which included the current PWI no 1 wrestler. I love Okada and I love all of LIJ. Great match.

4: Omega vs Tama Tonga

This was another cracker, and one that I hadn’t expected to enjoy so much. It teased a bullet club vs elite war that I’m sure will eventually come and certainly raised Tama Tonga’s stock in singles division.

3: Warmachine vs London Riots 

Two amazing tag teams putting on an incredible show in why looks to have been one of the London Riots last matches together. This was a great match that followed on well from the two they had last year.

2: Zack Sabre Jr vs Juice Robinson

This match was one of a plethora of great matches in the G1 USA which really was a great scene setter ahead of the G1 climax tourney.

1: Naito vs Ibushi

My favourite this month. One of many great matches each of these two has had recently and one I could watch over and over again!

The full list of matches I loved in July. Dominated by NJPW.

  • Juice vs ZSJ – G1 USA
  • Ishii vs Naito – G1 USA
  • Omega vs Elgin – G1 USA
  • Okada vs Cody – G1 USA
  • Alexa Bliss vs Sasha Banks – Great balls of fire
  • Hardys vs Shemus and Cesaro – Great balls of fire
  • Lethal vs Omega – G1 USA
  • ZSJ vs Ishii – G1 USA
  • LIJ vs Jay, Juice, Dragon Lee, Titan and Volador Jr – G1 USA
  • Young bucks vs rpg G1 USA
  • Omega vs Ishii G1 USA
  • London Riots vs War Machine – PROGRESS 51
  • Riddle vs WALTER – PROGRESS 51
  • Tanahashi vs ZSJ – G1 Climax
  • Ishii vs Goto – G1 Climax
  • Naito vs Ibusi2- G1 Climax
  • Pete Dunne vs Eddie Dennis – PROGRESS 52
  • Warmachine vs BSS – PROGRESS 52
  • Toni Storm vs Laura Di Matteo – PROGRESS 52
  • Matt Riddle vs Travis Banks – PROGRESS 52
  • Sanada vs Evil – G1 Climax
  • Omega vs Suzuki – G1 Climax
  • Makabe vs Ishii – G1 Climax
  • Ibusi vs ZSJ ‘ G1 Climax
  • Yoshi Hashi vs Naito – G1 Climax
  • Juice vs EVIL – G1 Climax
  • Suzuki vs Sanada  – G1 Climax
  • Omega vs Tama Tonga – G1 Climax
  • Yoshi Hashi vs ZSJ – G1 Climax
  • Ibushi vs Ishii – G1 Climax
  • Makabe vs Goto – G1 Climax
  • Rob Lynch vs James Davies – PROGRESS 53
  • Travis Banks vs Keith Lee – PROGRESS 53
  • Toni Storm vs Candice Le Rae – PROGRESS 53
  • Juice vs Suzuki – G1 Climax
  • Tama Tonga vs Evil – G1 Climax
  • Okada vs Sanada – G1 Climax
  • Tanahashi vs Goto – G1 Climax
  • Juice vs Tama Tonga – G1 Climax
  • Yano vs Sanada – G1 Climax
  • Suzuki vs Evil – G1 Climax
  • Okada vs Kojima – G1 Climax
  • Omega vs Elgin – G1 Climax
  • Ibushi vs Fale – G1 Climax
  • ZSJ vs Goto – G1 Climax
  • Yoshi Hashi vs Tanahashi – G1 Climax
  • Naito vs Ishii – G1 Climax 


Again, not that many write ups recently. I dont seem to have watched as much in June  (although I do think some of the matches listed in may may have been put in the wrong month. Here’s my top.5 from June followed by the full list:
5. Goto vs Suzuki – Dominion

An amazing match from the best show of the month by a mile. I still hurt from watching this one.

4. Naito vs Tanahashi – Dominion

Incredible match from Two of the best.

3. BSS vs CCK – PROGRESS 50.

This tag match had it all, big spots, chaotic action and a great story.

2. Kushida vs Marty Scurll – Best in the world.

Fitting name for a PPV featuring these two. Amazing talents both of them and a great match.

1. Okada vs Omega – Dominion.

This one is amazing, if you haven’t seem it yet make sure you do. Best of the year so far.

  • Sean Only vs HTDRAKE High Tide
  • Bubblegum vs El Ligero – HIGH TIDE
  • How Dinners vs CJ Banks – High Tide
  • Evee Black vs Lizzy Styles vs Chakara – High Tide
  • Aleister Black vs Eric Young vs Cien Almas –  NXT Leeds 
  • Pete Dunne vs Roddy Strong – NXT Leeds 
  • Bobby Roode vs Drew Galloway – NXT Leeds 
  • The Miz vs Dean Ambrose – Extreme Rules 
  • MITB Mens
  • MITB Women’s
  • Jinder Mahal vs Randy Orton – MITB
  • Kushida vs Takahashi – Dominion
  • Goto vs Suzuki – Dominion
  • Naito vs Tanahashi – Dominion
  • Okada vs Omega – Dominion  
  • Yoshi-Hashi vs Suzuki – Kimura Road
  • Kushida vs Marty Scurll – ROH Best in the world
  • Pete Dunne vs Donovan Dijak – PROGRESS 50
  • Havoc and Haskins vs The Origin – PROGRESS 50
  • Travis Banks vs James Drake – PROGRESS 50
  • BSS vs CCK – PROGRESS 50

NJPW Sakura Genesis

Manabu Nakanishi, Jushin Thunder Liger & David Finlay vs. Hirai Kawato, Tomoyuki Oka & Katsuya Kitamura

Nice appetitems whetter on the preshow. Good move echanges and transitions ad enough to warm up the crowd.

Togi Makabe, Yuji Nagata, Tiger Mask W & Tiger Mask IV vs. Tama Tonga, Tanga Loa, Yujiro Takahashi & Chase Owens

Decent match showcasing 8verybgood stars. Never my favourite these big multimedia matches but NJPW do them better than mat and it was great to see some of these guys showcase their skills.

YOSHI-HASHI, Rocky Romero & Barreta vs. Minoru Suzuki, El Desperado & TAKA Michinoku 

Nice short sharp match, Yoshi-Hashi is building some real momentum recently in terms of wins and in terms of good performances. He’s been one of may favourites on a lot of recent NJPW shows recently and I hope his push continues.  He was the star for me in this natch,  although everyone played their part well with Taka and Suzuki being the most prominent on the other team.

IWGP Junior Tag Championship Match: Yoshinobu Kanemaru & Taichi vs. Jado & Gedo

This was a well worked Match that told a story in its own right but also furthered a good story well. Lots of outside interference but enough to make you wonder what’s next. An interesting fight.

Tomohiro Ishii & Toru Yano vs. Kenny Omega & Bad Luck Fale

Excellenthe match. All 4 guys looking good, especially Kenny and Ishii. This told a good story and had some excellentspots. I get the feeling Kenny is going to be getting his title rematch soon.

Hiroshi Tanahashi, Juice Robinson, Ryusuke Taguchi & Ricochet vs. Tetsuya Naito, SANADA

Great match with some amazingly talented guys. Juice is a rising star and this match will have served to boost that. LIJ are a great stable and look to be growing stronger,  Tanahashi is just amazing at all times, Taguchi gets better everything I see him and Ricochet is busy exploding in all markets. Having all 8 of these guys in a match is a dream come true and they certainly didn’t disappoint.

IWGP Tag Championship Match:  Hiroyoshi Tenzan & Satoshi Kojima vs. Warmachine

Amazing match, well worked from two teams who know how to put together a great tag match. Told a great story, had some awesome spots and had some.excellent tag work. The crowd were riveted to it and so was I. Two consistentlygood teams I look forward to seeing more of.

NEVER Openweight Championship Match: Hirooki Goto vs. Zack Sabre Jr.

Amazing match. Goto is massively tough and brutal and Zack is a gifted technician. The styles meshed really well together and the callbacks to the ZSJ debut match were well work and the storyboard well told.

IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship Match: Hiromu Takahashi vs.  KUSHIDA

This was an interesting match. Short and sharp and unexpected but long enough for both to get some stuff in and it certainly told a story well.

IWGP Heavyweight Championship Match: Kazuchika Okada vs. Katsuyori Shibata

This was a great match. Both guys are incredible, two of the very best in the world today, and this meeting was only their second ever and the first had been so long ago that it felt like a first time. There was some incredibly stiff looking strikes,  some amazing high flying stuff and some great mat wrestling and reversals. I had heard going in that Shibata had picked up a possible very serious injury, and that perhaps diminished my enjoyment of the match, but that’s not to take anything away from how good these guys were on the night. Amazing match from two amazing wrestlers.

Live in Portsmouth 

Marty Scurll vs Ryan Smile 

Great opener. Two excellent wrestlers both looked good and strong. Nice spots, good story.

Trent Seven vs Dave Mastiff

Great power on display from Trent. Told a good story throughout. I enjoyed this one.

Legion of Lords vs Colt Cabana and Swoggle 

Great comedy match. Colt is the king of comedy and all three others played their part well. Gideon Gray was hilarious throughout, and at love at cockpit 13 had put in an incredible wrestling performance against Timothy Thatcher – so can clearly do more than one style very well.

Rob Lias vs Dan Magee 

Two solid young workers who have a bright future ahead of them. Great match, told a good story and built on storyline from last couple of cockpit shows.

Sterling and Redman vs The Spirit Squad

This was a great tag match. The Spirit Squad are solid workers and a lot of fun, Sterling and Redman are more impressive everyone I see them. Very enjoyable.

Pete Dunne vs Penta 0M

Good solid match from two great wrestlers. Very much enjoyed it. Good spots and we’ll worked.


​Another month, another WWE PPV event. Now we have seen another brand split we may even see 20 per year, plus takeovers. I worry about this becoming too much, I think maybe 6 each per year then 6 joint ones (the big 4, plus a rebooted king of the ring and “clash of champions” – but I would have had that as a card of raw vs smackdown exhibition matches – each champion squaring off against their opposite numbers). Anyway, worries aside, I watched backlash and here are my thoughts.

Women’s six pack elimination – I thought this was a great showcase. There were some great spots and it built on the Nikki vs Carmella storyline well. Plus I loved the Alabama slam from Nikki! One of my favourite moves! Becky deserved the victory and I like the fact that it looks like they are already building to have 2 women’s matches at No Mercy. 
Hype bros vs Usos a filler match, which was all it was ever going to be. Neither of these teams interest me too much, although I’m interested to see where heel uso gimmick goes. Decent enough match for a filler match. Winner was fairly incidental.

Miz – Dolph. A great start, I liked the reference to Punks UFC fight, although I can see the argument that it may have been disrespectful. This was a great match featuring two of the most underrated wrestlers in WWE today. It told a good story and I thought Miz using Bryan’s moves was an inspired twist. Great ending too. Miz is white Hot at the moment. 

Kane vs Bray – solid match for a last minute change. Built on the Bray Orton rivalry well and it’s good to see Kane back on a PPV card.

Heath and Rhino – solid match, great story, love the team and the skits. Think the dynamic is great. Long may the reign continue! Although it wouldnt surprise me if they drop straight away.

Main Event – Match of the night, and it was always going to be. Feel a bit for Dean, would have liked his reign to be longer, but it would have been hard to keep the belt off AJ any longer. I’ve been massively impressed with AJ through his entire career and it’s great to see him final reach the pinnacle of the business.

The finish was good, but I worry that they may ruin the title run with no clean wins – as they did with Jericho as undisputed champion and many others. 

All in all a solid first outing for the blue brand in the first single brand PPV of the new era. To say that the show was this good and there is still Kalisto, Crews, American Alpha, Vaudevillains, Corbin and Cena on the roster with Hawkins and Benjamin to come shows a decent amount of depth, although I still feel a couple more would be beneficial – time to promote Joe!

I’m already looking forward to No mercy! Nikki Carmella should be a great match. I’m hoping for Becky vs Alexa. I wouldn’t mind AJ vs Dean again,and finally getting to see Bray Vs Randy. Plu’s it will be American Alphas main roster PPV debut. Awesome.